Mick Jagger - England Lost Lyrics

Lost, lost, lost, lost

I went to see England, but England's lost
I went to see England, but England's lost

And everyone said we were all ripped off
I went to see England, but England lost
Lost, lost, lost
It wasn't much fun standin' in the rain
And we all yelled loud and we all complained
Wasn't much of a game
I got soaked
Didn't look home anyway

I went to see England, but England's lost
I went in the back, but they said, "Piss off"
I went to see England, but England's lost
I went to see England, but England...
I went to see...
I went...

I lost a blunt, think I lost the pint
She can go home and smoke a joint, anyway
Do you wanna go?
I went to find England, it wasn't there
I went to find England, it wasn't there
I think I lost it in the back of my chair
I think I'm losing my imagination
I'm tired of talking about immigration
You can't get in and you can't get out
I guess that's what we're all about

I went to find England, but...
I went to find England, but...
I went to find England, but...
I went to find England, but England's lost

Lost, lost, lost, lost
Lost, lost, lost, lost

Had a girl in Lisbon, a girl in Rome
Now I'll have to stay at home
So lock the shallows, bolt the doors
Nothing's gonna be like Singapore
Don't know what's home
Lost, lost, lost, lost
They didn't turn up, the comments complain
No real person is matching their shame
They're much too young and much too hold
Growing much too hot and much too cold
That's what I thought

I went to find England
I went to find England
I went to find England
I went to find England, but England's lost

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Mick Jagger England Lost Comments
  1. Adrien M-J

    England didn't, England won.

  2. sexypoetry

    she fought the law but the law won...however, there is also an optimistic undertone of "it's all right, it's all - right...she moves in mysterious ways"....they will drown us just like rats...blocks on travel are in place...13 miles of lories, to stop all the worries....more and more of those morons, with nipples on their assholes, demand to be drowned...government will "reluctantly" agree...they will close the airports, to drown all those morons....now let me tell you, what will those morons do...i know it for sure...they will lie until they die...they never knew anything else, this is why, this is why.... now they have no chance....lost, lost, lost....up on the mountain, two suns are shining...one is labour - another one tory..... so you know - no need to worry...you'll just vote - when it gets too hot....lost, lost, lost....vote, baby, vote...as much as you want.....from dover to nowhere...or calais to alle, alle, alle....lost, lost lost....

  3. sexypoetry

    is this video from some movie or tv drama? would someone kindly post the link where i can see the whole thing, preferably gratis.

  4. niktg nik

    grande Mick Jagger

  5. MAM MediaArtMorocco

    Moroccan lost ( 2016 ), ..and it looks somehow similar, visually....! Love. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff2VaZpBFe8

  6. Mario now

    England is still lost. More then ever.

  7. Tino


  8. Pisoi Pisoi


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  16. Midnight Rambler

    Depressing that ol jagger loves the EU Obama bs

  17. Bolt Design Studio

    That shit island tormented my Welsh parents, my Russian and Americans ones. And I say, cant punish the ones who have punished themselves. Think again.

  18. Paul Richards

    I hear you Mick 😢

  19. Геша Якин

    Миша - будь здоров ! FOREVER ! Happy Birthday !

  20. Simon Sieverts

    Jagger's Lost

  21. nick pearson

    "Pull yourself together" Fat chance that'll happen.

  22. nick pearson

    The entire Anglo world is going down the tubes due to corruption and decadence.

  23. rekt easer

    brexit inspired...amazing meaning full song!!!! luv u mick <3<3<3


    Crap song like a poor mans stone roses!

  25. Captain Bob Smiley

    Amazing harp playing! Great song. Nice video, too.

  26. César Paulo Salazar Alvarado

    Absolutly n ' wonderfull and deliric modern song of their majestic faust MJ 😈🤘

  27. MysticEscapes

    Brexit TO THE DAY Man!!!!

  28. miguel teixido

    Interisting realy Mick.

  29. Mark R.

    There is no GB logo on the car before @3:14 ( ^x^) hahahaha..

  30. Mario now

    'Pull yourself together'. Micks message for England.

  31. Ömer Kadıoğlu

    I love you Mick JAGGER

  32. Сергей Новопашин

    все правильно, Мистер Джаггер! потеряно - и не только Англия...

  33. german konarev

    Yes, it's about politics. And I like it.

  34. Alex Kolokas

    Why Craig, why???

  35. vuk96zj

    Britainistan :'(

  36. OG Music

    My heart is lost to you Luke Sexy Sexy Evans kiss kiss kiss xxx

  37. Lucy Chester

    The boy on the bike is amazing looking , his bone structure, classic model material! Fantastic acting

  38. Werner Bluhm

    England Lost - Mick wins!

  39. Kevin S

    We all know what Jagger is referring to in this song and video but no one is willing to admit the truth...
    Soon he'll be singing the same thing about America..!

  40. Carlenna Brattin

    I realize Luke Evans is in this video

  41. Lucas

    Gran trabajo de Charlie Watts !!!

  42. Mario B

    A song to last! After two years and just a few weeks to go to stumble over a “no deal” Brexit, England’s still lost…..

