Michelle Branch - West Coast Time Lyrics

Walking through shadows, feels like a ghost
Packed all my bags to head for the coast
You're just a dream that I'll never touch
I never thought I'd love you this much

You made up your mind now
And I'm miles behind now

Whether it's rain or shine
You're always right here on my mind
I'm always two steps behind
Living on west coast time

The lights of the city drown out the stars
I bet you can touch them out where you are
We had a moment under the sun
You used to tell me I was the one

But you changed the plan now
My heart in the sand now

Whether it's rain or shine
You're always right here on my mind
I'm always two steps behind
Out on the west coast

I tried to chase you, but I couldn't keep up
Guess I was never ever good enough

Whether it's rain or shine
You're always right here on my mind
I'm always two steps behind
Living on west coast
Whether it's rain or shine
You're always right here on my mind
I'm always two steps behind
Living on west coast time

Living on west coast time
I'm living on west coast time

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Michelle Branch West Coast Time Comments
  1. Jay Master

    So beautiful so stylish. You rock Michelle.

  2. bmo shareholder apple shareholder

    I feel bad that I cannot purchase this album on CD format.

  3. James Warzyniak

    I love the album hopeless romantic but this album shouldve been released, especially sunset cigarette.

  4. Randy Rome

    It seems like Michelle Branch wasn't going to be an industry puppet like so many others hence they pulled the plug on her album releases because everything she did up until ECAG was a success. This makes me respect her even more.


    Randy Rome I’m so glad she didn’t bow down to corporate pressure and she’s making music how it fits her.

    She’s immensely talented and future generations should know about her music

  5. bmo shareholder apple shareholder

    I have all of Michelle's CDs, except for this one, which is impossible to get.


    bmo shareholder apple shareholder That’s because it was never officially released

  6. bmo shareholder apple shareholder

    Thank you very much for posting this. I enjoyed it very much.

  7. Kevin Seraphim Day

    OMG Doesn't she remind you of Carly Simon on the cover of Hotcakes?

  8. rosepetalgrl40

    love this. thank you for posting!

  9. Kate

    What about the song called "This Way?"


    Kate This Way is a separate release and it’s on some country compilations in the iTunes Store and Spotify

  10. tad sharpe

    she should have sued for control and released it thru a different label.


    tad sharpe That would’ve been amazing if Michelle got this album back and any other material she did but I think Warner Bros would’ve just thrown money at their lawyers and outlast her in court sadly

  11. Shy Brother Speaks

    is this the full album?


    I think it's someone's idea of what songs Michelle would've picked if this album was actually released

  12. Mich Ricafranca

    Smokes And Feathers"

    Party night in Mississippi,
    On the edge of New Orleans,
    Someone told me I was pretty,
    And we all know where that leads.

    He said: "Hey there honey, I would spend good money
    On a liquor and a Mojo head!"
    "I can see into the future,
    And I think I understand!"

    Let's go out tonight,
    Cause it all amounts to nothing in the end.
    We will live and die,
    And we're all just smoke and feathers in the wind.

    I met a woman drinking Whisky,
    Somewhere near of Angeline,
    After 3 she tried to kiss me,
    And we all know what that means..

    She said: "Try this Tonic, it is quite hypnotic,
    Yeah I got it from a mess of man.
    You will see into the future,
    You'll begin to understand!"

    Let's go out tonight,
    Cause it all amounts to nothing in the end.
    We will live and die,
    And we're all just smoke and feathers in the wind.

    Smoke and feathers
    Smoke and feathers in the wind

    Had a dream I was a Hippie,
    It was 1969,
    I woke up and then it hit me,
    Life is just a state of mind.

    Let's go out tonight,
    Cause it all amounts to nothing in the end.
    We will live and die,
    And we're all just smoke and feathers in the wind.

  13. Mich Ricafranca

    Through the Radio

    I wonder if you're out there listening to this song tonight
    Every single word bouncing off the satellite
    And if you are I hope that you can feel these tears I cry
    Through the radio

    We never were good at saying
    Saying what we meant
    To each others faces
    We just shut down and we quit
    I guess poets have a funny way of only making sense
    Through the radio

    All the lines and wires, they get tangled every time
    Is this some kind of joke or is this God's twisted design?
    The only way I get to feel your body next to mine
    Is through the radio
    Through the radio

    When I close my eyes I can still feel your kiss
    I can taste forever right here on my lips
    I try to steal another but the closest that I get
    Is through the radio

    All the lines and wires, they get tangled every time
    Is this some kind of joke or is this God's twisted design?
    The only way I get to feel your body next to mine
    Is through the radio
    Oh, through the radio

    Well I pull the car over and I open up the roof
    I lay back my seat and I start to think of you
    When I'm looking at the stars you know it makes me feel so small
    And if the sky was burning you're the one I'd want to call
    If I could get to you I hope you know that I would crawl
    Through the radio

  14. Faye Faye

    Why is Cardi B and Nikki Minaj able to pop out the shit that they do, and Michelle......... a VETERAN of the business can't get her work released?! I think she might need to switch labels.


