Melee - Got It All Lyrics

Here's my address it's just emptiness
Here's a liar's story i'm about to tell
Tragedy struck and i've run my luck
Now it's time to play the hand that i've been dealt
Don't try to walk away 'cause it's my day
You've got it all if you want it you've got it all if you need it
You've got it all it's up to you
Chasing a lie 'til the true things die
You're a marching soldier through a blind man's eye
Take it or not just know what you've got
This cup is sweet and poisoned but your lips are dry

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Melee Got It All Comments
  1. nasser alnasseri

    ‏جيب لي بوكس

  2. nasser alnasseri

    شكلي طاف جيب لي بوب بابا ما يكون تقريبا تقريبا

  3. PuffTV


  4. It’s Me, Beter

    okay, but how do you unlock sonic?

  5. It’s Me, Beter

    damn bro. the drag on that analogue stick must suck.

  6. Please dont shoot officer, i have a wife and kids!

    "Timer": 5 hours later
    In game timer: 99:5999:5999:59

  7. God of all saiyan 9000

    FIYAAA! 8:21

  8. Oey T

    What happens when you fail a challenger?

  9. Guilherme Z

    0:28 no problem to *HIYAAAAAAH*

  10. Sebas Alink

    I love the Ness suicide trick :D

  11. Yamper the Pokémon

    When you would have a sleepover and your homie takes this out good old days man

  12. Caylob Bailey

    I'm getting a game cube and melee for Xmas so checking how to unlock all characters

  13. DanyGallegos

    Still the best smash

  14. Smashingrandomthingz and reviews

    For unlocking mewtwo does the battery in my GameCube need to work ?

  15. Nicolas Sebastian

    Luigi wins

  16. Nicolas Sebastian

    Win 02:38

  17. Andres Orellana

    I always thought that there were two more characters below falco and young link. But not 😂

  18. Nicolas Sebastian


  19. Nicolas Sebastian

    Mario VS Luigi is jump

  20. Brandon B

    It's Not Melee

  21. Thomas Webb

    I really hope the new smash bro’s has Event Mode, Adventure Mode, and another Subspace emissary

    Hays Coleman

    Thomas Webb maybe possible updates to ultimate will add those and i want break the targets mode for it too

  22. Eric R

    If fox is op
    Never mind, don’t be like that
    Use marth👍

  23. El Dumbo

    I guess I just got lucky in unlocking every character, because I didn't know any of this growing up...

  24. The Maximilio Show

    Someone help please I’m playing on the game cube and I passed all the levels up to level 30 I can’t seem to get anymore levels it just stops at 30 please help me out I’m so stuck

  25. Egg Incorporated

    JIGALO! Jiggly pufffffff!

  26. SILVIO x

    i completed 30 events but i don unlocked new events i hava almost every charater only two are missing: pichu and mr game and watch how can i unlock the other events?

    Rapha Rocha

    Play 200 vs Matches to unlock Pichu

  27. UndeadPizza666

    This brings back nostalgia of my childhood wish I had this video back then lol It took me awhile to unlock every character

  28. Kojicoco

    you can tell that Japanese is the announcers native language

  29. Kojicoco

    why does ur game look better than mine

  30. Kojicoco

    its been nearly a decade and I still never got game and watch

  31. Kojicoco

    when I was younger, my sheer excitement of getting Roy and Mewtwo had caused me to main the in future games

  32. My-Life-as-a-teenage-Yandere

    That fight with Marth was sick!

  33. Lance Curry

    1:45 - *"WHOA! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!"*

  34. OneFeatured

    Mewtwo is the hardest Characters to unlock,
    20hrs: YEET
    10hrs: YEET
    6hrs 4omin: YEET
    5hrs :IDK


    I just wanted to see how is to play melee normally

  36. Inna Rhino

    I forgot that old Unlock sound

  37. Ashley Mcaig

    Thank you I got all the characters it took me long to get game and watch because of Dr Mario stage 😟 well I did it

  38. Alexander The Resurrection

    Man I remember when Mewtwo came up warning me a new challenger has appeared, my 10 year old heart skipped a beat and all the local kids in our neighborhood I had invited over to play smash were freaking out. All I was thinking was “I have to win this or else I’m a failure for the rest of my life”. Beating Mewtwo was the most rewarding experience of my GameCube experience as a kid. I’ll never forget it.

