Michael W. Smith - I Will Carry You Lyrics

Sometimes I wonder if my beating heart has a reason
The thought of breathing only takes my breath away
I've spent so many nights wrestling with this feeling
Do I have the strength to make it through the day
But I was never meant
To walk this road alone
I can always trust you
When you say

I will carry you
Be your strength
And pull you through
Reach for me
And take my hand
We will pray
And we will stand
In a world
Crying out for peace
Let your heart be strong
For when I am weak
You will carry me

Sometimes You wonder if the road you're on has a reason
It's hard to go on, when you just don't know
We can shoulder all the weight of life between us
Until the fear of what we cannot see is gone
Cause we were never meant
to walk this road alone
we are bound together
When we say...

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Michael W. Smith I Will Carry You Comments

    24th June 2019 still enjoying this great song of all times...

  2. pink Candy

    Been severely depressed because of trauma based complex ptsd and OCD and severe panic my childhood abuses

  3. reform yourself4him

    I'll carry you is one of the song I love to listen daily by this worshipper .God is faithful even when we are not.

  4. Rick Lewis

    I miss my cousins who passed recently & George.
    A very chaotic year I'll know God will heal me of this.
    This life is his now...Thank you Lord...

  5. coco lawrie

    Love this song . Brings so much peace into my heart..

  6. Rick Lewis

    GOD the only way to go..
    His word helps you through the day...

  7. Jason Medrano

    Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people a heart that forgives the worst and a soul that never loses faith in god

  8. David D

    Beautiful song...simply beautiful.

  9. Toby Denney

    I thought "pull you through" was pour you food, lol!! I love this song, been one of my favorites for years.

  10. Authoress-Madelyn Lugo

    This song is much more meaningful to me now that i am 40! I heard it when it first came out in the 90's. It is a classic for sure!

  11. Marius Mariuss


  12. Marius Mariuss


  13. Edson Raulino Ferreira

    Eu amo essa música linda demais eu viajo

  14. Adriano Silva

    Vou te carregar

  15. Promise Maake

    Such a comforting song, am blessed 🙏🏽

  16. lary Hil

    Just reminds me how far God has been with me

  17. Emem Gift

    Help me Jesus, the burden of life is overwhelming. Carry me through it all. Amen


    I will be praying for you, Emem. You are precious in His sight.

    Matt: 11:29-30 - 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. God bless you, dear one.

  18. Michelle Lee


  19. Sharon Brown

    Jesus Christ; sings through Michael Smith, thank 🙏🏽🙏🏽you so much for spreading the gospel🙌🏽 through your music God Bless you🙏🏽

  20. 김성선


  21. Larry Roberts

    Great song and meaning

  22. Bubble Whispers

    Listen to this, while writing the paper. Feel so relaxed.

  23. Raquel Crecencia


  24. Carol Kersey

    Simply beautiful! Michael has the voice of an angel, and brings you back to Jesus every time!

  25. Maria Bakker

    wat een mooi lied

  26. el cazador

    Señor, te necesitamos, gracias Padre, te alabo con todo mi ser. Tù eres Santo .

  27. neil francis tal placido

    for my love marivic my love for you stays for ever

  28. Glory Be Amen!

    YOu have no idea how many times this song has been a support for me in difficult times, even now during the mandela effect. Thank you Creator for all u done for me and others.

  29. Princesa Lua

    Lindas musicas vindo do coração de Deus que ele seja abençoado de todas as formas nesta vida.

  30. Darlene Brown

    Amen Thank you Father!

  31. Светлана Диденко

    Я ПРОНЕСУ тебя, Я ПОМОГУ тебе, и никто не похитит тебя из РУКИ МОЕЙ!!!!!!!!! И се Я с вами во все дни до скончания века!!!!!!!!!!! Прекраснейшая песня!!!!!!!!! СПАСИБО ДРАГОЦЕННОМУ ПАПОЧКЕ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Valentin Ciprian Aldea

    aleluia. slava bor.

  33. Jeff Welker

    absolutely True !!!

  34. joe digaetano

    amazing song and back ground vocals by the female showing 9/11 picture hits home I am rescue worker

  35. Oh Hiroshima

    😭 carry me :')

  36. luciana martins

    I will carry you is bealtiful

  37. Evelyn Bennett

    Jesus has done it once again.  My world was crashing around me and He was there amongst the rubble reaching out his hand towards me.

  38. Eduard Silent

    God bless you all.

