Mick Jagger - England Lost (Remix) Lyrics

[Mick Jagger:]
Lost, lost, lost, lost

I went to see England, but England's lost
I went to see England, but England's lost

And everyone said we were all ripped off
I went to see England, but England lost
Lost, lost, lost
It wasn't much fun standin' in the rain
And we all yelled loud and we all complained
Wasn't much of a game
I got soaked
Didn't look home anyway

I went to see England, but England's lost
I went in the back, but they said, "Piss off"
I went to see England, but England's lost
I went to see England, but England...
I went to see...
I went...

I lost a blunt, think I lost the pint
She can go home and smoke a joint, anyway
Do you wanna go?
I went to find England, it wasn't there
I went to find England, it wasn't there
I think I lost it in the back of my chair
I think I'm losing my imagination
I'm tired of talking about immigration
You can't get in and you can't get out
I guess that's what we're all about

True, preach
It's a déjà vu, I've seen it all before
Different season, same score
Everybody wants your head on a spike
But they were singin' your praises a day before
No new faces allowed in
They said it's gettin' overcrowded
They're still fightin' over houses
So I just pick it up, put it down and leave it where I found it
Feel like Macaulay Culkin, I'm home alone
Come to my window and throw a stone
Because I never wanna talk on the phone
Same problems, growin' up in the danger zone
Nothing's changed, same story
Same dirty stains on your dirty laundry
Keep it in the streets, doin' all the work
And the men in the suits takin' all the coin

[Mick Jagger:]
I went to find England, but...
I went to find England, but...
I went to find England, but...
I went to find England, but England's lost

Lost, lost, lost, lost
Lost, lost, lost, lost

Had a girl in Lisbon, a girl in Rome
Now I'll have to stay at home
So lock the shallows, bolt the doors
Nothing's gonna be like Singapore
Don't know what's home
Lost, lost, lost, lost
They didn't turn up, the comments complain
No real person is matching their shame
They're much too young and much too hold
Growing much too hot and much too cold
That's what I thought

I went to find England
I went to find England
I went to find England
I went to find England, but England's lost

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Mick Jagger England Lost (Remix) Comments
  1. Pisoi Pisoi


  2. Joe Hoare

    This is tragic

  3. anthony white

    Get better soon!

  4. ToneLoc

    I’m sure there’s a joke in this song too as Mick is constantly humiliated for being a jinx on social media every World Cup and Euros for supporting the losing team EVERY time.
    England & Brazil have been his most consistent victims but there’s been others too 😆

  5. Marko Karanovic

    I went to see England but England lost :'(

  6. Bezoozi me

    01 15 2019 England Lost

  7. Peggy Hahn

    At least one of the old gods has the balls👍

  8. Christian Pogorzalek

    Mick Jagger - noch immer einer der ganz Großen

  9. JJRJ 85

    better losing 2-1 against Croatia in the semis than getting a belting by the French in the final! oh, the ignominy!

  10. janet warner

    My man!!

  11. finalmattasy

    Being a sworn nationalist is like being the fan of a clothing brand. You're not naked, but you're just wearing clothes.

  12. Sunflower Happy

    Good to see ENGLAND do well today @ Soccer, Moscow!!

  13. Marek Diviš

    Holy shit! Some badass beat here. Love it!

  14. Josh Deere

    Shits underated

  15. Jutta Güttler

    I'm not english - but read a lot of good political papers - I'm very interested in it.
    -And I read a lot of it in english.
    So i know about problems people have- and oeople don' t care!!!!
    Beside the music ( i like it) Mick Jagger is right!

  16. Two - Tricky

    Superb track..................... I have never been a Stones or a Jagger fan but I am now this track and another by Mick Jagger called "Get a Grip." are superb, but why are we not hearing either track on the main stream media channels or on the radio. Is it because both tracks are relevant to what is happening today and sing about the "I" word. Yes that dirty horrible racist word "IMMIGRATION." Just by saying the word "IMMIGRATION" and stating the truth and facts about it runs the risk being arrested by "The Devils Foot Soldiers," better known as "The Filth" round our way for being a bigoted, stupid racist.

