Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Immortal Version) Lyrics

As he came into the window
It was the sound of a crescendo
He came into her apartment
He left the bloodstains on the carpet
She ran underneath the table
He could see she was unable
So she ran into the bedroom
She was struck down, it was her doom

Annie, are you okay?
So, Annie, are you okay?
Are you okay, Annie?
Annie, are you okay?
So, Annie, are you okay?
Are you okay, Annie?
Annie, are you okay?
So, Annie, are you okay?
Are you OK, Annie? Annie, are you OK?
So, Annie, are you okay, are you okay, Annie?

Annie, are you okay?
Will you tell us that you're okay?
There's a sign in the window
That he struck you - a crescendo, Annie
He came into your apartment
He left the bloodstains on the carpet
Then you ran into the bedroom
You were struck down
It was your doom

Annie, are you okay?
So, Annie, are you okay?
Are you okay, Annie?

You've been hit by
You've been hit by a smooth criminal

(Okay, I want everybody to clear the area right now!)


(Annie are you okay?)
I don't know!
(Will you tell us that you're okay?)
I don't know!
(There's a sign in the window)
I don't know!
(That he struck you - a crescendo, Annie)
I don't know!
(He came into your apartment)
I don't know!
(Left the bloodstains on the carpet)
I don't know why baby!
(The you ran into the bedroom)
I don't know
(You were struck down)
(It was your doom - Annie!)

Annie, are you okay?
So, Annie, are you okay?
Are you okay, Annie?

You've been hit by
You've been hit by a smooth criminal

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Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal (Immortal Version) Comments
  1. Michael Jackson [Smooth criminal, female]

    Good work A CG I love it a lot

  2. Joshua Labdon

    nice use of the pictures to change it inbetween the scenes

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    what if he drank the dancing poison?

  6. maria guablocho

    mi par te faborita 1.41

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    I love you Michael

  8. Carolyn Watson

    Always So Good

  9. 鮪魚

    Its been so long!🥺😢
    Why can this sounf so so great
    Love Michael Jackson forever!!!!!!


    *Drinks Cold Water*
    *Tears Up A Bit*

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    Michael jackson smooth criminal is best song and mix I love you

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    Great video

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    اعلان ابو شنب في المحطة

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    Love how you add the Annie are you ok bi from the moon walker version not bad man

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    Me in hospital: Are you okay dad?

    Dad: Im fine son


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    1:37 omg thats hot and sexy😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    when the beat goes out,i always think of him and his childhood and how painful it must have been
    miss you michael
    never can say goodbye

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    And the you rumanas into the bedroom, you were struck down, it was your doom

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    Smooth Criminal Immortal Version(It was already immortal :V)

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    1:38 my heart beat fast.. Fall inlove again and again for my king.. 2019 here🖐🖐💕💕

    GODPED 1243

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    cheche castillo same 😂

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    1:40 most epic dance move

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    I love the gun effect that this has in the beginning, this remix is so good 👌🏽

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    Espero que esteja num lugar melhor :')

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