Meat Puppets - Dusty Notes Lyrics

I looked and I heard
Something in the air
And I don't know what I think
And I don't know why I care
But there's something down the way
So I'm going over there

Music flows through an open door
Can't keep it closed
It's liking to swing
Dusty notes drift across the floor
Can't keep it clean
It's a magical thing

It's soft and it's clear
It's coming from nowhere
And it's smoking from the ground
And it's lightning in the air
I can hold it in my hand
Less than half is more than fair

Music flows through an open door
Can't keep it closed
It's liking to swing
Dusty notes drift across the floor
Can't keep it clean
It's a magical thing

It's blowing in my face
I feel it in my hair
And I don't know where it's from
I don't know who put it there
But I think it might be real
And it's giving me my share

Music flows through an open door
Can't keep it closed
It's liking to swing
Dusty notes drift across the floor
Can't keep it clean
It's a magical thing

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Meat Puppets Dusty Notes Comments
  1. Nene Coisa d loco

    amo esse caras meat puppets grande!!!

  2. Mike D

    Making great music still . I gotta go dig for some more gold...

  3. Odin97

    So much Roger McGuinn/Byrds influence, which they always had. Seems to come through even more on this album

  4. miguelitoven

    00:00 - Warranty
    04:00 - Nine Pins
    08:04 - On
    11:27 - Unfrozen Memory
    15:50 - Dusty Notes
    19:35 - The Great Awakening
    24:49 - Sea of Heartbreak
    27:38 - Nightcap
    32:13 - Vampyr's Winged Fantasy
    35:52 - Outflow

  5. duck brewster

    Please buy this album folks. Along with the new Drivin' an' Cryin release!!

  6. Susan Loehe

    this is so good.

  7. daddysensei Silver

    If all the songs on this album were a good as Warranty, this would be my album of the year.

  8. João Paulo W de Andrade

    Awesome album guys ! Keep on rockin !

  9. Terry Gunzales

    The first time I heard the Meat Puppets was a 7" compilation in the early 80's, I have loved them from that moment, seen them a couple dozen times, I'll go see them if the opportunity comes up. This new release is one of many examples of why they are a large icon in an important era of American Rock.

  10. Calldy uk

    First time I've listened to this band and very impressed, finally something that rocks but with great melody to the songs and not cookie monster style vocals to ruin it. Great Stuff!!

  11. PBR Street Gang

    album of the year.

  12. Miss Holley King

    Johnny Cash's "Sea Of Heartbreak" (nice) Great album boys!

  13. sic itur ad astra

    ·*:((Ω)):*· . /°\ . ·*:((Ω)):*·

  14. ajienlasopa

    Perfect, is a movie!!!

  15. Mark Feiritear

    1603 i paused lol
    if i last after ape lie. frip.

    Mark Feiritear

    did and had it. b4

  16. James Menzies

    Excellent as always.

  17. pancakes flop

    Hell yeah! So glad they still make music

    João Paulo W de Andrade

    Yeah ! O hope they do keeping music until very old age

  18. David Maholchic

    This is sounding good.

  19. Derick Chafton

    Wtf? Hell yea.

  20. Vinyl Diary666

    Dude im tripping.. dude

    Belief is Ghost

    I don't know if they get the proper amount of credit they deserve from everyone for how friggin psychedelic they totally are.

  21. Billy Sedlmayr

    The Homeboys are back with Derrick on the drums ....sounds so nice

  22. Sam Stooshinoff

    I am a 55 year old, I have listened to these guys since they first started, lost track of them,thanks for bringing them back, love UTube.

  23. Stacy Flowers

    Just got my swamp green spattered colored vinyl in the mail. only 200 made

  24. Tom Joy

    first two songs are awesome. classic curt. the whole album reminds me of 'snow'

    Den Robb

    Yeah, I felt the same, it is like Curt's Snow (2005) album. Cool vibes!

  25. Andrew Pearson

    I must not be listening to the same album as the rest of you, because this is garbeaux

    The Great Hawk

    You also are wearing a turtle mask

  26. Spectrescup

    I like the cover. It doesn't appear to have any thematic link to previous Meat Puppets covers, but that's ok.

