Melee - New Day Lyrics

Morning sunshine come light my life like you said you can
With the windows open, all the spirits fly away
Pull the wings off a bird who cannot fly
And I'll make you feel the pain of where she lies
'cause this is a new day for broken hands and breaking backs
This is a new day for lovers' hands and fighting hands
To finally be set free from tragedy
Morning sunshine come light my life like you said you can
And i'll give you all the time that we need now
To giure out where we can go just to be alone
And i'll watch you wash your body clean
of all the things you wish you'd never seen
I cast these sotnes upon my broken hands
I cast these stones upon my back
I cast these stones upon my soul
My ghost will carry me home
Carry me into a brand new day

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Melee New Day Comments
  1. lilialia1

    Veuille ne pas lire ceci quand g vu ca g flipper alors je l ai envoye mais si vous avez une ame sensible ne le lisez pas parce que ca fait vraiment peur, si vous l avez lu alors sachez que je suis dsl. y a 14 ans une jeune fille venait de fete son anniversaire mais quand tout à coup un jeune homme l étrangla maintenant que vous aver lu se message un esprit viendra vous voir toute les nuits sauf si vous suiver ces instruction: Recrirre ce message dans trois autre vidéo

  2. Philip Amante

    definately one of my favorite songs of theirs

  3. caialicious

    I totally ADORE Melee. They create the most amazing music ever. they are incrediblle and a did not yet find a song that would sound bad to me. They are AWESOMEEEE!!!!

  4. ifuckinglovebrandnew


  5. existenceisall

    Love this song.

    Come light my life like you said you can...