Merle Haggard - A Cabin In The Hills Lyrics

I dreamed I saw Jesus last night
Seated on a mountain in the moonlight
His hands held a key to a cabin
That cabin I'd dreamed of all my life

Money makes the rules we have to live by
A home is just a place they send the bills
God knows why we work and what we pray for
So He's building me a cabin in the hills

Who knows He might be finished in the morning
So I lie awake and take no sleeping pills
God knows I'm not happy in a mansion
So He's building me a cabin in the hills

I live my lonesome life down in a valley
With the factories, the rivers and the mills
Sometimes I can almost hear His hammer
'Cause He's building me a cabin in the hills

Someone has to keep the home fire burning
So I sweat and get the harvest in the field
Life on earth won't be the same hereafter
So He's building me a cabin in the hills

I live my lonesome life down in a valley
With the factories, the rivers and the mills
Sometimes I can almost hear His hammer
'Cause He's building me a cabin in the hills
He's building me a cabin in the hills

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Merle Haggard A Cabin In The Hills Comments
  1. Allene Jimenez

    Merle was the best!

  2. Betty Firestine

    I love his voice and the way he sings is amazing,he is a awesome

  3. Gazzable

    This is the first time I heard this , very nice.

  4. Billandjulie Humby

    Do you take lodgers in that cabin i will be first in line in the 100000 mile line

  5. Dawn Strydom

    He was awesome. One of the best

  6. Janelle Klintworth

    Beautiful song...was a beautiful man! Still listen to his music every day! Janelle in Houston

    alie bruinsma

    Me to ! I am a Dutch woman and I listening also every day to Merle Haggard

  7. Linda Dustin

    EPH 2:8-9 Gift no works, freedom,liberty.JjESUS.

  8. patrickandbridie hetherton


  9. betty stephenson

    very nice

  10. cowgirl236

    How can anyone put a thumbs down on this?   Really like this song!   Merle was a great singer.  I love all his music.  Rest in Peace, Merle.

  11. Janelle Klintworth

    Merle is now singing with the angels! My Jim is singing too! My Jim went home to be with the Lord in Sept. 2015. Still miss him! Loved him! And I still listen to Merle's music everyday! Janelle in Houston

  12. Sharon Rafter

    BEAUTIFIUL I could listen to Merle all day. My days start off by putting him on You Tube

  13. Roger Williams

    I grew up loving Merle's music. Played it for a living under lights to eat, and played it in the dark to get through the hardest times by myself.  My daughter and wife and I used to sing these songs the way he did on this album...we loved it.   My daughter was killed in a car wreck in 2001 and I gave a cassette to my grandma of us singing these songs together.   Grandma died at the age of 102 not long ago, and I got the cassette back.  I'm about to take it to someone who can put it on a CD ..I won't play it before tthen.   I owe so much to Merle Haggard.  Opened up for him once, never got a chance to talk to him, though.   Love you, Merle, thanks for the guidance were a walking, guitar playing Twain, Falkner, and Hemingway all rolled up into the best artist this country will ever see....a true National Treasure.  RIP

    Manuel Saunders

    Roger Williams There's not a single day that I don't listen to Merle he was and will always be in my mind that love him dearly RIP

  14. Nancy Phillips

    Beautiful CD, beautiful picture.  I asked God for a cabin right next to Merle so I can hear him sing all day long!!!

  15. Michael Clemons

    Just seems like yesterday that all my hero's were still alive. Who's gonna fill their shoes ? No one can. Love'd ya music , Merle. Thank you for a life of memories.

    Katies Korner

    Michael Clemons Amen Michael

  16. Gladys Avery

    great great singer earth loss but heaven 's gain and it's more than a cabin

  17. Scott McGibeny

    What an amazing yet painful day April 6 is. 79 years ago GOD blessed us with the birth of what would become one of the greatest country performers and true gentlemen. On that same day 79 years later after Merle had given so many wonderful memories and incredible songs, GOD decided it was time to bring him up to be with him. Now he's up there with Possum, Marty, Buck, Porter, Ernest, Bob, Lefty, Johnny, Ray, Waylon, Conway, and Hank and they are having one awesome party.

  18. Richard Ussery

    His cabin is complete. RIP Merle Haggard.

  19. Tim Collins

    RIP Merle HAggard

  20. Bogardrippy

    I thought I heard J Cash in the back ground. Merle a great singer.

    Dustin Dutton

    actually that's an impressionist, doing the back ground vocals. His name is Johnny Counterfeit, his impression of Cash is spot on.

    Joseph King

    Dustin Dutton iiiikkikkjhgggggyhhjhhg

  21. John White

    great song love it

  22. Hagfan789

    Great stuff Merle..

  23. Pearl Terry

    I'd love to have this CD I love it

    Estelle caissie

    you probably could  find the cd on Amazon .com


    I have it Pearl & I can say you would love it <3

  24. Jesus Disciple

    me and merle have the same dream.

  25. james powell

    cabin in the hills

  26. Chuck Albright

    oh my friend, he indeed does work that way. you can choose not to believe in God, but He believes in you! And not believing doesn't change The Truth...

  27. Douglas Taylor

    Praise God for this bad boy reaching out to Jesus. But i am no better. Just better for it.

  28. Joyce Byars

    When country gospel meant something

  29. morris fudge

    im just lying back having a cool beer and listening to a bit of ole merle amen i think i might turn it up a bit louder also and have another cold beer .because a'working man can't get no where today.

  30. flatroofer


  31. jayden grace

    frist time ive heard this an i love it but merle is great on it

  32. David Bell

    The song is foremost as far as I'm concerned. The video is good "okay?"

  33. MrMajros

    Great !!!!!!!

  34. elizabeth barbour

    oh my!!!! this song is so beautiful, i just love it.

  35. brad04970

    I heard this about 10 years ago, when i heard johnny cash sing the hair stood up on my neck.... thanks for posting this