Michael Learns To Rock - Salvation Lyrics

Should I close my eyes so I don't see your smile
Would it be a clever thing to do
And should I stay away from you for a little while
Should I leave it all behind

When you are giving me salvation just like someone heaven sent
This wasn't meant to be baby can't you see
This is an open invitation for the beginning of the end
Though I'm flying now, I'm gonna be crying over you

Should I stop dancing on the edge of a knife
Would it be a clever thing to do
Should I lock my door should I stop kissing life
Should I get rid of you


This love is forbidden fruit (baby just stop looking at me)
I should have cut you off by the root (this love just wasn't meant to be)


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Michael Learns To Rock Salvation Comments
  1. a_little big

    Still love you

  2. Sterling Garais

    Love it!

  3. Nicky Angel

    ❤❤ I love your amazing, sensual and touching music sooooo much. Every song from you touched always completely my heart. ❤❤ Please, please come to germany, please give here concerts. I look and look again and again, but you are never here. This makes me sooo sad.😔😔😔😔😔😔 Please make your fans in germany happy, please come to germany. ❤❤

  4. Ginanjar Mar

    Terakhir denger lagu ini tahun 2005.. kaset VCD yg hilang ketemu diyutup..

  5. Maja Rhoda Glorose Haradji

    Missing this song while I'm still stuck in my room to be able to start Classes again , & Faced the new challenge inside the workshop,

  6. Jerson Chavez

    2018 and still listening

  7. irvan gunawan

    good song