Megan McKenna - Story Of Me Lyrics

I need to tell you the story of me
I was young and in love and just seventeen
He came along and promised the world
Took the whole of my heart, left just a girl
Who is broken, broken

I've learnt to deal, with this feeling
To heal, but concealing who I am

I'm tryna love you even though I'm scared
And I'll try not to hold you just to keep you there
I know I push you away, 'cause of all of my fears
When deep down I just know, it's gonna end in tears
Is it gonna end in tears

I need to tell you why I don't trust anyone
I was young and naive, about twenty-one
Lit the spark, turned it into a flame
All along he was doing the same with another girl

I've learnt to deal, with this feeling
To heal, but concealing who I am

I'm tryna love you even though I'm scared
And I'll try not to hold you just to keep you there
I know I push you away, 'cause of all of my fears
When deep down I just know, it's gonna end in tears
Is it gonna end in tears

Here I am, hand in hand
With the person I've been waitin' for
And now I look back
At the little girl who's heart was torn
You came along and mend it
Gave me the happy ending

I'm tryna love you even though I'm scared
And I'll try not to hold you just to keep you there
I know I push you away, 'cause of all of my fears
When deep down I just know, it's gonna end in tears
Is it gonna end in tears

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Megan McKenna Story Of Me Comments
  1. Domonic Rodgers

    Wow this is amazing and your voice is amazing I believe you'll go so far in your career

  2. Mia Brown

    Love this!!

  3. Tania Hussey

    I liked the video before the ad even stopped playing because I cannot express enough how beautiful and mesmerising and just plain amazing I find this womans voice.

  4. Deb Blackmore

    So happy you won amazing megan cant wait see CD in shops absolutely beautiful knew deep down you are the winner love ya sending love and luck from headway Nottingham uk love ya x

  5. Jane Hammond

    Beautiful, Beautiful human being, come so far,the world is your oyster🎵🎶💗

  6. Divvy D

    I would love you to collaborate with Noah Cyrus, and Jake bugg! You have an amazing talent xxx

  7. Nan Ov4


  8. Charlotte Cholerton

    Watched her on towie. She was so misunderstood. Wild but who isn't she has an incredible voice and I can relate to her especially with the heart ache. MEGAN U R A STAR

  9. Estee Katus

    Megan you are so talented and have matured into a beautiful woman. Good luck for your future I hope you make it doing what you love singing your heart out ❤️

  10. julie howie

    Love Megans voice and she is a beautiful songwriter

  11. Deborah 2019

    She needs to win, love this song

  12. One Creator

    I really like the new Megan. She is brave and talented.I wish her happiness .

  13. Elizabeth Cooper

    Wow wow this made me cry. She's amazing

  14. Claire Garner

    I've watched her thru the all the reality shows and even tho she used to kick off I could always see her side thru it all. She has an amazing voice and truly growing as a person before our eyes. I wish her all the best and I know she will b successful in her music as she dosent just sing amazing she writes amazing words from the heart and what we girls can relate to. Xxx

  15. ange palmer

    Not been horible but i wayched alot of reality show she been on and i will say has a good voice and could go far with her music but dont like her as a person just my opinion👎👎

  16. maxeboy 21

    Fingers crossed u win. Love your songs BRILLIANT:)

  17. Kamaleta

    Love this Magan x

  18. Vladina Ivanova

    I hope you win Megan! <3

  19. Sarah D

    This song gets me right in the feels! She's amazing & has the most beautiful voice. Hopefully x factor celebrity will launch a huge career for her whether she wins it or not 🤞

  20. Glen Mitchell

    Megan will be a singer of such quality and has true meaning and emotion in her unique voice. Please get this wonderful talent on record as soon as possible, as i and thousands of others want to buy her beautiful sounds?

  21. John Robertson

    Great new talent

  22. Genius World

    she is a eight miracle of universe ( poisonous voice)

  23. Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi

    I love the song

  24. ibantoy

    I LOVE YOU! ❤


    She is so talented. I'd love for her to be internationally recognised. Love from South Africa.

  26. PurelyAfrican

    I'm convinced she'll win x factor-the show was tailor made for her.

  27. DT uk

    I think its great your promoting Country Music. Sincerely Megan, Very best wishes & good luck with the X Factor tonight and the coming weeks. Smash it 👍


    She was great a roomful of music veterans and a standing o she will win-I'm sure of it.

  28. Ruuux S

    Megan’s voice is honestly so beautiful. It’s so pure, I genuinely believe she’s better than most of the chart topping musicians at the moment. She doesn’t warble, she just sings. It’s gorgeous.

  29. Zoe Swan-Taylor

    does anyone know if i can buy the 'story of me' album as a CD??

  30. Kate

    Not my types of music, but gotta admit she, s pretty good, think they would like her in America.

