Michelle Branch - Best You Ever Lyrics

Dearest lover, read this letter
I can't pretend I'm still in love
If my lips could say it better
I'd still be there when you wake up

We used to be for real
But now you make me feel
Like I'll never be enough
You turned me on, then turned me off, oh

I want you to remember me
Every time you scream it's the best you ever
I want you to remember me
In a lucid dream as the best you ever
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa

I hope you can find someone who will
Satisfy you like I did
Do all the stupid little things that
Never are as obvious

And all the things you miss
I seal 'em with a kiss
But I can't sign sincerely yours
I never was, I've never been

I want you to remember me
Every time you scream it's the best you ever
I want you to remember me
In a lucid dream as the best you ever
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa
Best you ever

I've been wondering why
I tried so hard to win your love
I'm giving up
I don't wanna waste any more time
So goodbye

I want you to remember me
Every time you scream it's the best you ever
I want you to remember me
In a lucid dream as the best you ever
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa

I want you to remember me
I want you to remember me
Best you ever

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Michelle Branch Best You Ever Comments
  1. Eddye Pepin

    2020 anyone?

  2. Premium Blue

    I just found this video I love her voice so much in all of her music❤❤❤

  3. Danny Ip

    After 20 years she still has that sweet voice! Don't ever change Michelle!!! ❤

  4. Yupina Chan

    This a song is good. I dont know this a song, but Im fall in love

  5. Sprints William

    What a puissant groove!

  6. Mike Miller

    Lol , this is the first I've heard her new album , and It's the best I ever 🤣


    Mike Miller It has some bops on there. I really dig the 80’s indie pop rock vibe she has on the album

  7. Louis Jr Is Dancing

    A little bit country!
    A little bit rock & roll!
    And a "whole lot of"
    Fabulous / Wonderful
    》Michelle Branch《

    - Dancing Louie

  8. Lucifer Lazarus

    I miss you so much MB

  9. Mickay Bello

    Hope you collab with Taylor Swift. You're such a great artist.

  10. sp0rtydudette

    Aww man I didn't even know she made comeback! At least I know now! I noticed she recently got remarried which makes sense from some of the new songs she wrote... ♡ #childhoodmusic

  11. Eddye Pepin

    Why is this song soooooo addicting! 😭 (Bopping Head Back And Forth) (😎)


    Eddye Pepin Michelle is still good. That’s why

  12. Carlos Centeno

    Can you ever see her performing with madonna or Michael Jackson

  13. Eddye Pepin

    I find it super cute and cool how she bops her head up and down, it really goes with flow of the song... 😍😎


    Eddye Pepin She’s so adorable yet badass at the same time.

    Her music is definitely full of great vibes and such quality lyrics.

    Best female artist of her generation in my opinion

  14. jack smith

    I like it.

  15. Roger Nevez

    michelle + santana?

  16. Kat Abanico

    I love it, i miss her music


    Kat Abanico She made Hopeless Romantic in 2017 but there’s an album floating on YouTube called West Coast Time. It sounds a bit like early Michelle. It’s amazing

  17. Eddye Pepin

    Her and Carlos Santana needs to do a remix with this song! 😀

  18. Eddye Pepin

    I love the the flow of this song... 😍😀🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

  19. John David Hart

    www.yangaroo.com DMDS feeds. Programmers check your feeds

  20. ZgX co

    I have goosebumps! I feel like hearing Selena Quintanilla's voice on this song. Please support Michelle's new album guys!


    ZgX co She is an absolutely amazing artist and any new music from Michelle deserves a listen

  21. WeSupportFortWorthTx

    Glad you still making music. That Grammy award winning sound!!!


    I hope a new album comes out soon. The world needs more of Michelle's quality music!

  22. Hien An Nguyen

    I knew this song from RÉCORD =)))))) such a great song 😍

  23. the shire man

    music sounds little like black keys hmm...oh yea her husband the producer plays for black keys !!