  27. Andy Lane

    1982. Kirkwood bros giving me a ride back to the Westside after my 16 yr old azz took a bus to see them play. They didn't know me. 37 yrs later this album takes me all the way back


    Let's get get a drink sometime Mr. Guy

  28. Brad Bass

    Told my son that this was the cool group when I was at Penn State in the 80's. Kurt Cobain was a big fan. Funnily enough, I was not a fan back then, but this new album is great; the best of 2019 so far.

    Vinyl Diary666

    Funny because their best album is from the 80's. But I'm glad you came to appreciate, is a great band.

  29. Augustus Betucius

    I'll be the dissenting voice, and get slammed in the process. Keep in mind, I've been a fan since 1985, and was delighted when first Cris, then Derrick returned to the fold. This album is sleepy and seems like they stumbled through the motions. I think maybe they need to drop some serious doses, get weird and see what happens. This CD sounds like a rehash of an earlier album from the mid to late 00's. I wanted to like it, and have liked much of their material from the last 19 years, but this one isn't grabbing me. Maybe I'm just too used to the crazy energy of live shows from the 80's and even early 90's, and the experimentation that gave us MP II, Up On The Sun, Mirage, etc

    Okay, let the hatred begin.

    Andy Lane

    I look at it as them being 60 year old guys. I like this and I've been listening to them and seeing them play since 82. But I'm not gonna hate you for your opinion


    @Andy Lane : Exactly. Musicians, like many things, change and evolve as they age. MP has never really sounded the same from 1 record to the next anyway. Every album they do is an "experiment".


    Sometimes it takes a while, even years for me to get to like or love an album. Music is highly subjective and musical taste is constantly evolving. This may be one of your least favorite of theirs now, but grow into a favorite later.

    Krav Magoo

    I've been wanting a second Up On the Sun ever since seeing that tour and buying that album in '85, so in some sense every album they've done since has been a disappointment. But this sounds a whole lot like what I would expect from them 35 years down the road...and I'm actually okay w/ that.

  30. Bruce Wilkison

    This is a GREAT record!

  31. andrew ward

    Way back like 8 track. Thanks, gents. Psylly

  32. David Evans

    I thought there was an instrumental I heard when they were kind of leaking a few songs from this album...but forgot about that one and I do not see it hear (or hear it hear)- anyone know was that a bonus track or something...It was a great tune too! I don't think I was dreaming it was I..? Anyone have any idea what I am blathering on about?

  33. Kieran McDonnell

    some dislikes?? This is a Perfect record

  34. Steven W

    Not a weak moment on this record. I'm blown away. The keyboard work cinches this whole piece. Great performance, recording, and writing!

    JL Waddey

    yes i love them with the piano!

  35. EeJaye C.


    David Evans

    would be cool- they deserve it!! I wish others would recognize how fantastic they are. But happy that at least they still exist and are putting out gems like this one!

  36. David Evans

    Consummate professionals are these guys- truly! What they do not get credit for is their tunefulness- Unfrozen Memory is an instant favorite for me, so stately and the instrumentation sounds like a bit of baroque beatles or kinks! Love those pupps! Dusty Notes, has a mexican flavor a la Marty Robbins and the whole album to me sounds great- Yeah it rocks less than Rat Farm - a bit but still has some muscle and overall possibly even a better set of songs, equal anyway, I'd say.

  37. amo mi Walkman

    Good job!

  38. Michael Pistrui

    Great new Record !!   go out and buy it !!

  39. Surfs Up

    A future classic! Just like all Meat Puppets album's.

    João Paulo W de Andrade

    Exactlly ! They never change our personality, so incridible !

  40. Jeremy Keller

    I'm willing to ride softly into the sunset with country-fried puppets. Keep em' coming.

  41. T Caw

    New meat puppets? Cool

  42. Maria

    Man o man this is good!!!!

  43. Abby's Daddy

    Hooked on this thing already. One of their best and that's saying a lot. SUPPORT THEM, BUY IT....NOW

    David Evans

    you're right! Great, great record!

  44. Brad McTaggart

    Waiting for my copy on vinyl. Just listened to it through for the first time here and love it so much. Thank you Curt and co for putting out amazing music so consistently.