    Proud American She was released by Warner in 2014 and she got picked up by Verve Records in 2015. She released “Hopeless Romantic” in 2017 and sadly, got dropped by them due to poor sales.

    I hope she goes independent, releases more music, and tours again.

  15. Esteban Zumba

    “What Don’t Kill Ya” is everything I love about Michelle Branch! The world needs this.

  16. Michael David Curley

    We Rest. We Rise. Reset.

  17. Javier Baez

    your playlist its awesome but i think "through the radio" was originaly made for "everything comes and goes" doesn't fit too well with the rest of the songs.Anyway thank you for share this gems!!

  18. Péter Pálinkás

    I love you Michelle!

  19. Nick Michalak

    Thank you SO MUCH for collecting these songs together. I saw in one video interview that she did compose a title track for the album, but that's never been leaked out anywhere. I know Michelle has been trying to get The Spirit Room & Hotel Paper out on vinyl for a while now. I REALLY hope that if she can work to get those released with Warner Bros Records (who will be getting a new CEO in October) that MAYBE they will be gracious enough to release this album. Even if they just do a digital release, I'll be really happy to have it, but I would hope for much more. I genuinely love these songs presented here, but every time I put them on there's that melancholy feeling that she never got the satisfaction of properly releasing this album. I did write to WBR several weeks ago encouraging them to release all her unreleased work from both WCT and Everything Comes And Goes. Regardless of it actually got in front of anyone's eyes that mattered, I just felt strongly motivated to do something as a major fan of hers.

    And yeah, the Rolling Stones cover is gorgeously done! The original version is amazing, and Michelle's voice does it such justice here.

  20. Jay Turkish

    Michelle Branch rocks.

  21. carl tucker jr

    it got shared becuas. you are a better teacher then most true art,es hun = keep that heart !

  22. 13juniper

    lovvvveee these songs... would've been perfect if you had the link for "sunset cigarette" as well... I'm obsessed and can't find it for download anywhere *sobs*

  23. Brandon Connelly

    This is so much better than almost anything on the radio right now! Must be why they didn't want to release it lmfao

  24. Sj Sendo

    It's really sad that she wasn't able to release this album, best damn music ever😊

  25. canterburied

    an underrated artist

  26. Reidun Saxerud

    Still so mad this album was frozen. It's so good! Smoke & Feathers, Through the Radio, and For Dear Life are some of my most favorite Michelle songs.

  27. saar144

    Why didn't you include: Sooner or Later, Wanting Out, Long Goodbye and Texas in the Mirror?


    I know your comment is old at this point, but Sooner or Later was released on Everything Comes & Goes and Wanting Out was released on the digital deluxe edition of Hotel Paper. I believe Long Goodbye and Texas in the Mirror were originally supposed to be part of Everything Comes & Goes, and then became part of another shelved CD project called "A Different Kind of Country". She even wrote a title song for that CD, again unreleased. I love all these songs and it would be so cool to have them all put together in one spot. Have you ever heard "Standing on the Edge" or "Just Let Me In"? Those are two of my favorite unreleased songs by her

  28. Antonio Enrico

    My favorite of the list is What Dont Kill Ya. Is there possibly a louder version of that mp3. The volume seems low.

  29. T.J. Duvall

    "The Story of Us" needs to leak so i can add it to this album. This would have been an amazing album to have. Shows off her Pop/Rock history.

    T.J. Duvall

    I usually loop in "Getaway" and "Sunset Cigarette" into this group of songs as well.

  30. aquariumguy2010

    I like this album

  31. Fauxindigo

    I want Smoke & Feathers!!

  32. Daniel Jouet

    Now...This is the Real Michelle Branch sound. Wish this album would come out

  33. Risa Ricasio

    This album is really good to listen fuck you warner bro. they just wasted a beautiful album..michelle branch you really amazing artist this music is the michelle branch sound.