  39. Avalon Park

    this could be a beautiful wedding song

  40. Brian Warren

    Beautiful Beautiful

  41. Natam vieira

    minha historia de infância foi ao som de w Smith toda música me remete ao passado moitas lembranças boas. Lhe Best Michael Smith

  42. Julie Meyer

    God is there for us. Just ask for help

  43. Melva Barb

    His songs are full of hope

  44. Dawnrobin5

    This is a beautiful song! Thank you so much for taking the time and putting in the effort to create this inspiring video 😊❤️

  45. God's Daughter

    Thank you Kimia Gold.......I must humbly myself to THE SAVIOR CONTINUALLY & then I shall inherit the PROMISES of THE FATHER. Saints of God everywhere, please keep me in your prayers.....God's WORD is the LIGHT I must follow & abide in !!!

  46. Todd Trout

    My Favorite!!

  47. מיגל Miguel

    where place him sing (Majesty) I never hear him before, its first time on my life I cry listen on music!!


    beautiful songs..

  49. Kevin John

    amazing beautiful god bless all in jesus name amen

  50. Maurader1

    God hears our prayers and answers the bible his word tells us so. Through his son Jesus because of his sacrifice for us. Prayer Is essential It Is our relationship with God and his son Jesus. Isaiah 41/9-10 13. He Is there holding our hand.

  51. Raiany B.

    Lindo Louvor!!!

  52. Lena Jazdauskienė

    Impessive :)!

  53. Palmer Granite

    This is absolutely one of my all time favorites from M.W.S. This song is phenomenal!!!


    I really need you ..... the only thing i ask

  55. MrSamiam23

    God is Good all the time and all the time...?

  56. MadeMann Lee

    this Goes Hard

  57. Manny Figueroa

    jesus is the way the true and the life....

    מיגל Miguel

    YAUH bless you

  58. Manny Figueroa

    jesus is the way the true and the life....

  59. Analyn Foust

    This song is so amazing, I completely relate with the lyrics. Not until recently were the lyrics 'you were never meant to walk this road alone' become a reality. Yet, am I the only one who thinks of a father figure instead of a boyfriend?

    Mark Holland

    Analyn Foust God love u

  60. Secret Keepers

    St. Michael, the Arc Angel with the Key of David?

  61. Abraham Opalade

    Michael W. Smith's song has a way of touching my soul. I feel like his songs are Spirit inspired. I am just speechless because I do not understand nor do I have a word to describe what I feel. All I know is that his songs I have listened to repeatedly for years and makes my life better.

  62. CastingCrowns

    Great song, Beatyfull

  63. Joy Scott

    Love all your songs Michael they keep me going in God'grace I have faith.

  64. Tamunoboma Igah

    I really cannot walk this road alone....Lord walk with me pls I am weak...I need you to carry me through 😢😢🙁🙁


    God is good. He hears your prayers and you better believe that is working for your purposes. You are not alone My beautiful sister.


    Isaiah 41/9-10 13. You are not alone.

  65. Kimberly Blake

    I need prayers Thank you this song, in Jesus name amen

  66. robert jackson

    I found Michael Smith's songs one day when my life was in turmoil and I saw no hope for the future. The song "I will carry you" confirms that we don't have to face life's trials alone if we ask Jesus into our lives.

    Janelliz Arias

    mary rawson e

    The Invisible

    robert jackson Well said .

    Mary Carroll

    Robert.....Jesus loves you so very much

    Raquel Crecencia


    Jason Medrano

    Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people a heart that forgives the worst and a soul that never loses faith in god

  67. Ursula Psaila

    This is sooooo encouraging song , all Glory be to GOD !!!!!!! AMEN !!!!!!!

  68. Megaballads 80's

    musica linda.

  69. constantino dias

    Thats a great song. Lord is wonderful and care me.

  70. NotASpyReally

    If it weren-t for the word "pray", I would love this song... I mean, I-m not against religion at all, but.....

    Megan Mose

    +NotASpyReally there is only ONE God

    El Cid

    so all the millions of people that believe in a different God than yours are all wrong and going to hell?

  71. Donald Bade

    Lord Jesus carry me.

  72. Donald Bade

    Lord Jesus carry me.

  73. Gloria Lopez

    Breathe talking, beautiful. Preciosa, hermosa canción.

  74. Renata Glória

    A música é bonita msm!

  75. Lailiana Ribeiro

    Deus abençoou a vida de todos com músicas lindas.

  76. Ketesha Samuels

    This song is so Comforting! Michael you have done so many Powerful Praise and Worship songs that has touched so many people's lives all over the world I found peace in the song God bless you Michael...