  17. paul trewin

    find jagger u find a piece of Stones and thats ok with me

  18. Daniel Kelly

    Bit of a crap song but shows how versatile and masterful Skepta is

  19. ZORM

    this sucks.

  20. K Wellman

    Obviously this will appeal to a much different audience than usual Skepta fans. Not every song an artist makes has to though. I think it's a strategic move from Skepta as he's broadening his fanbase. Not only that there's a message. The sounds not my cup of tea personally but as an artist myself I can see his minds opening up. Good on him.

  21. Ann sara Parsh

    I see what you did there with the game score.

  22. Wolf Doleys

    Yeah, Bradford lost. It once has been a wealthy town, now it’s the town of the „Respect Party“, four from Bradford killed 57 Britains in London. Bradford lost, many Brits lost their life and health. Lost.

    Jilli Roberts

    You got it! It's a lament. My own home town too.

  23. everything will be ok

    Christ this is bad

  24. Treverum

    England's Lost


    OK. I'm somewhat of an old fart and I don't know who Skepta is. Apart from Superheavy I'm also not a Mick Jagger sole fan. BUT! I like this song. It's got some balls and it's got some hooks and it's trying to say something. Much rather have artists try to say something then diddle away their time saying nothing.

  26. William Branham

    Mick once again, kicking everyone else at their own genre. this and gotta get a grip. sounds like he's still in his 20s and 30s.his well never never runs dry because he's so intelligent and articulate as wall as a gifted and masterful lyricist. that's what Charlie calls him as well as the best frontman in the world. they'll never be another Mick or the stones. why can't people just enjoy while there here. you don't know what you got till its gone

  27. lisa lap

    I didn't even know it was Mick when I first heard it...😉

  28. Jack Burroughs

    The politics of this song are intentionally ambiguous. They are not obviously anti-Brexit at all.


    Jack Burroughs
    Jagger generally doesn’t advertise his own political agenda (thank God as there’s too many musicians out there all telling us what to think) and prefers to just comment on things as he sees them.

    Jilli Roberts

    Agreed. The visuals tell you its pro Brexit. This is what the EU (and their globalist masters) have done to Britain. Jagger is usually apolitical but I guess his last visit touched a nerve.

  29. BPCADownStateChapter

    This is good Jagger, This has a great rgooove and staying power - even without the lyrics its danceable and groovy

  30. Till Eulenspiegel-Kanal

    Not only England! The whole Europe! Freemason Churchill has killed millions of german people. Now England is going down.


    they'll come for you

  31. Thomas Andersen

    I went to see Sweden and both sides lost

  32. Михаил Сергопольцев

    *Мик Джаггер - Затерянная Англия ft. Skepta*

    Пропала, пропала, пропала, пропала...

    Я приехал повидать Англию, но Англия пропала.
    Я приехал повидать Англию, но Англия пропала.

    Все говорят, что мы были под кайфом.
    Я приехал повидать Англию, но Англия пропала,
    Пропала, пропала, пропала...
    Не было ничего весёлого в том, чтобы стоять под дождём.
    Мы громко кричали и жаловались.
    В этом почти не было игры.
    Я промок.
    В любом случае, я не хотел приходить.

    Я приехал повидать Англию, но Англия пропала.
    Я вернулся, но мне сказали: "Проваливай!"
    Я приехал повидать Англию, но Англия пропала.
    Я приехал повидать Англию, но Англия...
    Я приехал повидать...
    Я приехал...

    Я потерял косяк, кажется, я потерял пол-литра.
    Думаю, я пойду домой и выкурю самокрутку.
    В любом случае, я не хотел уходить.
    Я приехал, чтобы найти Англию, но её там не было.
    Кажется, она потерялась в спинке моего стула.
    Кажется, я теряю воображение.
    Я устал от разговоров об иммигрантах.
    Ты не можешь войти и не можешь выйти.
    Мне кажется, это действительно имеет значение.

