Michael Bolton - You Keep Me Hanging On Lyrics

Set me free, why don't you, babe?
Get out my life, why don't you, babe?
'Cause you don't really love me
You just keep me hangin' on (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
You don't really need me
You just keep me hangin' on

Why do you keep coming around
Playing with my heart
Why don't you get out of my life
And let me make a new start
Let me get over you
The way you've gotten over me, hey

Set me free, why don't you, baby?
Get out my life, why don't you, babe? (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
'Cause you don't really love me
You just keep me hangin' on (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
You don't really need me
You just keep me hangin' on

You say although we broke up
You still wanna be just friends
But how can we still be friends
When seeing you only breaks my heart again?


Set me free, why don't you, babe?
Get out my life, why don't you, babe? (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
'Cause you don't really love me
You just keep me hangin' on

You claim you still care about me
But your heart and soul need to be free
Now that you've got your freedom
You still wanna hold on to me
You don't want me for yourself
So let me find somebody else, hey

Just let me be a man about it
Just set me free (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
You don't care a thing about me
You're just using me (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
Go on, get out, get out of my life
And let me sleep at night (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
'Cause you don't really love me
You just keep me hangin' on

You don't really love me
You just keep me hangin' on

Set me free, why don't you, baby?
Get out my life, why don't you, babe? (Ooh-ooh-ooh)

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Michael Bolton You Keep Me Hanging On Comments
  1. Doomsday Library

    This was a very emotional movie for me. it stuck with me for 15 days straight (I counted from the day I purchased the film and watched it at the same time, 10 seconds later). Up in my mind it stayed the entire time, listening to 'Keep Me Hanging On' the 1967 version Vanilla Fudge over 100 times, watching video clips. I also agree that is it is, in part, a love letter to a long gone Los Angeles but the undertone is melancholy and a sadness permeates throughout the film. This came out of QT's mind and I feel he has a longing to return to those days, even if for a brief moment during a 3 hour journey via cinema. He wanted the world to see and feel what he did as a kid but through the eyes of an adult man. QT with another brilliant script btw I mean what the fuck? 9 for 9. True Romance is in my top 3 all time films, you own the top and other spot btw. QT if you ever read this, I have an incredible idea to share with you. Tell me how to share it privately to one of your people ([email protected]). I saw Pulp Fiction in a movie theater with my father. I took him after I went to see it with my friends. Then I took a date a week later. You are my generations Einstein of Film and have a constant with me through the years into adulthood. Thank you sir.

  2. MadDuarte Br

    The best scene!

  3. Ron Allman

    This dude is the best Tex of any movie involving Manson


    Watch Mindhunter

  4. Ron Allman

    Fried Sadie

  5. Offend in every way

    “You are real, right?”

  6. The Wild One

    You know what would have been even better plot twist in this alternative universe? Hippies go to Polanski's house but Bruce Lee is also crashing there for a night..

  7. Graham Paterson

    My elderly parents visited me from Scotland, and wanted something to do one Friday evening. I had mentioned I wanted to see the new Tarantino film and my mother was enthusiastic since Brad Pitt was in it. My fathers never been one for cinema however we all went to a late night showing. My lass gave it a miss as she had had a long day at work and didn't relish a 3 hour movie stint. They were taken with scene and setting, music and references since they were teenagers when the film was set. Knowing what Tarantino was like I was rather dreading any sexual innuendo or extreme violence throughout as my parents are sensitive souls. When this scene played out my parents were roaring with laughter along with everyone else in the showing. It's something I will never forget and after 35 years I hadn't thought there would be any way we could further bond. In a strange way I want Tarantino to know that he's made a complete movie for everyone. Its damn timeless.

  8. Disent Design

    probably the best film of 2019

  9. Leonidas Riverson

    "Train has left the station..."
    *turns lights on *

  10. Sherlock Holmes

    Like=Oscar for brad pitt
    Comment =Joaquin phoenix

  11. Louis Shelton

    Is everybody okay?

    Rick: "Well the fucking hippies aren't.."

  12. Audio Hollyk

    I can’t find this version of this song anywhere to stream. Seems like the original version doesn’t have this intro which really makes the song. Strange.


    The intro is a different song called Illusions of My Childhood.

  13. Oscar Flores

    Y yo creí que Brad Pitt en bastardos sin gloria como Aldo el apache era sanguinario verlo en esta película cómo ajusticia a los hippies con esta canción hizo que valiera cada centavo el precio del boleto.

  14. Christopher Calder

    This is *in your face* music.

  15. Soila Cantu

    Vanilla Fudge💞 🎸🎙🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  16. Taigh

    Fuckin' hippies!

  17. TonicLife19

    Lsd dipped cig. A flamethrower and a pitbull with a throat full of dirty hippie testicles.