  24. Mẫn Lê

    Michelle now is a dummy, nose piercing, uglyyyy

  25. Chardee Macdennis

    I know you won't see this, but you have always been one of my favorites Michelle. I love your voice. I will always look forward to hearing anything you release in the future.


    This girl has been putting out such quality music for the last 20 years, shes ridiculously talented and gorgeous. It's awesome to know we're not just supporting a phenomenal talent but a person that seems to be genuinely sweet, a caring mom, and down to earth

  26. Megan Willis

    Michelle Branch is so awesome. Glad she is still making music.

  27. Erica

    Every single bit about this song is perfect! I’m in love with it. 😌🎶

  28. Inna A. Chin

    her music is so real and excellent


    Inna A. Chin She’s a damn genius. She was 15 or 16 when she wrote the songs for Spirit Room. To me, she’s as close as a generational talent I can think of. She’s done pop rock, country, and synth pop and do it well. She’s very versatile, gorgeous, and most importantly talented as hell


    Hi baby

  30. The landlady Is coming 4 u

    I love this song

  31. Kristofer Ramirez

    Im getting some jack white and yeah yeah yeahs influence here. Her music is changing a bit. And i like it. Atleast she's not changing into some kind of pop singer who does nothing but wear sexy clothes in their music videos.

  32. Miles Johnson

    This woman has to be the most versatile female artist I have ever heard. As a former DJ, I've heard a lot.


    Pop Rock, Country, and now 80's synth pop. Michelle can do it ALL.

  33. mrcinemagrouppy

    So great, wish she had a new wave dance version of this.

  34. Lady A

    This zzBitch Can Sing Her Ass zzzzOffzZ! issues

  35. Jaley Williams

    love you Michelle, your music is Amazing

  36. 1glueguy

    I like this song. It's cool!

  37. Vivin M.

    welcome back Michelle 👍

  38. morphinesong -

    Holy shiiiii i didn't know she came back! 😲

  39. M Bryant

    Always got a lot of time for Michelle Branch & her music. ❤

    Megan Willis

    Me too such a talent singer

  40. Erick Situmorang

    Wow..she's back..❤ Michelle

  41. Jake Bayu

    This should be released as first single

  42. Holly Miller

    Honestly, with a voice like hers, I could not give a damn what the video looks like. 😂

  43. purpurowa róża


  44. Shawn M.

    Unfortunately this is like the only really good song in the album. I got to say the new album is a disappointment and it took forever for this album to come out. Oh and whatever happened to the West Coast Time album?!

  45. Lola

    love this song <3 and I love the fact she doesn't feel the need to show her entire body for her songs to sound hot!! and it does sound hot!! :) Such a talented artist!!

  46. Justin Garner

    kept listening to this track while roaming around Seattle for hours

  47. Rodel Abarra

    Your music: is the best i ever had;

  48. Nick Michalak

    I absolutely LOVE this song. I bought this album nine months ago, and I just haven't stopped listening to it yet.

  49. Rodel Abarra

    The best you ever michelle!

  50. Rodel Abarra

    The music is like music of america song horse with no name, because michelle is like that the girl of horse with no name, i wryte,

  51. Rafael Halley

    new music color from Michelle, awesome!!

  52. S H E

    "I want you to remember me at the time you scream as the BEST YOU EVER!!!" <3

  53. S H E

    This isn't the Michelle I know before, but I'm more liking it! I love you so much, Michelle!!!!---- from Philippines <3

  54. Keem Dee

    Reminds me of The Game Of Love but without Santana.

  55. Gary Rice

    lucid dreaming michelle is so awesome .

  56. Starrk Contrast

    This really is a good album. Not even close to sure how it didn’t get more buzz.

  57. damaxpowerway

    Cant hear the Patrick Carney influence...

  58. I love Cats

    This Song has an Elton John style to it, its wonderful..👍👍

  59. William Gray

    Got it on iTunes! Love it! Still, love her!!!!

  60. velvet coke

    Gosh this song is soooo good. I'm not even halfway on listening. Fuck Taylor swift. Michelle branch deserves the spotlight.