    [3 куплет: Skepta]
    Истинная проповедь.
    Это дежавю, я видел всё это раньше.
    Другое время года, одинаковый результат.
    Все хотят твою голову на пике,
    Но ещё вчера они пели тебе дифирамбы.
    Новым лицам вход воспрещён.
    Говорят, здесь становится слишком людно.
    Они продолжают драться за дома,
    Поэтому я поднимаю это, кладу на место и оставляю там, где нашёл.
    Я чувствую себя, как Маколей Калкин, я один дома. 2
    Подойдите к моему окну и бросьте камушек,
    Потому что я совсем не хочу говорить по телефону.
    Те же самые проблемы, взросление в опасной зоне.
    Ничего не изменилось, старая история,
    Те же грязные пятна на твоём грязном белье.
    Пусть остаются на улицах, делая всю работу,
    А люди в пиджаках пусть загребают монеты.

    Я приехал найти Англию, но...
    Я приехал найти Англию, но...
    Я приехал найти Англию, но...
    Я приехал найти Англию, но Англия пропала.

    Пропала, пропала, пропала, пропала...
    Пропала, пропала, пропала, пропала...

    У меня была девушка в Лиссабоне, девушка в Риме.
    Теперь мне придётся остаться дома.
    Так закройте ставни, заприте двери.
    Лондон будет таким, как Сингапур.
    Но не таким горячим.
    Пропала, пропала, пропала, пропала...
    "Они не появились", – жаловались эксперты.
    Никакой настоящей страсти, это национальный позор.
    Они слишком молодые и слишком старые,
    Ветер слишком горячий и слишком холодный.
    Я так и думал.

    Я приехал найти Англию...
    Я приехал найти Англию...
    Я приехал найти Англию...
    Я приехал найти Англию, но Англия пропала.

  33. Ouadda

    il avait envie de faire un prout... et bien le fait en toute liberté en public !

  34. Joaquim Costa

    Música altamente só tu sabes fazer Mick Jagger um abraço

  35. Summondadrummin

    Oh yeah the E.U. is so great its a Uniting force right? Yeah a Uniting of Bankers.

  36. Lone Pedersen

    Your songs always give me energy. And it's great to hear that you can still make good songs. And the voice still sounds young

  37. Lone Pedersen

    Your songs always give me energy. And it's great to hear that you can still make good songs. And the voice still sounds young

  38. Tragedyking

    Don't hate the message, but the music is shit.

  39. Brandon McMahon

    This song sucks.

  40. Manic Beats

    England is my city though

  41. MoochilaTV

    bien por el mensaje del video y la colabo de Skepta!

  42. Mike Zenanko

    Weak video even weaker song- not up to Stones quality

    Jilli Roberts

    Weak video? Not if you're English and watched your country change.

  43. Paulo Rei

    Bravo Mick!

  44. Werner Bluhm

    Mick hat es immer noch drauf! Er weiß, worauf es ankommt.

  45. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Funny song lol

  46. nickwill50

    This is trash

  47. Davey Long

    Great song and video!

  48. Apollo G.

    Fucking trash

  49. Bruno Martins


  50. jonstair

    I like it.

  51. B Vines

    Fifa 18

  52. The Cat Bully

    The fuck is this peice of shit?

  53. channel19

    Skepta barely got a flow and that home alone line? Seriously Skepta?

  54. Dylan Davidson

    Isn't the point of a lyric video being able to actually read the fucking lyrics?

  55. Dreijer

    This song sounds like a parody.

  56. James Mackay

    musically, very poor

  57. zaggy3110

    You were/are part of the destruction, Mr. Jagger!

  58. Phil Masson

    Magnifique, grandiose...congratulation Mick!!!

  59. Cry6ix

    this song is fucking shit

  60. Noony JW

    Lol you guys aren't as lost as we are here in the U.S.

    Sin Dila

    Josh W. thanks, mate.