  34. Bichichi Duran

    Grandioso este Álbum de ésta excelente cantante 💗💘🎤🎵 gracias Michelle Branch👍👏

  35. Jordan Matson

    thank you for spreading music and loveeeeeeee

  36. Rafiq Suhd

    Please upload this in high quality, is it possible??

  37. Larry Rodriquez

    I'm kinda liking this more than Hopeless Romantic and I love her latest looking forward to seeing her Friday night in San Francisco Ca!

  38. 123greggory

    Bravo !👏

  39. Erik Koski

    if you happen to call <3

  40. Erik Koski

    I miss music like this

  41. Emily Maiden

    Thank you so much for this - and for adding Playing With Fire, it's a great cover and good fit for the album!

  42. gourmetasmr

    I wish the title track "West Coast Time" was leaked somewhere; that's the only one I haven't been able to find/hear except once at the Apple Store in NYC when she was doing a listening tour.


    gourmetasmr have you found The Story Of Us and For You studio versions?

    T.J. Duvall

    Somebody please find these two songs!!!!

  43. suziegon

    Thank you so much for posting this and the download links! I've tried to buy them but this is the only way I can find to actually have them!

  44. John Penza

    This is so good it's crazy! It's a crime that she couldn't get it released!

  45. aakar88

    Fuck Warner Bros and the music indusry

  46. It's Me!

    any way this can be in higher quality mp3 or flac? was this on a promo cd or something?

    Iconic Pop

    Unfortunately, these were the highest quality files I could get :/ Sorry, I know it's not quite iTunes ready, but I thought you guys would want to hear what the album sounded like!

  47. Michael Santosa

    "What Don't Kill Ya" has everything to be her best song! So sad that it didn't get proper single release :(

  48. Jbaby82

    Thank you, IP! I NEVER EVER commented on YouTube, but this song , What don't kill ya,is so beautiful !Tiger Eyes brought me here like 2 years ago when I first heard it and saw the movie! Besides MB is a great artist, I was a fan since This game of love! Thanks a bunch🤗

  49. jane levy

    Great job IP putting this together. Really enjoyed this!

  50. joanjettboy

    Wow! So good!!!❤️🎵❤️

  51. da1newyorkg

    What about "Dancing (Don't Feel Like)"? That was a cool song too from West Coast Time

  52. Petros Kyres

    where is "the story of us" ?

  53. mowm88

    Really nice. Never did figure out what happened to her career. This came out in 2010, at least Loud Music did, and then nada. The sound was good. She had another one that didn't work out 14 or so. So, nice to hear this.

    Nick Michalak

    Yeah, Warner Bros Records was in a constant state of upheaval for years while she was trying tor record and release albums, but since leadership and management kept changing at the label, it kept getting shelved amidst the restructuring and almost weekly staff changes. It was a terrible mess. From 2005 to 2014 they really screwed around with her from holding back The Wreckers album release, pushing her into tours and recording that second Santana song while pregnant, and everything else, it was a lot of disrespect and disservice to her.

  54. artist perspective

    Thank you! Great album

  55. iggie2009

    download link please!

    Iconic Pop

    It's now in the description! :)


    thank you!

  56. pgdouce

    Thanks. I already have most of these, but not Smoke and Feathers, which is one of my favorites. I noticed the few copies out here disappeared a couple months ago. Why the heck wouldn't they release this?!? It's really good. Frankly, I like this much better than her new record. I like how her voice isn't always layered-over a zillion times like her first two cds, and the new one just doesn't do her voice justice. But I give her credit for sticking to her vision...anyway, thanks for putting this together! :)

  57. Jorge Alberto Sanchez Garcia

    Download Link Plis :)

    Iconic Pop

    It's in the description :)

    Jorge Alberto Sanchez Garcia

    Thank you

  58. Paul Severino

    Thank you so much!

  59. Lubov Myzika

    I really like this. I heard that she coulnt released her last album which warner music rebel didnt want let her go right? and i beg you to not delete! Keep to let listen by everyone who want to know and listen this secret album now !!

    bmo shareholder apple shareholder

    Yes, I'm with you. I wish I could buy it on CD format.

  60. monkey dust

    this is amazing this is the michelle branch we know and love I would buy a copy of this now please please please

    Alex Golembeski

    She had finished the album and wanted to release it but her record label wouldn't let her... Unfortunately this happens way too often...

  61. Emily Maiden

    Thank you so much, been waiting YEARS to actually hear this, and it's fabulous!!! 😂

  62. Dhaniel Sexte

    oh my good !!!!!