Michael W. Smith - Be Strong And Courageous Lyrics

My servant, now your time has come
You have a job to do
I have a people to be led
And a willing heart in you
So I give you strength and courage
And I'll hide you in my hand
For Joshua, you gotta live for your call
Take my people to their land

So be strong and courageous
So be strong and courageous
You know you gotta be strong and courageous
So be strong and courageous

Never should you fear my call
Just listen and obey
Discouragement need never fall
Stand on the words I say
You know I led your fathers here
And you know I'll lead you too
Inscribe my law into your soul
And nothing will touch you

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Michael W. Smith Be Strong And Courageous Comments
  1. Michelle Cairns


  2. Armydillo 101

    be strong in yer anus

  3. tom stephens

    Learned this scripture through this song. I love it.

  4. loridianeh

    This song, and Michael W. Smith helped me through a very difficult time in my life, in November 1985, my first born son Ryan died of sudden infant death, his album, Project at the time comforted my heart, I would drive to the cemetary where my baby was buried and blare the tape, I was young, heart broken, I could never understand why...but despite my pain Michael's songs got through....

    Deborah Bonney


    I am so sorry for your most profound loss.
    My mother lost a 3 year old and a newborn. Grief is the heaviest pain.

    God bless you and I know you look forward to seeing your precious Ryan again


    Jim Chumley

    loridianeh So so sorry. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 24 on 12-26-83. I will be 59 in sept. I am still walking down the narrow road. Walking now presently through a very hard time in my life financially. Please other believers pray for me. I would deeply appreciate it so much. SHALOM!

    Jim Chumley

    loridianeh Listen to the song Warrior by Matthew Ward. Warrior encourages me alot.

    Gravity Alchemist

    I too have been touched by his music , I especially love his song "Surrounded" May the good Lord continue to bless Michael W Smith. www.gravityalchemist.com

    Tammy Grace

    Michael W and Amy Grant’s music have ministered to me for decades. During a long period of rebellion their music was what God used to keep me from complete destruction. So thankful!!!