Melua, Katie - What A Wonderful World Lyrics

I see trees that are green, red roses too
I watch them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

I hear babies cry, I watch them grow
And they'll learn much more than I'll ever know
And I think to myself, oh, what a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of the people passing by
I see friends shaking hands, saying, "How do you do?"
But they're really saying, "I love you"

The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of the people passing by
I see friends shaking hands, saying, "How do you do?"
But they're really saying, "I love you"

I see trees of green and red roses too
I watch them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself, oh, what a wonderful world
I think to myself, ooh, what a wonderful world

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Melua, Katie What A Wonderful World Comments
  1. jewo GRFS

    great tribute for Eva Cassidy... Thnx Katie

  2. rockets push off air


  3. Inácio Teixeira

    what a wonderful worl
    d to have 2 of you!!! :) rip eva

  4. Raymond Godbout

    woooow amazing

  5. Ali

    I am from Saudi Arabia. I am used to listen to a completely different type of music. This voice touches me very deeply! Unbelievable! Changed my mined about the westren music! Now I have just googled Eva Cassidy, and found that she died at the age of 33. Very sad to know!

  6. Inácio Teixeira

    simply great!!!

  7. Arshad Qureshi

    Again she did beautiful works.......Katie Melua, is one hell of a singer.

  8. david tunnicliff

    hold your partner tight. enjoy it. it doesnt last for ever. make the most of it..

  9. Ron Rold

    Curious, I may have my dates mixed up, but wouldn't you be about 6 years old when Eva passed?

    So this is an aftermarket video, you using her video and pretending like you corroborated with her.

    Better pay her family for any profits you got.

    BTW, Eva's rendition of "Songbird" is in my list of music to be played at my own funereal.

    I may die a slow horrible death, but I will have the music of an Angel while my kids spread my ashes in the back yard next to my past dogs and cats and rabbits and ferrets and God only knows. Which sucks, I didn't like one of the dogs and there is a lot of mosquitoes down there.

    Eva Cassidy had an Angels Voice, she left us before her time, please do not tarnish her. She worked very hard for the little she had.

    That being said, You too have a very beautiful voice. Just go out on your own, take a chance, dive in before you test the waters. You only really make it if you give it your all. Be careful, but this is YouTube. Nobody is careful.

    I will listen to you and your voice, tag me or whatever that is called. You do have a beautiful voice. Maybe, just maybe, I will choose one of your songs at my funereal along with Eva's.

  10. solomon faber

    I'm sorry but she can't even come close to the feelings and presence of aliveness that Eva puts in her music. Nobody can.

  11. Maria Cecilia SIlva

    Hay días maravillosos...días donde todo es perfecto!

  12. solomon faber

    Both of them are great but Eva feels things in a way nobody has ever done! Listen to "over the rainbow" and "Autumn Leaves" by Eva Cassidy. . . You will understand what I mean.

  13. Patrick

    What a beautifull tribute from Katie Melua to Eva Cassidy. You will probably never read this Katie, but if their is a slight chance you do, I want to say you are a good lady for giving the stage to Eva. She deseverved so much more in her short lifetime. You gave her some. That is beautifull.

  14. Denis Cazalas

    All I need is listening to Eva, with no other voice than hers

  15. roman14032

    this sounds great, i like it but,
    to hi jack a departed artists tune .....its ......i dont know
    kinda an uncool move
    horning in on someone else's thing
    not cool

  16. leonard turner

    Duet from Heaven

  17. Maybach

    Was für eine wunderschöne Version! 😚


    Jasmine Lamport's material is worth googling or playing on Spotify..she has a beautiful voice and original material and is just looking for a chance from Joe Public...please help Jasmine to be discovered.

  19. Cecylia Piatek

    Po wysluchaniu tej piosenki swiat naprawde staje sie cudowmy.

  20. Sheepdog1314

    she was taken way too early.....

  21. Roger Leonard

    The world need to come to Jesus.

  22. gabi gschwentner

    voll zum Kotzen, voll ein gutes Lied verrissen

  23. henri bryon

    Une merveille , merci d'exister , quelle voix !

  24. JON D. ELDER

    So sweet, so sad, so beautiful. Thanks Katie, thanks Eva, we will remember you always.

  25. Elaine Reid

    Who is watching in 2019 rest in love Eva such a beautiful soul amon


    I am watching in Oct 2019 and thinking to myself , neither girl would be known to me but for Terry Wogan

  26. Renchan Li

    Love it! Many thanks.

  27. rodicahelen

    two great , wonderful voices ! R.I.P. beautiful Eva .....

  28. C B

    So Beautiful & peacfull

  29. Shin-i-chi Kozima

    This masterpiece is the moisture of the hearts of urbanites who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city like Tokyo , Paris , New York , London , etc. of Megalopolis .

    From Tokyo in the dizzying Megalopolis ablaze with neon .

    Which national are you watching this video ?

  30. Eduardo Vieira


  31. Damiano Siani

    Fantastc interpretation! .....Katie, Eva, I am enchanted !....

  32. Christine Minixhofer

    so wonderful - I love it

  33. Abdallah SADOUK

    émouvant !!

  34. Brenda Dow

    Just beautiful, thank you x

  35. Pierce Ryan

    Excellent duet..Oui. Good video as well.

  36. Isi Garre

    Saludos amigos del mundo ✌️🌠💕✨😘🌈

  37. Lori in Utah Stand4TruthNow

    Wow! That was amazing!!!

  38. cjpreach

    I think I could listen to these ladies every day. Anyone else?

  39. Jan Gawronski

    Fantastico !

