Melua, Katie - Turn To Tell Lyrics

I turn to tell him things
I still make tea for two
I keep the kitchen clean
The way he'd want me to
Start again, but I'm not ready to move on
'Cos I still turn to tell him, I love him
But he's gone

I miss the mess he made
Of my head when we fought
Over such silly things
I wish we could have talked
A little more, spoke instead of screamed
'Cos when I turn to tell him, I love him
He's just a dream

I lost the second chance
When fate led time away
I keep his picture close
So his memory won't fade
Alive in me, forever with my soul
So when I turn to tell him, I love him
I think he knows

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Melua, Katie Turn To Tell Comments
  1. Sadie

    I'm here because of Justin Sandercoe, love the guy!

  2. Vanessa Kowalski

    Anyone knows where to find the lyrics for this one?

  3. Marcus Livingston

    Hauntingly beautiful, sorrowful - perfect.
    Raw emotion.

  4. maryamtbilisi

    i can't forgive myself i didn't know this song of her before, how come? :S <3

  5. MrAcousticRay

    he has written the song with her but that doesn't make it a cover when she is performing it! At least on the record justin is probably even playing!

  6. loverich

    2 years later i still want to know that :D

  7. Damian W.

    zajebisty klimat

  8. Amelietea

    beautiful pic too!

  9. 小学生

    Why am I so much in love with this singer ?! All she does is so fantastic..

  10. Dominik Lamade

    good work mister sandercoe

  11. loverich

    I saw once a video of Justin Sandercoe doing this song, now I can't find it anymore... Does anyone have it?

  12. Mikes Retro Tech

    beautiful song and singer

  13. Patreides9

    This is a nice cover (written by Justin Sandercoe).