Mellencamp, John - Sugar Marie Lyrics

Well I'm all gassed up
The Car is waitin' outside
I got three more hours on this loser's job
And then I'll be ready to ride
I got this cowboy comin' with me
This guy's name is Jeffrey Jack
He can shoot the eyes out of a pool ball
He can get the young girls into the sack
We'll go down to the dance hall
Locals will be kickin' up their heels
They'll be drinkin' tequila sunrises
Until the morning light fills up the window sills

And then I'll be with Sugar Marie
She's the only girl I know that can make me forget about me
Come on and dance with me Sugar Marie
She don't ask me any questions when it's time to leave
She works down at the truck stop
Where she polishes the spoons
She gets colas and burgers for the boys
On those hot summer afternoons
She's got this girlfriend named Linda
Linda's got a tattoo that says Christ
Well she ain't half bad to talk to
And I reckon she looks pretty nice
We'll drive down to the dance hall
Sittin' there waitin' on me
Jesus, you know it feels pretty good
And sometimes I need some good ole company


She don't ask any questions
And she don't flirt with the other boys
She belongs to me Sugar Marie

I never thought I needed no one
I can make a big enough mess myself
Oh, but when I finally found someone
She made me respect myself
Dance for me Sugar Marie


Hey girl I wish we could tear the heart
Out of this old town tonight

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Mellencamp, John Sugar Marie Comments
  1. Heidi Karns

    Til now

  2. Heidi Karns

    I never heard this song

  3. Danimal1177

    I played this so much in high school. My friends weren't the biggest Mellencamp fans to begin with really hated the song.

    Shauna Ayers

    My friends hated it too lol..over the years they've gotten use to it 😁


    This takes me back to my younger party my ass off all night long "until the morning light fills up the window sills" days. Glad those days are over but man what fun I had burning the candle at both ends.

    Leoluca Randisi

    @Shauna Ayers little Pink Houses is so iconic how can anyone not like his music?

    Zhutovi Chophi

    I like this song. It has my meaningful days up..! Joe's chop..