  40. heather quigley

    Two great girls lovely song  beautiful

  41. Cloudy Out


    Yes, He knows that.....He IS the one💋

  42. Trevor

    Eva .......... Amazing ☺️

  43. Lee H

    466 people need to seriously have their hearing checked.

  44. Elke Vormfenne

    Wonderful Song.Wonderful🎼🎙🎙🎼 Voices .Wonderful World🌏 Thank you Katie Melua&Eva Cassidy👏👏

  45. Mary Chris

    LoVE💞🦋ヽ♡`♪  LoVE

  46. Alan Imlah

    Everlasting tunes again. Thank you both so much. Tis very soothing & relaxing too.

  47. Agnes Rampersad

    Personally, I find that Kate unfortunately did not match with Eva. Kate is an artist, and Eva. from the heart .. and you can hear and feel that !!!

  48. Alan Imlah

    What a lovely duet and both are pleasing on one's eyes, in my view. However they sing rather well too. With this ACE and wonderful, Louix Armstrong's track,, they both turn our planet Earth into '' A Wonderful World'' too ACE Alan from

  49. Robert Niewiadomski

    Istoty nic dodać...What A Wonderful World...
    Załączam uśmiech, uśmiech duszy...;)

  50. M Michel

    What a... wonderful girl(s) ! When Eva was recorded, (Memphis TN, in a place I love) ... she knew this was the end soon. she left sadly at the age of 33. Ten years after Katie found the best way ever, to celebrate her friend. Wonderful Katie thank you for all !

  51. Bertrand Humbert

    One minute and an half listenning To this version and I Bégin to cry...Thanks ladies 💕💕

  52. Ибрагим Сулейманов

    Кети. Приезжай на Кавказ....

  53. Bluebellinata


  54. Jon Gowan

    Lose Armstrong would have love her voice💎💎🌹🌷🎇🎆

  55. Lissi


  56. patrizia pinna

    splendide entrambe

  57. Monika Enders

    unglaublich Traurig😪❣️

  58. SvendBosanvovski

    A woman is more than how she looks and sounds, but Katie is so adorable she leave one breathless. No wonder this has over four million viewers.

  59. Silvie Boyd

    great song i love it what a wonderful world

  60. Mat Bailey


  61. Guillermo Hugo Szatynski

    OK.... XL.... !!!!

  62. Rose Garvin

    Great artists!

  63. chris ross

    Damn, can't even describe how emotionable this is.

  64. Paul Lira

    What a wonderful performance too!

    I've know about Eva for some time. Katie is new to me. I've been sending Eva clips to my daughter recently. She lost her buddy Mulder last week the same day as we all lost 41. Mulder was also 94 (in dog years). He was a Pomeranian who looked like a little red fox but thought and acted like he was a lion.

    Eva is truly good medicine for the soul. Many people think the blues is about feeling bad. Ask any blues man. He wiil tell you the blues is about feeling good. It's about all of those qualities sadly missing so much these days - goodness, kindness, forgiveness, redemption and simply love. Thank you Eva (RIP) and Katie. Who knew hurt could feel so good?

  65. Robin Mywi-art

    Just love 🇫🇷🌹

  66. Tonetwisters

    Gracious. That was gorgeous.


    Nicely done.

  68. Nia Lataria


  69. Andre Moreau

    Karine melua

  70. G Cochot

    Eva et kathy sont magnifiques toutes les deux, elles ont des voix sublimes et chantent merveilleusement bien.

  71. Christian Sibbald

    Eva Cassidy you where such a good Fiend and I Think to myself I Never Forget You RIP Sheryl Crow and Christian Sibbald 29-10-2018

  72. philip norris

    No words are adequate for this one.

  73. Kári Jarl

    i met Eva couple of time in Iceland , we went to karaoke , she was a wonderful person

  74. José Kowalsky

    Elena Mutonono thank you for everything!

  75. Sorina Dumitra

    Doua voci de catifea. Frumoase voci!

  76. Bill Lee

    So sweet soft somnifacent sissies' song~♡

  77. Stephen Andrews

    Fantastic collaboration, so well put together. Thank you so much 😀🌹

  78. John Wordsworth

    Here we see the difference between the performer and the artist, between artificial flowers and real flowers. Eva was real. She was totally unassuming, and her humility gave her music its extraordinary power to move listeners. She was as natural as sunshine and rain.

  79. lana


  80. koba mghvdlishvili

    მსოფლიო ესდრადის ვარსკვლავი, საქართველოს და მსოფლიო ესტრადის ბრილიანტი.

  81. sarahfranciscalling

    Eva is everything. Kathy is nothing but annoying.

  82. Donna Woodford

    If you look for the good in life, you will never be disappointed.

  83. Aslan Sarkissian

    Louis Armstrong would approve a 100%

  84. Sebuah Cerita

    This is heal my broken soul...

  85. Carl XXX

    Globalist shit

  86. Carl XXX

    Thanks Eva and Katie

  87. Alice Warnier-Susko

    My very favourite song. Hopefully they will play the Louis Armstrong version at my funeral. This rendition is really nice also.

  88. Alex74Djukic

    What a wonderful duet.

  89. Fatima Loria Cartin


  90. jimmydutwo

    The first tech duet was fine and fun, just like Nat and Natalie Cole. But now you're riding Eva's coat tails. Enough is Enough. Find your own songs to write or interpret like Eva did.

  91. Angélique Nomade

    Magnifique !

  92. Kenneth Brian Flugel

    What a wonderful song

  93. joop de Lange

    Wunderfull tribute to Eva

  94. Lars Larson

    Perfect! Beautiful duet. Crazy 3-D soundstage on my hifi 2 channel stereo system!