  61. bitch ,you're dead

    wow this mitch jagger guy should be greatful that skepta made him popular

    Kieran Lloyd

    are you joking?

  62. noahkma

    this mick jagger guy is alright. hopefully this skepta feature will help him blow up.

  63. David Gigliotti


  64. Underground906

    Shit song from a rich man who hates Brexit because his net worth might take a hit. This is a pile of wank I'm afraid.

  65. Emile F

    Excuse me.. wasn't Mick one of the few (with Roger Daltrey) PRO-Brexit? Is it an excuse-song?

    Jilli Roberts

    They 're both laments for an England lost... the globalists (and their EU lackeys) seem to have won. Get a Grip is the nervous breakdown that England is currently having... caused by the faceless globalists herding people for profit.

  66. ParcelOf Rogue

    England's lost alright.

  67. fweeler

    Just love the harmonica .......cynically smooth track ...........clever and so accurate .....I like it

  68. Whetstone Marianna

    Terrible it's my opinion

  69. Birte og Jørgen Brandt

    Great song

  70. Mark Frasier

    I wish the drum programming didn't sound like a stock "electro rock" garage band loop

  71. Lin H.

    Sorry to tell you, but I don't think this is an "anti-Brexit" song. It's a comment on an increasingly authoritarian state, an official "state ideology" and youth who are essentially brainwashed into accepting that ideology. . . . . It's an extremely subtle piece of work.


    i agree

  72. edgardo gregorini

    Psychedelic-Funk revival

  73. Earthperson No. 1072983910

    Utter Cringe. Dead song.

  74. Jon Hardin

    Classic . 💯

  75. Swole Moth

    I went to find Skepta, but Skepta's...

  76. John Martin

    Channeling Midnight Oil

  77. John Fogarty

    Skepta fan since '06. This is his worst verse. By Far.


    John Fogarty you haven't heard ladies hit squad have you


    Aye, no doubt. This sounds like a pardoy song. theneedledrop said it sounded like something David Brent from the Office would've written. I agree.

  78. Unknown Guy

    The bid start at 2:10

  79. Simon Edgbaston


  80. Sébastien MB

    Hey Mick Jagger, not sure if you wanted to show the map of the UK, in which case you missed the part of Northern Ireland, or you just wanted to show England, in which case you included Scotland, which one is it ?


    Scotland and Northern Ireland voted against Brexit,hope that helps in your understanding of the video/song.

  81. Thotimus Prime

    this is very unlike skepta but I'm not saying it's bad

  82. K.M 67

    Every single English fan after a football match

  83. Cyril Censara

    what aheap of shit

  84. frank panasiuk

    your right mick the uk fucked good tune

  85. 13 K

    Song should have been called skepta - can't rap anymore


    He was great on I Win and More Life but Hypocrisy and this were trash.

  86. 13 K

    This IS TERRIBLE wtf is skepta doing his bars are sooooo bad

  87. Danny Rampling

    Genius Jagger at his best great song.

  88. GrimUpNorth

    christ this is really poor

  89. a. ruetearchitects

    Sir Mick Jagger.
    The most intuitive, the most acute.
    .... A revealing example for the pajama´s generation...

  90. Adelaide Dupont

    Went to the lyric sheet so I could believe what I was seeing/reading.

  91. angus macintosh

    fucking utter nonsense its completely fucking stupid this fucking idiot trying to be relevant hes a disgrace and cliched

  92. Liberis Puritatem

    Sounds like a SUMO song (argentinian band), maybe "crua chan".

  93. Nick Notes

    Epic collab

  94. iceicebaybeee

    Will this be played before all England football matches at major tournaments?

  95. BETA Pictoris Bilbao

    Lost to the Rothschild, couldn't you find a rhyme for it, and so you skipped it?

  96. martin williams

    The two songs arent great songs bit dissapointing really id expect better of jagger, music and politics are never a good mix. i hope the rest of the albums an improovement on this come on mick your better than this.