Michelle Branch - Through The Radio Lyrics

I wonder if you're out there listening to this song tonight
Every single word bouncing off the satellite
And if you are I hope that you can feel these tears I cry
Through the radio

We never were good at saying
Saying what we meant
To each others faces
We just shut down and we quit
I guess poets have a funny way of only making sense
Through the radio

All the lines and wires, they get tangled every time
Is this some kind of joke or is this God's twisted design?
The only way I get to feel your body next to mine
Is through the radio
Through the radio

When I close my eyes I can still feel your kiss
I can taste forever right here on my lips
I try to steal another but the closest that I get
Is through the radio

All the lines and wires, they get tangled every time
Is this some kind of joke or is this God's twisted design?
The only way I get to feel your body next to mine
Is through the radio
Oh, through the radio

Well I pull the car over and I open up the roof
I lay back my seat and I start to think of you
When I'm looking at the stars you know it makes me feel so small
And if the sky was burning you're the one I'd want to call
If I could get to you I hope you know that I would crawl
Through the radio

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Michelle Branch Through The Radio Comments
  1. Quang Hieu Trinh

    Hi Jave, it would be great if u can send me the audio file of this song. Thanks in advance.

  2. ch Lee

    Oh my gosh... it's so nostalgic

  3. Crown Z's Place

    No one should sleep on this one. I've got a poem cooking in my hhead for this song. I can't believe that they never released this one. ver cooking in my head because of tthis song. I'll be ttthe guyyy ooon the otherside of tthheee radio. Yah, I like thattt ccccooncept.

  4. ArichDKC

    Oh Michelle <3 thanks so much for this song!!!!! Thanks to the uploader for posting it, too. What a great song.

  5. Carl tucker jr.

    thumbs up and right here .

  6. Danny Atwell

    One of the most beautiful love songs I have ever heard. Simple lyrics, great melody, and Michelle Branch's voice. It doesn't get any better than this!

  7. Nev 88

    This song is so good!

  8. Dave Roycroft

    Good day, Jared! If you could spare the time, I'd genuinely appreciate the unreleased music at [email protected] "Through the Radio," is brilliant!

    Jared V

    Hi David ... i just wanted to say im sorry for taking so long in sending the songs but i was out of my country for a while .. but i already sent the songs to your facebook account inbox. My name is Jared Vallejo .. i will send you a friend request just for you to know who is sending you the songs. check out your inbox

    Renj M

    Hi! May I also have the songs. Been searching for a very long time and have not taken the time to look at YT comments. Please please. Thank you so much in advance. [email protected]

    Jared V

    Ok but i will only send them by Facebook inbox.. Is that ok with you Renj?

    Renj M

    Jared V Yes. It's [email protected] for Facebook. Thanks so much!

    Renj M

    Hi Jared, I think I haven't received the songs yet. facebook.com/renjeanteractive
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Shelby&Blush

    God almighty this is just such a beautiful song.

  10. Miles Landingham

    Hey Jared can you email me the unreleased music. Email [email protected]

    Miles Landingham

    +Jared V https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=16&ved=0ahUKEwiB_eHBp4TMAhUMk4MKHYIMB8QQFgg-MA8&url=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fmiles.landingham&usg=AFQjCNHyK_t2G0zKW4TTgb-uEURFEUT8wQ&sig2=30TOH1F3xXCIsNRppfoobQ

    Jared V

    +Miles Landingham Cheack out your facebook Inbox ...cause i already sent the music there

    Miles Landingham

    +Jared V It hadn't shown anything in my message box.

    Miles Landingham

    +Jared V see if you can friend me then send the message

    Jared V

    @Miles Landingham I already sent you a friend request like 4 days ago... "Jared Vallejo" add me then send me an Inbox and you'll see the songs are already there.  Have u seen my friend request yet?

  11. Anthony Ortiz

    I have always loved Michelle's music and this song is one of my favorites.

  12. Minjie Li

    Hey Jared, can you send me the leaked songs from ECAG? I really hope this album will be released at its entirety=( 
    My email is [email protected]
    I don't like they released it as an incomplete six-pack EP.

    Jared V

    @Lisette DuFore
    whats you're email

  13. C.M.Works


  14. Lara Nole

    OMG thank you so much for this :) ! I love this song...come and check my songs on my channel if you want !!! cheers ^_^