  45. feeling 2 foot small

    Not bad for 2019

  46. Jow Lorenz

    kinda a bit too cuntrified for backward thinking folks i guess --- yee-haw !

  47. gustavo portillo

    Hermoso, es como llegar a un paisaje de esos que ves en una postal. Realmente creo que los MP forman parte de la fuente del grunge de los 90' y escucharlos ahora que estamos más grandes, me hace sentir que crezco al lado de mis maestros.

  48. Kris Trznadel

    Great album 😀

  49. Crimson_Ghost

    They still got it

  50. Jona -Jonas-

    Thank you! Greetings from Patagonia Argentina! here the meat puppets also sound

    Nenad Črnac

    Even from Croatia too :)

    Jack Deveini

    Jona -Jonas- De una papu. Los Meat Puppets son lo más grande del mundo.

  51. Louis Batsford

    This is an album full of quality songs, scored a home run with bases loaded.

    David Evans

    Also known by baseball aficionados as a three point wait wait...a a grand salami I gettin' close!?

    João Paulo W de Andrade

    Soft country rock songs without loose quality and personality. They dont sell our soul to music stablishment. So thankfull for that.

  52. Juan Rodriguez

    Musical integrity.
    These guys rule!!

    João Paulo W de Andrade

    Yeah ! Meat puppets aways be Meat puppets. I keep listening since ever.

  53. Meade Skelton

    The instruments are too loud.

    kain hall

    not on my speakers..... they are a little loud ya, but i can still hear his singing

    and i dont have like "audio snob" level of speakers...... but they are pretty damn decent (corsair sp-2500 2.1)
    have yet to listen to it in my car yet.... which i have about the best stereo you can get in a 99 buick century (two amps, 1000w rms sub and on two 12s..... and 85Wrms to 6.25+seperate tweeter in the high front door..... and 2 or 3way 6x9s in the back)

    but audio is all personal...... if it sounds good......
    it sounds good

    kain hall

    ya.... 19 mins in..... everything is actually about equal.....
    but i do actually hear some clipping (in the next song)..... but im betting that the CD/mp3/ 33 RPM will not have that.... bet its a uloader or youtube error

    it almost sounds good doe... the dynamic range is quite good

    kain hall

    ya.... i just looked..... youtube is boosting it 7.6DB
    thats why shit is to loud.....

    Abby's Daddy

    May I recommend some ABBA for you.

  54. E. Stam

    Not going to lie, these 40 minuts felt like 10, this album is really good.

    jeremy leroux

    So true! The record just flies by...

  55. Michael Sheely

    Everyday I am thankful for the meat puppets. Everyone please buy their album.

  56. Hayseed1976


  57. SmitH IngraM

    Ahh the brothers meat always clears my mind

  58. Swampy Joe

    Wow! A new Puppets album!

  59. screwdizzy

    The greatest band in the history of ever.

    Elmo Blatch


    Mindsauce HQ

    I always get pissed off when people in AZ don't know who these guys are.

    Susan Loehe

    I'd say, maybe, nobody does the puppets as awesomely as the
    @Elmo Blatch

  60. J wheezy


    David Evans

    That is a song title of a really good song they put out - from Lollypop album I think. But yeah- also an apt descriptor for this album fer sure!

  61. Abby's Daddy

    Waiting for mine Thanks

  62. Gino Abeyta

    Excellent as always

  63. Remeday

    Thanks for uploading the album. Unfrozen Memory is terrific! Curt never fails to deliver! Can't wait till I get my copy! :)

  64. David Neff

    Che i gloriosi Meat Puppet vivano per sempre facendo musica meravigliosa fino a quando il sole esplode

    David Neff

    @dpmitch82 Words of Italian language

    João Paulo W de Andrade

    Vivacci ! Meat puppets vivano per sempre !

  65. Kenneth Schafer

    Patiently awaiting my album, thankfully its on here. thx!

  66. Paythe Snucka

    Fantastic, thank you. Listening at work as I await my copy in the mail.

  67. Metal guitar 60

    Love the puppets !!

  68. R!ce Krizpi

    beautiful. thank you