Merrell Twins - 4 Million Subscribers (7 Rings Parody) Lyrics

Started from nothing but grew into millions
We were just young girls but now we are women
Kinda, not really, still look like we're twelve
Gotten success from just being ourselves
Grinding and working, we are always filming
Videos that our subscribers are viewing
Hardly have time, we barely socialize
But when we go out we get recognized

Our plaques are shining, awards are gleaming
No stopping us, we're always dreaming
The haters wish we both would quit
Four million subscribers, you clicked it, we got it

You clicked it, we got it, you clicked it, we got it
Four million subscribers, you clicked it, we got it
The haters wish we both would quit
Four million subscribers, you clicked it, we got it

Stop what you're doing, and please go subscribe
This video will get demonitized
Copyright laws, yeah they ruin our day
It's more about passion, so it's all okay
Thank you for all of the support and love
You guys always go beyond and above
We're lucky to have subscribers like you
We won't give up, and we hope you won't too

That line was cheesy, go buy our beanies
You want to hang, I'm sorry, I'm busy
The haters wish we both would quit
Four million subscribers, you clicked it, we got it
(We got it)

You clicked it, we got it, you clicked it, we got it (Hey)
Four million subscribers, you clicked it, we got it (Oh, baby)
The haters wish we both would quit (Ooh, baby)
Four million subscribers, you clicked it, we got it

Videos got over four-hundred
All these brands, they wanna fund 'em
Family-friendly content, yeah that's what we be known for
We don't need to brag, we just keep on making bank (Yeah)
Ignoring all the people who use us as clickbait, yeah
Ooh, thanks for the like and the view
Every Tuesday there's a new video for you
Wouldn't be here without you, we stay together like glue
Look at my dog, look at my cat
We're wearing designer, even our dad
Go big or go home, that's the next step
There's nothing wrong with wanting to flex, yeah

You clicked it, we got it, you clicked it, we got (Ooh)
Four million subscribers, you clicked it, we got it (Ooh, babe)
The haters wish we both would quit
Four million (Million) subscribers, you clicked it, we got it

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Merrell Twins 4 Million Subscribers (7 Rings Parody) Comments
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