  39. KirRangle

    A wild hungrybox has appeared 0:18

  40. Alexander-James Rustin

    New characters:
    Dr. Mario
    C. Falcon
    Ice Climbers
    Young Link
    Mr. Game and Watch

  41. Ricardo Molina Lemus

    GAME in eareape

  42. MetalRetro Hack 64 // Super Mario 64 Hack

    RIP 2 ness

  43. Scott's Topics

    Every time he says GAME it makes me tear up from nostalgia

  44. Ashley Mcaig

    I almost got them all,now I need Mr Game and watch and that's it!

  45. Witchy Simone

    Still think it would of saved a charecter slot in ultimate if zelda was still sheik since they do diffrent moves when transform so why not smash ball.

  46. Witchy Simone

    luigi Jumps on Mario
    Thats what u fcking get For Steping on me in tennis.

  47. Sam Goodman

    God I miss this game

  48. Eric R

    Why would I need this? All I need is fox. I don’t need any more characters.

  49. Micahnine

    I never knew how to get me game and watch thanks

  50. Mekhanical

    luigi tries the koichi pose 3:18

  51. Ali Strozzi

    0:03 "Choise your charther"

    Ali Strozzi

    1:32 "Hihaaaaaaaahh"
    Me: Circle and say "Haaaaaaah"

  52. Raymond G. Peguero

    2:23 😂

  53. Cool Lemonade

    0;00 this is melee

  54. Matthew Wang

    Lol JIGGLYPUFF is a balloon pokemon

  55. KittenCiel Uzumaki

    The warning challenger approaching sounds sooo scary :/

  56. Super Smash Bros

    I Love Super Smash Bros. Melee.

  57. yonchs

    after about an hour completing adventure mode, I finally got to Luigi. You know what happened? BOI STRAIGHT UP GRABBED ME ACROSS AND THROUGH ME AT THE WALL AND KILLED ME

  58. Eddie Agbayani

    ProsafiaGaming opened melee mode

    ProsafiaGaming:Lets do 1 million man melee

  59. Anthony and knuckles

    12:31 how do you control 4 players at once

  60. Ashley Mcaig

    I did not know Mr Game and Watch is in this game I thought he's only in The Wii U

  61. areloTET

    13:10 I've played this with mom, dad and my brother for like...20 h per day but I still don't have this.

  62. HellfireBlade 34

    I still love how you can get luigi to commit suicide, XD.

  63. Dan-The-Squid

    Unlocking Luigi is as convoluted as most fake ways to unlock him in Super Mario 64

  64. ANT MAN

    I am 16 years old and I like classic games when I saw smash melee in the store I buy it
    And yes I like new games but the only the nintendo ones
    My favorite one is Legend of zelda and Fire emblem same as with mario and starfox

  65. Santi gamer Acosta

    F By Sonic = (

  66. TMX1138

    Remember when Smash used to only have Nintendo characters, and no third party characters from Sega (Sonic and Bayonetta), Konami (Snake, Simon and Richter), Capcom (Megaman, Ryu and Ken), Bandai Namco (Pac Man), Square Enix (Cloud and Dragon Quest Hero), Atlus (Joker from Persona 5), SNK (Terry Bogard), and even Microsoft (Banjo and Kazooie)?

    Drake Collins

    When crash comes out you're gonna have to edit this and say
    Crash bandicoot (Sony).


    Drake Collins Actually, I think Crash is Activision.

    Drake Collins

    @TMX1138 wait fr I thought he was owned my PlayStation


    Drake Collins He may have started out on PS1, but since then, he's been on non-Sony systems.