  61. luciano bruzzon

    Continua gostosa

  62. David Clark

    Michelle I like that you're open to different styles of music you have a good variety just always remember who gave you that voice

  63. Kayla Alvarado

    I have watched this vid a dozen times and have to RE-LIKE it everytime I come back to it?!?!
    What's going on YOUTUBE!

  64. Brett Vogel

    She still sounds great but the songwriting seems to be missing something. I can’t put my finger on it but I don’t think this or Fault Line are going to be big hits. The music business is so tough.

  65. Chris Z

    Most underrated comeback off 2017!!! ❤

    Eddye Pepin

    Chris Z Yo for real bro! 😕


    She's not part of the club. So they won't publicize her.

  66. Melissa Castellanos

    I LOVE HER! This album is just fantastic. Love that she's doing her own thing. She's a true artist.

  67. Carl tucker jr.

    i share and must say i wish i could buy I AM did it heart beat / wish they new all the great sound you shared = hugs = MERRY CHRISTMAS / A GOOD HUG / YOUR FRIEND .

  68. Shimmer Moon

    Michelle, You are the best!!!!

  69. zombie gains

    Too many complaints. This song is beautiful itself.

  70. Nimita Shetty

    Love this ❤️

  71. Daniel

    I kind of like the new Michelle Branch

  72. Neil Avila

    Sounds somewhat similar to metric

  73. netschi NAberer

    her cd is very good some good pop songs.thanks michelle

  74. Sheena R

    Love you MB !!!

  75. Shane Conti

    again. much better songwriting and production value after dating Patrick Carney. #dothemath.

  76. Rudy Marin

    Um.. this sounds like BELANOVA.. baila mi corazon...

  77. Jose Salazar

    im yours michelle :3

  78. Happy Michie Worriah

    http://songexploder.net/michelle-branchAmazing story life n love . Keep it up . Spark is a great song too..of family

  79. Bichichi Duran

    La amooo 😍😍💗💗es una extraordinaria cantante sus canciones son hermosas me compraré su CD hopeless romantic ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👏👍

  80. Christopher Michaud

    Ok I already want this album.

  81. Leovida Gudito - Yucor

    welcome back Michelle, been missing you since The Wreckers and JustInCase... ^_^

  82. ninanee2008

    Jamming to this now in Krispy Kreme. Michelle Branch is back!?

  83. Tonderai

    Thank you for this beautiful piece of art

  84. netschi NAberer

    cool song

  85. Boyd Hopkins

    This is my favorite song from the new album. Very different feel, very different sound. She's older and has new experiences so of course her sound will change, its taken me a few listens, but I'm starting to get there.

  86. Mercedes Chinchilla




  88. Binyam Berhe

    Carlos Santana where you at buddy???

  89. 山本ラニー

    Oh yeah! Sounds like an music of 80's era ehh, Welcome back michelle branch!

  90. Robert Gearhart

    Wtf is up with the views, if this was on he radio there would be close to 50M, smh.

  91. Kayla Alvarado

    Everytime I watch this video I have to "re-like" it!!! Because it's not saving?!?!

  92. electricvibes

    Saw her in concert in Boise. She brings back so much nostalgia as a kid. I hope she gets more attention on this new album.

  93. TrendyEmmy

    Definitely loving this SONG & new album 🖤🖤🖤🖤 Sooooo happy she's back!!!!

  94. Deshani101

    loving it!!!

  95. Paul Karpowich

    Nice song Michelle. What's with the nose ring though? Could do without that.

  96. Daniel Kunkle

    She doesn't seem to age. Her voice is still amazing and it's so good to see an actual talent play an instrument.

  97. karma Sincerely

    I like!!!!
    Karma Sincerely

  98. gymman1031 gymman1031

    Don't you think Michelle's chin and jaw are beautiful and so well-defined?

  99. Tony Vienonen

    SongExploder podcast by Hrishikesh Hirway brought me here.