  43. Miss DK

    " My Heart is Lost to you Luke Sexy Evans Kiss Kiss Kiss "

  44. Malinda Hicks

    Luke Evans fine ass😍😁👌

  45. Michael McCurley

    Jagger got it right.
    This story goes further than England.

  46. Eric Beaulieu

    Great new songs from Mick.

  47. Michael Amidei

    Such a good video.

  48. Carlenna Brattin

    I saw Luke Evans on here, why I'm watching it,


    Our entire argument, demands, proposals are unbelievably stamp-your-foot puerile horse-shit. No one would even think about using such selfish childish nonsense when trying to leave even an after-school youth club. We're in the magumba right up to our necks if we can't stop the Gimme

  50. Rupen Sen

    What's Owen Shaw doing here

  51. Urs Hauri

    Alles gute Sir!!! gruss aus der CH


    "Think I'll go home and smoke a joint"

  53. Neo Dutra

    Croatia Wins

  54. Irfan mna

    England coming home

  55. kleber loayza

    England lost with Croatia!!!

  56. Carlos Landolt Marticorena

    mister Jagger has been listening to Joe Strummer -- quite a bit

  57. Olivier Verdys

    England is an embarrassing little shriveled country of illiterate morons (e.g. Chav posterboy Pickford) . Merci Croatie!

  58. Diner Pang

    806 England fans xD

  59. finalmattasy

    Watching this again. Remember liking the juxtaposition of perceiving a need to flee, as well as the lack of that need. -transition and stasis with a sense of resolution.

  60. Noshir D'Almeida

    They did today against Crotia...tsk tsk

  61. Ru Sa

    Someone play this video and song for John Cleese 😝

  62. Sir. Teixeira

    yeah, you're right, they lost

  63. Cucho Peñaloza

    Croatia 2 vs England 1 THANKS MICK

  64. Gym Squad

    Well, they lost again xD

  65. molika bhanu


  66. T4YB4H


  67. Flickkickhomerun

    Who’s here after England lost against Croatia in the World Cup lmao


    So he was right, ey?


    hccaos44 Yup

  68. dodo bobo

    watching this after croatia england match gonna blast it to my british neigbours long live france

  69. scourdx

    Yup england lost to croatia in 2018 Semi-final.

  70. zeitok8

    besides the fact they actually did it again croatia, this is great, is amazing Jagger still been so productive, what an inspiration, love this style.

  71. Vincent Brown

    When a song becomes relevant again... #NotComingHome #WorldCup

  72. Condoriano

    smh its not coming home lads

  73. KikBakGamez

    Yes.. Yes they fucking did

  74. resaun

    England losing vs Croatia?

  75. 桃玉だんご【伯爵は天使】

    And Croatia wins :))))) (I’m British)

  76. A Z

    Its not coming home :(

  77. Mr Jordan L

    It's not coming home...

  78. Slav

    That is especially true now,because THEY JUST LOST THE WORLD CUP WOOOOOOHOOOOO


    woooho 🇭🇷 🇭🇷 🇭🇷 🇭🇷 🇭🇷 🇭🇷 ❤️

  79. Mattias Svahn

    Will be played in every pub across Sweden on Saturday

  80. Miguel the Basher Sanchez

    Yes Mick, England is Lost

  81. TheFunktipus1

    Hmm. Good song, Love Jagger and the Stones but... Fuck the EU.

  82. Mario B

    The best of all is the message delivered by the images, telling politicians how they are completely lost in dealing with brexit. They do not know what they want, in fact they want total independence from EU but savoring the delights of living in the single market. Not possible of course. Not a clue of understanding what means in or out the single market and making an huge confusion with customs union while ignoring EEA and Efta undiscussed possibilities. All this signed by most of the superficial media. Even an outsider from South America like me has difficulties to understand this outstanding level of ignorance in a country which is known by its top educational system. Under the bottom line this short Mick Jagger criticism-movie is still a faith portrait of Ms. T. May, its ministers and the Commons stumbling, falling and hurting themselves all the time. Hope simple people is after all not hurt by this, the world deserves more understanding and less fight, more love and less hate, more marriages and less separations.

  83. Laurelundhardy

    "losing my imagination. I'm tired of talking about immigration. You can't get in and you can't get out. I guess that's what we're all about"

  84. Laurelundhardy

    Wow!! (and there are videos - same title - complaining UK suffers from "cultural marxism". The same country that started the neoliberal turn and all the tax-heavens under Thatcher)

  85. Maxim Volodkin

    pull yerself together England!

  86. Maxim Volodkin

    rain fall down Mick :))))

  87. Maxim Volodkin

    hail to Luke to star in a brave movie

  88. Maxim Volodkin

    вот что значит быть крутым белым засранцем ебущим раком все свои колонии. браво!!!

  89. KINDLE


  90. Imy

    Love the Stones, but is Mick trying to cash in on what's going on in the UK atm?? He doesn't really give a shit about the UK, if people like Jagger actually paid any taxes and not hide it all in offshore accounts then we wouldn't be in half the mess we're in now.


    Dios mio LUKE EVANS 😍😍😍 LO AMO

  92. Enlazador De Mundos

    psicho killers and pederast
    this is true about pirate inglish

  93. Lone Ranger

    Mick is a globalist music goon. He doesn't give a shit about England.

  94. Felipe Arturo Torres

    subtitulo mick