  18. Erik Kinn

    Movie of the year

  19. Arthur c

    Fucking hippies

  20. Mitch Presley

    "Well, the fuckin hippies aren't."

  21. Arthur Lacerda Neto

    The devil's beesneez

  22. Muted Growl

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood brought me here.

  23. De Dampkring

    Dirty hippie motherfuckers...

  24. Mr VinDis

    Bradd pitttt oscarrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!

  25. Oguzhan Yavuz

    Now I realize that the girl who ran away with the car was very smart.

  26. Jonathan Blaze

    "I'm as real as a donut, motherfucker." Best line in a movie of the year.

  27. dewajtis

    This movie makes you go and hug your dog straight away...

  28. Ümit Öğe

    I think the Italian accent was pretty nice she performed
    *How der yu tu come to my house motherfakır*

  29. bizkitgto

    God damn I love this era! One of my favorite movies!!

  30. 91MoonKnight


  31. bunny fish

    Great part of the film

  32. عبدالكريم القريو

    Quentin can throw the mic NOW

  33. Trevor Philips

    Debra and Floyd: "We're the devil .... here to do devil stuff."

    You People. Are Not. VeRy. FUCKING. Nice!

  34. MasterZaraLee

    Fallen Ride The Sky trailer 2008. Chief.

  35. monster monty

    *Rick Dolton relaxing in pool*

    *Crazy hippie falls in*

    Rick Dolton: WHAT THE FUCK *grabs flamethrower*

  36. The Playa Sheep Union

    The best soundtrack in a movie that I've ever heard.

  37. osse


  38. Ronnie J Dio

    QT's best movie in decades ....maybe ever

  39. Dez Majors

    perfect song for a girl to get her vagina bitten off to

  40. Dominic Vega

    Mad Men will forever own this tune sorry Quinton. Didn't even use the full version.

  41. shri sub

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Dog food can shuts her up lol

  42. Gr33n 3ggs

    Currently my FAVORITE SONG

  43. ra ulow

    i was out of breath after i watched the scene damn cliff was a total badass. the music really matches the gory scene

  44. Bruce Lee

    *The Manson family entered the wrong house. HAHAHAHA!*

  45. Spyros Kokkalis

    The dog deserves an oscar

  46. Fadhel Chakroun

    That scene made me so happy and gave so much energy, thank you tarantino and great performance from brad pitt , i hope he will get the oscar

  47. Marcelo Davila

    don´t cry in front of the mexicans

  48. ElectricDreams

    60's.... 100%

  49. 420GreyWorm2187

    This song is incredible.

  50. dnort4343

    I can identify with smoking an "acid" dipped cigarette 😵

  51. Logan Bme

    George isn’t blind!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your the blind one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Nebojsa Savic

    🐕 - Brandy
    🔫😠 - Rex

    Rex - 😳😵😱

  53. wade wilson

    Mafia 3 🤩

  54. Alejandro Noventa Siete

    *Clicks Tongue*

  55. Kliczko Player

    My favourite song from radio tracks in MAFIA 3...and next appear in best scene from Tarantino 9 Film ♥

  56. Wendenberg Santana

    Imagine a GTA in this world?

  57. Hassan Ur Rehman

    I'm here to do the devil's business .

  58. Danny DeLorean

    You gotta think about the kind of person who would give this a thumbs down, to them I give the middle finger...

  59. Родион Раскольников

    Ебаные хиппи

  60. Christopher Spielberg

    The perfect music when it comes to killing serial killers.

  61. Емельян Пугачев

    люблю эту песню)


    Music to beat hippies and socialists to death

  63. Емельян Пугачев

    Brad Pete won't get an Oscar because he plays a charismatic successful White man beating crazy women))) great role)

  64. Sushru Vj

    Anybody please tell me how to download this movie HD ...?

  65. Just Caused

    This song makes me wanna get drunk and sit on the edge of balcony while it's freezing outside.

  66. Never Nevertheless

    I fucking loved this scene and oh boy oh boy. Those killing scene.
    Just like a fucking tarantino film should be.


    Wait I know you are you tress WAIT yeah Tex

  68. grims4ever

    “And you were on a horsey.”

  69. Gaido Hugo

    they should release a remastered version with all the screaming in the background :)

  70. Ahmed Siddique

    The best scene of the movie.

  71. Dr Deadbeat

    For the first time in history
    I want to like every comment

  72. SlevinFowl

    You are real , right ?
    i'm as real as a doughut Motherfucker !

  73. Benjamin Archer

    Muffler noise grows louder and louder as the car drives further up the hill of Cielo Drive.

    Rick (holding a pitcher of frozen margaritas): Goddamn. Fucking private road. Damn property taxes up the butt. Goddamn.