  31. Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi

    You love her song

  32. Matt Dickerson

    Absolutely beautiful

  33. Susan Smith

    perfect voice

  34. johnboy Mc 22


  35. Marilyn Stephen

    I never liked her from towie but beautiful singer

  36. Mihirsinh Solanki

    Lots of love from india 😍

  37. Deborah 2019

    Wow brilliant

  38. Michael Piffer

    Da pazza isterica che eri acex in the beach a bravissima cantante

  39. Chazza534

    why did i just want this to be a duet with john mayer lol

  40. Sienna Xoxo

    Lush song❤️

  41. Chelsea Ellise

    so so so much better than high heeled shoes wow

  42. Indianna Richardson

    Such an amazing voice ❤❤❤

  43. leeoh moon

    wow those lips won`t help her in Nashville,, country music opt out for natural face always, it will ruin her chance, they look awaful

  44. Can Meran

    Perhaps , Mike is listening now :(

  45. Mina El

    I love you❤️

  46. Mun Hassan

    Beautiful x

  47. Linara Tyler

    Way better than jess

  48. Melody Jayne Hook


  49. Victoria Lopez

    Megan you really do have an amazingly beautiful voice, I wish you all the luck in the world!! Doing my part to share your music over here in Texas!

  50. deon hall

    lovely voice Megan mckenna ur way better than miley cyrus at singing amazing country singer xxxxx

  51. Johnpaul Hunter

    Queen 💕👑

  52. むむ

    I love your voice so much

  53. rafael da silva

    lol she is still a crazy bitch from ex on the beach! end of the story

  54. Liam

    What a terrible shame this girl isn't recognized for her singing..... she's a really talented singer and should put all her focus into her music. It's just a pity that her Towie career and ability to loose the plot is preventing her from being a famous singer...... she's far more talented than all the usual mainstream female singers.....

  55. Janey hopson

    The voice of an angle,amazing meg

    Ruuux S

    Angel*** angle is maths related.

  56. deon hall

    love megan mckenna ur my favourite country singer love megan mckenna see ur live tour xxxxxx

  57. Sandra Holloman

    Her lips are messed up ! What happened? Beautiful song though!

  58. Dolly Flop

    cracking singer but anyone who screams like she can has to be able to hit the high done Megan stuff the haters girl your doing just fine on your own...we'll have forgotten the ppl from TOWIE in years to come but your music be around forever :)

  59. Stina1234

    what the actual fuck has she done to her lips!? :( barely recognize her

  60. Klamora

    Yawn 🤭

  61. ChilloutCupid

    The lyrics tug at the heart strings...sung beautifully.

  62. cathyannkailee

    Absolutely beautiful

  63. Michelle Reed

    So beautiful ❤❤

  64. Donna Brady

    Love you megan McKenna ur amazing country singer love u megs McKenna xxx good voice xxc

  65. Elizabeth Ryan

    If only she can stop this surgeries beautiful vocals though 🎤

  66. Jessica Boswell

    Beautifullllll song

  67. Meg Dolan

    In love 😍

  68. Sheree Baker

    Can’t stop listening x

  69. ChazTV

    Bang average 😂😂

  70. Zara Rashid

    That voice at 0:52 is lush....she needs more credit her singing is actually alright!

  71. Lucas Vermeulen

    Ik mag Meghan Mckenna (from the Netherlands). I like her

  72. むむ

    Your voice is very beautiful

  73. むむ

    I love this song♥️♥️

    Sarah Bergin

    Love it glasgow

  74. Connor Wells

    The guitarist is singing backing harmonies, listen with headphones and you will understand...

  75. Marissa Jones

    Megan you're amazing've always had the fire of a super star.

  76. Michael Dodds

    My idol, my inspiration and my most favourite underrated singer of all time!! Love you Megan x

  77. Ronnie

    Beaut voice,leave the lips alone!!

  78. Ellie Louise

    she sounds like miley cyrus

    Emily Thompson

    Nothing like her but a compliment at least

  79. Jenna Buckle

    This was absolutely beautiful. You have a beautiful voice Megan xx

  80. Nic Gaskin

    One of the best voices I’ve heard in a very long time!❤️

  81. Sugarrr

    Beautiful voice

  82. M BudMan

    What a load of shite, would rather stick the house on bitcoin than listen to this doodoo

  83. CandyCain

    Has anyone else noticed the guitarist mouthing along?


    He’s singing the background harmony’s:)


    see the microphone he is singing along stop creating negativity

  84. Flyster

    Face like a melted welly

  85. Nilimaa Anwara

    Listened to her album on Spotify, and she’s got this beautiful voice. Don’t underestimate her, despite what’s written in the media about her. Music is her passion and it shows 🥰

    Amy Baron

    I love you Megan

  86. hayley doig

    It’s like listening to my life in a song 😔 beautiful song xx

  87. Amy Lee

    Queen 💟💕

  88. Michael Jones-Davidon

    Wake me up when it kicks in.....Nice voice and hair though ..... Shite song..... weird guitar guy miming random words what’s all that about.....

    Barry Hendy

    Michael Jones-Davidon he’s harmonising

  89. Maya GH

    Wow! Loved this song, so beautiful, talented sweet woman

  90. tashy260291

    I am starting to love you more and more. This song is beautiful. You have a voice of an angel 👼👑🧡

  91. Shawna Lee Roberts

    Not gonna lie that high note by the bridge gave me goosies 😍

  92. Shaykahn Joanne

    You've grown so much over the years and its been awesome to see you progress!

  93. Shaykahn Joanne

    Love this so much!!!

  94. Samantha Townsley

    Love it 😍

  95. Gavin Cueto