Michaelson, Ingrid - Little Romance Lyrics

You're in the mood for love
You're in the mood to dance
You're in the mood for a little romance
You're in the mood for love.

I see you pressed those pants
I see you styled that hair
There doesn't seem to be much of it there
You're in the mood to dance.

Can I have this chance
to be your little romance?
Can I have this dance?
I'm in the mood for love.

I'm all dressed up tonight
I've waited all night long
When will they finally play your song?
I'm in the mood to dance.

Can I have this chance
to be your little romance?
Can I have this dance?
I'm in the mood for love
I'm in the mood for love.

If it's the only chance I get
(If it's the only chance I get)
If it's the only chance, then get
(If it's the only chance, then get)
ready to throw your shoes away
(ready to throw your shoes away)
for I will sweep, sweep, sweep
you off your feet
I will sweep, sweep, sweep
you off your feet
to be your little romance

Can I have this chance
to be your little romance?
Can I have this dance?
I'm in the mood for you
You're in the mood for me
We're in the mood for love.

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Michaelson, Ingrid Little Romance Comments
  1. GroggyDeer

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you're in my ass to get some s##t

  2. Taylor Manes

    Does anyone know what album this song is on?

  3. pilipinaskongmahal

    I love this style of yours Ingridddd!!! Glad for you and for your music :)

  4. Haze Newman

    idk why but something with her and owl city would be neat

  5. Stephanie Lazarus

    A huuuge fan from Sri Lanka. I love you Ingrid <3

  6. Kali Lentz

    i love the "hell no" music video. (that was randome)

    Erica McQueen

    ikr lol

  7. Hillary Cole

    this is my favorite secret song

  8. Diana Xiu

    Me Encanto La Canción! 🙈❤

  9. Erin Wendler

    Why does Ingrid seem to be so underrepresented? She is so talented!

  10. Huy Le

    one thousandth like

  11. Максим Владимирович Носков

    Super, Ingrid умница)))

  12. Dan Juhlin

    please tell me you are back? lights out sounded so much too mainstream.

    Jasper Farin

    +Dan Juhlin I don't accept this sentiment. Yes, Lights Out drew heavily from cliched elements of pop and didn't capture the soft and pure sound that we've come to expect from Ingrid. Those are probably the reasons that particular album doesn't appeal to you, not that the general public likes it. And if the latter really is the reason you don't like her newest album, that's unfortunate. I would rejoice if Ingrid's beautiful music reached a larger audience if that did not also mean that her music gravitated toward contemporary pop. She has created her own beautiful scene and I have loved experiencing that. It would be sad if that were lost to the wishes of the many.
    Sorry for the rant. :P

    Ceci Joseph

    +Dan Juhlin i agree. i mean, there's nothing severely wrong with mainstream, but the albums before Lights Out seemed much more authentic, and were honestly better quality music.

  13. stephen eden

    Much nicer than the "Lights out" tracks.

  14. Normasrifah Yusoff

    Ingrid's Back!! Here, always in the mood for your lovely songs!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  15. mytube501st

    what an adorable!

  16. Ekta Khatuja

    lyrics please..

  17. ChocolatTherapy

    so lovely!

  18. TinkerbellKat

    Revisiting some old stuff? I like doing that with my music. Kinda crazy how much your voice has changed since your first album. Hope to hear some new Ingrid stuff soon!

  19. Sinuhé Coronel

    Like the old times!

  20. Ree Boado Music & Vocal Tips

    Sweet sweet song, I love Ingrid and have followed her music for years!
    If you guys like this song, have a listen to my New Valentine's song about love and loyalty "You Still Have Me". It's very Ingrid Michaelson/ Sara Bareilles-ish, so I think you'd like it! It's a sweet poppy song and some people have told me it made them cry at the end! Enjoy!

  21. Anna Arndt

    Oh my gosh a new Ingrid song! I've been waiting <3


    +Anna Arndt Actually it's quite old. Probably recorded around the Girls and Boys album, just didn't make the cut.

    Anna Arndt

    +TinkerbellKat aww man. Oh well. Still fun to listen to

  22. T. Fany

    #FeelingTheRomance :)

  23. Fernando Palacios

    Ohhhhh New Song

  24. Kazia Kazia

    INGRID! Hello it's you!

  25. Rachel Johnson

    If this is any indication of what her new album will sound like I am beyond excited; I'm happy for her! Those of us who have been fans of Ingrid's for a long time know that her life hasn't been easy for the past few years but she has clearly been "swept off her feet" by her new man and her heart has healed. It seems like she has a more positive and excited outlook on love and life right now and I can't wait to hear it in her music!

    Juan Manuel Martinez

    +rachel ayjay Sadly I don't think so, this song was recorded many years ago, and was composed by Ingrid, she said she was working with writers for the new album

  26. cx45830

    To anyone and everyone who reads this...You ARE loved. x

  27. Pet C

    I love your voice :) Please kep on singing...

  28. Grace Marie

    First note and I know exactly that I have to cover this song! Love from the other side of the world! ☺😊

  29. Smiletinytina Hartley

    Just as inspiring as ever! Thank You Ingrid for this heart touching video!!! Brings tears to my eyes thinking of my grandparents dancing together... how I miss see that!

  30. Channip Choe

    Valentine's and Ingrid🌹

  31. Bruce John Shourt

    Good, but needs a remix of the vocal/instrumental balance (more Ingrid, please).

  32. rachelaleishoppe

    Is this one new! It sounds great! Keep it up!! xx

    Adam Wilk

    +AutumnLeaves Not new, still awesome though


    +Adam Wilk Oh. I'm just going to go find it on iTunes I guess

  33. Kelly Knudson

    very beautiful Ingrid

  34. Rowan A

    This was one of my favorite Ingrid songs back when I first found her music back in middle school. Thanks for keeping your beautiful music in my life for so long! ♥

  35. EsotericOccultist

    I have a big crush on you.

  36. Kyle Ace

    I missed you Ingrid!

  37. michaelaverzilli


  38. Fikri Mostaqeem


  39. Momoo Owo

    I love it!*--*

  40. Leah Lauzon

    Just in time for my lonely Valentine's Day

    Jeremy Smith

    Aww. Be mine

  41. ItsJoshii


  42. MHDragonForce

    I heard this song awhile ago

  43. BeHappy4Ever

    OMG love it!! Ingrid I love it!!!! If anyone sees this - please critique my videos!!!!

  44. MizaBrega

    Yaaasss honey!

  45. Tuden Jamir

    I am always in the mood for an Ingrid song :)

  46. Erin O.

    I love this song
    Thank you Ingrid you're the greatest

  47. Lusiana Vela

    so nice songgg

  48. christina marie

    ingrid's back!

    Jelly Rolls

    what does the l-/ mean?


    Twenty one pilots symbol

    Kali Lentz

    oh cool. I-/

  49. tin •

    so sweet

  50. Emily Kase

    This was the best way to start Valentines Day weekend 💜

  51. Bruno Mendoza

    Woow...!!! :O I love is song

  52. Lisa Nicole

    Love, Love, Love, this song :)