    Rick grows closer to the window and puts out his cigarette. He opens the blinds.

    Rick: bunch of goddamn fucking hippies. What the fuck?!

    Rick moves quickly over to the door. He opens it fiercely. He looks from his porch over to the car.

    Rick: Hey, you! Yeah, asshole! I’m talking to you.

    He walks over to the car.

    Rick: What the hell do you think you’re doing brining that noisy hunk of shit around here at midnight?! This is a private road, all right?! Who are you, and who are you here to see?!

    The driver, Tex Watson, peels his head out the car window to talk to Rick.

    Tex: Nobody, sir, we just got lost and a little turned around.

    Rick: Aw, horseshit!

    Rick gets close to the window.

    Rick: you fucking hippies came up here to smoke dope on a dark road, huh? Next time you want to try that, fix your fucking muffler!

    Tex: Look, sir. We’re really sorry we disturbed you.

    Rick: Look, chief, you don’t belong here. Now take this mechanical asshole, and GET IT OFF MY FUCKING STREET!!

    Rick takes a gulp from his pitcher of frozen margaritas. He begins to walk back to his door. The car doesn’t move. The red-head girl in the passenger seat cocks her revolver. Rick pounds the hood.

    Rick: Hey! Dennis Hopper! Move this fucking piece of shit!

    Tex: All right. Well, just give me a moment to turn it around.

    Rick: Well, drive it backwards, numbnuts, but fucking drive it and drive it now!

    Tex: Okay. Okay. Stop yelling. Hold your horses, we’re leaving.

    The read head holds her gun tightly. She stares at Rick

    Rick: the hell are you looking at, you little ginger-haired fucker?!

    The car backs down the driveway. Rick takes a celebratory gulp of his pitcher of frozen margaritas.

    Rick: Hey! Come around here again, I’m gonna call the Fucking cops.

  74. Comeon Cameleon

    Perfect song. Perfect scene. Perfect cast. Makes me feel alive 🍺

  75. Zwer

    As soon as I saw Cliff still holding that can of "Wolf's Tooth" when they burst in the room I KNEW that one of them is gonna "eat it"

    Joe Benz

    Reminds me of a scene in an old movie: "What you're reaching for better be a sandwich cauz you're gonna have to eat it" 😆

  76. thatmovieguy777

    The 14 Fists of McClusky!

  77. ThejollyFrenchman

    Disregarding the film, I've never even heard this version of the song. I thought that the Kim Wilde version was the original one. This is way better.


    Never cry in front of mexicans

  79. dMab daab music project

    I’m the devil And I’m here to do the devils work
    Nah it wasn’t the devil it was something stupider like rex

  80. KVN

    Nightwing version is better .. haha

  81. isaid cuckooclock

    Official anti-hippie song

  82. John Mcintire

    a lot of gay fucking comments with a lot of likes jesus

  83. Dark Fortress Pictures LLC

    I can’t get enough of this song!

  84. Steve Sanzari

    I loved this Movie ! But what Made this movie Greater was the Music ! I Love Vanilla Fudge this takes me back to my Teens ! If it weren’t for Vietnam, it would have been a Perfect Time !

  85. Guitar Solo

    I loved it

  86. B C S

    Anyone know why this particular version isn’t on Spotify?


    This is the Tarantino edit

    B C S

    SquidStone Right...so why isn’t it on Spotify if it’s included with the soundtrack? The whole soundtrack is on Spotify except this song. Weird.

  87. Jake The Snake

    I love this song but I dont remeber it in the movie, must have been when I was watching youtube on my phone because couldnt bare watching the movie it was so boring.

  88. Jake The Snake

    worst movie ever

    Jake The Snake

    I wanna make a movie about nothing. QT say no more.

    The Protagonist

    Ok boomer

    The Protagonist

    That's okay because so is your taste in movies.

  89. Jagger

    Francesca: “Ma cosa è questo casino di notte?!”


    Cтарая старая нетленка Дип Пёрпл !!! Класс !

  91. Estus Stephens

    Who can hear the head smashing into everything in the last 45 seconds of the song?

  92. Estus Stephens

    I’ve seen this movie 7 times. I honestly think it’s in my personal top 10

  93. gabe quick

    Rick hits that shed and my marijuana abused brain used its last cell to remind me of the flamethrower...

  94. jaylongee11

    I can’t listen to this without seeing the bitch getting her head smashed 20 times

    Dio Cane

    I think we owe quentin a big one for this

  95. Kifujin Kitade - Cover songs

    Yall are failing Tarantino's movies soundtrack if yall don't get this video to reach 1 million views

  96. Philip Moore

    Great scene great song

  97. mdtys

    "we love pussy" "yes, we do"