  67. Andy

    I can't believe this used to feel like a ton of characters back then..

    Jaimito B

    Andy it actually is still

  68. Orlando quill 30

    Hey ls my Super Smash bros Melee is my game

  69. selene657

    What console is melee on?

    Emre 1

    This Game is on a Gamecube,but you can also play it on a Wii.

    Emre 1

    Because it's a Gamecube Game.


    @Emre 1 I never knew you can play melee on wii xD i thought brawl was only the wii

  70. sunky gamer

    Thank you

  71. Kevin 77777

    Kevin Gasca 8

  72. Kevin 77777

    Kevin Gasca 8

  73. TheEnderman - MC And RB

    unlocking mewtwo triggers me cuz

    1. i dont have 4 controllers
    2. the hours

  74. Luna Chan

    Sad part through melee this nigga never get to use his sword gannadorf wtf purpose of him having it on game cube

  75. Catpetsooo cool

    Jigglypuff is so easy to unlock.

  76. Pistol213rd

    Damn 20 hours to unlock mewtwo lol hes always been a bitch to unlock In anygame

  77. Tyler Walker

    Okay so I’m assuming you’re also on a emulator, how did you get more than 1 controller connected at once so you get mewtwo exactly?

  78. Néo

    How to unlock all stages

  79. CristianDarkraDx

    You can also unlock Mr. Game & Watch after playing Classic mode with Mewtwo

  80. O ' Fresco

    If you do 50 no contest vs match It
    Unlocks jigglypuff?

  81. DoubleBaconChaseBurger

    SSBM: a blessing to 90’s kids or 00’s kids?

  82. Dangerous Moonwalker

    3:58 Mario Wins by doing absolutely nothing


    The winner is mayo

  84. Freddy Voorhees

    Unlocking all of these characters was a real pain in the ass back in the day. If only there was a cheat to unlock everyone instantly. Oh and brawl? Brawl was a nightmare. I hope I'll never have to worry about unlocking these characters ever again! 😳

  85. Denise D

    Dr. Mario
    Donkey Kong
    Captain Falcon
    Ice Climbers
    Young Link
    Mr. Game And Watch

  86. Hazza awesomeness youtuber

    1. Play fox unlock jigglypuff
    2. Play Mario unlock Dr Mario
    3. Play Captain falcon unlock Luigi
    4. Play pikachu unlock Marth
    5. Play Marth unlock Roy
    6. Play zelda unlock Young Link
    7. Play Fox unlock Falco
    8. Play Link unlock Ganondorf
    9. bowser unlock Pichu
    10. Play Falco unlock Mewtwo
    11.Play Mewtwo unlock Game & Watch
    U P. E
    S. R
    S. M. A S. H. All Characters
    B. R. O. S

  87. Uncle Sam

    When unlocking Falco I suggest you use Donkey Kong then press down with the joy stick and spam .... I think A or B
    He should just smack the ground and one shot everything when they get close enough. It take 0 effort.

  88. Piggy Mcool 2.0

    There’s a Nigga called Alex Gunnell he steals videos so report him

  89. christian on ars

    1:30 Perfect timing with the music

  90. ProsafiaGaming

    Thanks for watching! Enjoy! :)
    00:00 Jigglypuff
    00:46 Dr. Mario
    01:54 Luigi
    03:39 Marth
    04:56 Roy
    06:06 Young Link
    07:12 Falco
    08:27 Ganondorf
    10:35 Pichu
    11:58 Mewtwo
    13:48 Mr. Game & Watch
    15:20 All Characters

    Angelo Mendez

    I think the hardest characters to unlock in smash bros in GameCube is mewtwo because 20 hours of vs mode but 4 players make just five hours wii game watch beat target mode with all characters Wii U the girl from fire emblem is that you have to beat all star mode

    Ezequiel Paiz



    Jay Rodg

    Really? that's sounds fun

    Davis Wood

    Captain Falcon's so funny