Melvins - Eye Flys Lyrics

I lay like you
I feel the same
Eye flys like you
In touch between
In fact it's moon
Don't blame the rain
That brings you here
And ask yourself
To prove that you're able
To be brave

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Melvins Eye Flys Comments
  1. TheDarkraver84

    Anyone know the song from the about a son doc it's goes never anything to do in this town lived here my whole life probably come to die in this town been here my whole life never nothing to do in this town.

  2. Biscuits The Anteater

    And people say flying whales keeps them waiting

  3. Jack Attack

    This fucking album layed the foundations of sludge metal and the grunge scene later to come. If there was no Melvins, there'd be none of that.

  4. Jose Ruiz

    Sludge metal🤘🤘

  5. Green Man

    and thus, sludge was born.

  6. Will French

    Is this the beginning of sludge??

  7. Reverend Benzo

    This band kicks butt and takes nada doo doo.

  8. pumpkin1159

    first song they played when I saw them yesterday, was truly fucking amazing to see your comment today

  9. Tabby Crumch

    first song they played when i saw them yesterday. was truly fucking amazing.

    Paul Pinargote

    +Jax Henderson
    LUCKY!!!! Wait what city was it again

    Tabby Crumch


    Antoine Gingras-Saint Louis

    +Jax Henderson I think they frequently start their show with that one. It was the same for me here in Montreal, and in 2010, with Melvins Lite, the shows started the same.

    Some Guy

    I caught that tour in Minneapolis and it was incredible.

  10. Dolorosakil


  11. Joshua Stephens

    Kurt Cobain brought me here

    big ol'

    In his granddaddy's truck?

    Cancer Söze

    welcome son,everything began here,well not everything(sabbath,you know)

  12. BillyxRansom


  13. More Volume Please

    this is just...a fuckin heavy song fuckin heavy recorded.

  14. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow


  15. KazPranks

    Thank god we have the Melvins!

  16. AirWaterLandBuffalo

    I didn't before, but now I am interested

  17. Silasofseattle

    This is as heavy as Electric Wizard

    Vinyl Diary666


    Billy Alarie

    way heavier, you absolute jagaloon. i hope you've learned, since then.

    Joshua Rose

    Nothing beats Dopesmoker.

    Iván Buccafusca

    Nothing beats Pantera! 👊

  18. AirWaterLandBuffalo

    plen do you even sunn o)))?

  19. Lybbie B.

    yea this is so fucking heavy!!!!

  20. jell O

    Melvin's best song. I see crazy shit
    It's hypnotizing O_O

  21. Ruben Frankin

    I guess you donno of that much rock music then, Ducky

  22. Ruben Frankin

    You named a lot of sweet bands right there. There's no doubt that Melvins are fucking novelty and mad influential. Pretty much all of those bands you mentioned are amazing. And the classic stuff too like Cream and Blue Cheer. You have good taste in music. I get where you're coming from, my comment was kind of stupid. I mean, they're a good band and there heavy style may not be the heaviest but it is it's own unique style. And I def love it and respect this kind of heavy.

  23. Ruben Frankin

    Yeah, I fuckin love Eyehategod. They really got me into the whole sludge doom metal shit. And I hear you on Kurt. Nirvana is great, Kurt's great but not everything he liked means I like. He did have a great taste in music though

  24. ibrahim zainal

    one of kurt cobain idol..THE MELVINS...

  25. occams99

    The Melvins have always been my favorite head injury.

  26. partly cloudy

    Opened with this song last night in Hamtramck. They kicked ass. :)

  27. Daniel Gulyas

    sounds like black sabbath

  28. johnbad1000


  29. Madraykin Doll

    really narrowed it down there

  30. Ezra Lowery

    They Are Their Own Genre,Nuff Said...

  31. roxi1adi

    @BritishExtremeMetal grunge trust me its grunge

    Dank Zappa

    roxi1adi it's more sludge and doom than grunge

    Jack Attack

    Grunge is a scene, not a specific sound.

  32. bentnob

    the bass is too much for my headphones!

  33. Bobby Goodman

    @GlobalPunditOrg I don't know about that. My parents are rather heavy.

  34. Devonpenner

    @blueguitarist the greatest band to ever live

  35. Dun Bibracte

    @thedude9099 its what happens to audio quality when its uploaded to youtube. its reduced to allow quicker streaming time.

  36. William Kreiss

    The song that started it all for me, almost 10 years ago. Blew out my car speaker at 4:22. Ill never forget that moment.

  37. blueguitarist

    good god what have i found!

  38. Shein Roa

    the melvins es una banda de huevos!

  39. alicemudgarden123

    @GlobalPunditOrg NOTHING.

  40. kyler McDonley

    I lay like you
    I feel the same
    Eye flys like you
    In touch between
    In fact it's moon
    Don't blame the rain
    That brings you here

    And ask yourself
    To prove that you're able
    To be brave

  41. Erin Erin

    this band is so fucking sexy

  42. Dun Bibracte

    i hate compression bullshit

    Mikan Yuuki

    Cricadarn hillfort I live for compression bullshit. 😜

    Mikan Yuuki

    Yes, I know what that is.

  43. Karla Withrow

    AFuck, I love this album, my fav by the Melvins....thank you!!!