  77. Fitsroy Gordon

    only you alone Jesus

  78. Omega chris Elias

    indeed Michael Smith is a vessel through which God uses to bless me and my soul, hallelujah.

  79. peggysuejean

    for my sweet mother Betty Jo Johnson Fritts, 10/18/32-2/12/2015..Miss you Mother I know your in good hands now..rest in peace Momma, I love you..your baby girl.

    Gods Daughter

    +peggysuejean I am sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you are going through. God is truly the Father of all comfort. He will get you through this. I know from personal experience that He is the best comforter. I will keep you in prayer.


    ty so much for the encouragement!!!

    Yuliya Lyube

    peggysuejean I'm so sorry 😢

    מיגל Miguel

    YAUH bless you and protect

  80. Val Lee

    Michael W. Smith is an antichrist. He walks with idolatrous people, including the pope. God declares idolaters go to the lake of fire. Smith also created the youth center, Rocketown, where every manner of satanic group performs. These singers command the killing of born again Christians. Even the community where Rocketown is situated, is in anger over these demonic groups coming to perform in what is called a Christian venue under the orchestration of Michael W. Smith. Residents complain about their lyrics of Christian persecution; this even broadcast on the local news.

    True born again Christians desire to come out from amongst them—those who maintain the sexy and sensual beat of the world and its philosophies. Christians are only to hold to the Bible properly translated from the Greek and Hebrew, with no additions, subtractions or being one with the satanic world. Satan is the ecumenical god and one day, during the tribulation, most will bow before him as he leads his ecumenical religion, which is all about idolatry. He is the god of immodesty as well and it is displayed everywhere in so-called Christianity, as few women desire to dress in shamefaced purity and innocence. They want to expose portions of their breasts, upper legs, etc. This is the way of the antichrist too, knowing promiscuous sex and immodesty will be known factors of arriving Mystery Babylon as exposed in Revelation and elsewhere.

    Middle Mo

    did u get that off the internet? U don't know what your talking about!

    Vince Brown

    +Val Lee It's God's job to judge people...

    Maureen Njeri N.

    +Val Lee Kindly reflect on Prov 6:16-19 These six things the LORD hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him:a proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren.

    Jelle Otten

    please, listen to this song ... God had a plan whit everything in this world. We doesn't see his work in detail, we can only pray that he give us the view of his reasons. So I will pray for Michael W. Smith, maybe he write this song because of his failure. A man that sing so beautiful about our Lord couldn't be an antichrist. So I go to pray for Michael W. Smith that he have peace with God and His way of live. So he doesn't give up, and be a Christian to the dead and to the Heaven!

  81. Allen Kyamko

    il'd so much all of this song of Micheal W. Smith most specially of his song Friends are friends forever

  82. Kaydi

    Beatiful praising God

  83. Place2be


  84. Steven Speece

    Let me recommend two books for those seeking God & His will for your life - -
    The Desire of Ages & The Great Controversy, both by Ellen White.

  85. Jandira Sousa

    Ah música linda senhor.

  86. Jessecraft1954

    ok, now you're going to make me cry

  87. stanley bodle

    I wish they played more of these songs on the radio

    stanley bodle

    K love is great but they play the same songs through the day like a loop there's more songs out there that don't get played

    MaryLou Winaught

    +stanley bodle I hope you can get He's Alive Radio out of Grantsville, Maryland. They play songs like this. God Bless.


    I've just got to know this song on Pandora app one hour ago. I knew Michael W. Smith but I didn't know this song though. LOL

    Marla Kay Kramer

    They used to play this but there's an ever evolving hit list.

  88. mirela confederat

    this song needs to be heard in the world now ! the world will change and it s got to change ;)

  89. mogpa plumbing technology

    God has been good to me in every aspect, carrying me through seconds of my life...i thank God for more of his love and power. Amen

  90. S Nyoike

    with GOD everything is possible trust in him

  91. God's Daughter


  92. George J81317

    amen...He has carried me all these years! Thank You Lord Jesus...

  93. justaguyonyoutube

    We played this song on our mothers funeral, something she wanted. Brings back so many emotions.

  94. pedsgavina

    He will always carry us. Thank you my Lord Jesus!

  95. christina i wanna surrender in front of my jesus.

    loveeeee youuuu Lord.......


    God always bless us

  97. Chris Evans

    please pray for me I am going through a hard time.

    Brian Warren

    hope alls good SIS

    מיגל Miguel

    YAUH bless you and protect