Michael W. Smith - The Race Is On Lyrics

Got our feet on a narrow road
got our eyes on the one who
will be our goal
and our brothers at our side

If we stumble we won't fall
if we miss the mark he'll be
there after all
with an everlasting prize
the race is on

Come on and go
leave behind the sin you find
that slows your time
come on and go
you know the race is on
come on and go
straight ahead be safely led
by him instead
come on and go
you know the race is on

Lord, I try running my own race
losin' ground, losin' hope
losin' sight of your face
and I'm ready to retire

Then I'm back on your solid ground
You remind me of the strength
that in you I've found
And you fill me with your fire
the race is on

[Repeat Chorus]

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Michael W. Smith The Race Is On Comments
  1. Angela Scott

    Still love this song! Used to have the record lol :)

    John Regner

    still do

  2. Eric Burow

    This was the theme song of a Jr. High summer camp I went to as a youngster. Sure brings back some memories.

  3. James Hendrick

    I remember when I first started hearing this song nearly 24 years ago. It got me through a lot of good times and bad times. A lot of nostalgia from my college days. Makes me think of my late buddy Keith! RIP my buddy!