McIntyre, Joey - Here We Go Again Lyrics

I found it hard to pretend
that this has come to an end
Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in

It always happens like this
Just when I start to forget
I try it on all over again and it fits so perfect

Back in headlines, in the papers
Hangin on ? he's such a loser
When is that kid ever gonna grow up?
No, I don't wanna grow up!

Here we go again
I'm a man on a mission baby
Here we go again
Are you gonna be there for me now?

Here we go again
La La La love
Here we go again
Hey Hey Hey Hate

Here we here we go again
Here we go again
Oh, here we go again

I don't know if this is for me
Am I at the wrong party?
If I am, I'm not gonna leave
Cuz it's screamin my name

Back in headlines, see what he did
Comin up he's such a cool kid
No that boy won't ever give up
I never give up

Here we go again
I'm a man on a mission baby

Here we go again
La La La love
Here we go again
Hey Hey Hey Hate

Here we here we go again
Here we go again
Oh, Here we go again

I think it's time to get out of here
No one seems to know me now
then you pull me back and you push me forward
to where I wanna go

Hey hey hey ya ya ya!

Here we go again
I'm a man on a mission baby

Here we go again
La La La love
Here we go again
Hey Hey Hey Hate

Here we here we go again
Here we go again
Oh, Here we go again

Repeat chorus

Here we go again, [repeat x3]

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McIntyre, Joey Here We Go Again Comments
  1. Love my science

    The only alternative song, well done!!!!

  2. Hafizha Sarah

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman, this is it the man behind my story, The Silence Voices! I'm on my way to writing the story

  3. Duchess Dragon

    why does this song describe my never ending weeks...and like on YT, repeat button we go again!!!!

  4. 1988-GTA-NOTCHBAK


  5. اااررالا نىتتتراتؤت 76بناناىؤترارتن

    What album is this on? I want it

  6. Hafizha Sarah

    Joey! I would like to sing The Goo Goo Dolls : Let Love In and Here Is Gone, Pilot : Magic, Journey : Anyway You Want It. Hope you like it :)

  7. Jo Brown

    I can’t get enough of this song! It’s amazing!!

  8. Rain 808

    I'll never get over this :-/....

  9. Stephanie Harrigle

    i love the beat too this song

  10. 1988-GTA-NOTCHBAK

    dear JOEY, we need more of this from you .......................

  11. rose mcnulty

    first time I've heard this song. I like it. I didn't even know til a few days ago he released another solo album! Just goes to show how much I've missed in the past 8 yrs.

    Greatest Ever

    rose mcnulty actually same

  12. fashlite

    Very interesting.

  13. Abigail Everett

    Love the song and Joey.

  14. Amanda hartsgrove

    LOVE  this song though I can say joey doesn't have the "fighter" look but sexy as hell!

  15. Shayminn O'Brien

    We've raised $1,400 in support of Joey McIntyre to #EndALZ with 13 days to go. Let's finish strong & please help me reach my goal of $2,000 & above. Please Share This Post & Please Donate. Thanks & God Bless

  16. wintersongs1

    The voice doesn't even sound like him. It's too far away and breathy. And that Autotuned voice is awful.

  17. Rhonda Romiti Reiser

    Rhonda Romiti 775-203-8921

    KC Cramer

    Rhonda Romiti Reiser is that your phone #

  18. Brandy W.

    @rosiegroovy Check this out @Gabreya Bradley I love the part when his shirt comes off he looks so sexy shirtless. I just can't seem to get enough of it. Oh my gosh! 😃❤❤👍

    Gabreya Bradley

    I LOVE this song and he looked sizzling HOTT!!!!!!

    Brandy W.

    @Gabreya Bradley
    Okay he looks so great

  19. Ria Desintaningsih

    Loveeee iiiiiittt! Always be my #1 from Nkotb..

    KC Cramer

    Ria Desintaningsih mostly Joey MacIntyre

  20. Chava Fabian

    Love him hes awsome and cute

    Brandy W.

    He's sexier he looks so good with his shirts off

    KC Cramer

    Chava Fabian U r both right

  21. Brandon V

    Awful. He needs to stick to nice ballads and not this dry garbage.

    KC Cramer

    Haters gonna hate

    Lois Ward

    Tbh, it's pretty catchy. The autotune is pretty good at the time it is heard.

  22. naverra

    first time listening to this.

  23. Michaela Reppuhn

    The love of my life. <3

    Brandy W.

    I wanted to marry him that was my goal when I was a kid.

  24. Luna Barba

    I adore him :) 

  25. Jimilee Sand


  26. summer ahrens

    I LOVE this song and video!!! 

  27. Kelly Maney

    Joe has always been my favorite!  And he still is.   He's only gotten better with age!   Damn.  He looks awesome!     

    Brandy W.

    Same here I agree with you he will always be my fave.

  28. Anna M.

    really goooood!!!!!!so different from nkotb!!! joe fun for ever!!!

  29. salozmen29

    More damn autotune. Can't anyone sing without it anymore?

  30. Alien Girl

    Joey Mac will always be hot!!!!

    KC Cramer

    He's 43 if he's in his 4ties u r damn right he will always be hot. Most guy lose their cuteness when they're in their 4ties.

    Brandy W.

    @KC Cramer
    True because sometimes he's not attractive

    KC Cramer

    He is so cute in the tux

    Brandy W.

    @KC Cramer
    I watch there reality show Rock this Boat. You'll see how he really looks

  31. frank bowser

    Here we go again......another shit song!......and the sad fucking bitches who love this little prick!..pmsl

  32. Rebe R.

    OMG he is so hot¡¡¡¡¡ XD

  33. brandy hunnicutt

    all I gotta say is DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

  34. martyn rouss

    mon chouchou depuis toujours !

  35. Molly

    DAAANNNGGG... Joey knows how to kick some butt.

  36. darlingnikki23


  37. ana rubio

    guapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisimo como siempre!!

  38. UrbanExplorer1000

    This is absolute rubbish...ugh

  39. Nicky S

    Damn that man is just sex on legs. I swear if you watch this too many times your ovaries might just explode.

  40. La Tresa Means

    HE IS SO HOT!!

  41. Clifford Hutchinson

    What do you want him to be? Nasty and a Heathen like Lady Gaga? Why not Cheesy instead of Nasty and Stupid and I still like him too!

  42. Jess Nightingale

    OMG!! The hat!!

  43. Lauren Zook

    cheesy lyrics but I still LOVE Joey :)

  44. scott crouse

    wet dreams since 1988...dammit

  45. scott crouse

    well holy shit he and nkotb never cease to excite me after 20 whatever years...holy damn

  46. durpa yoder

    holy sexy cut as hell wowness...............

    KC Cramer

    He's so adorable

  47. Gomer ofNazareth

    죽을 영원한 생명이 없다 하나님 그래서 그는 그들과 사람 그를 믿는를 위해 죽고 그의 유일한 begotten 아들, 예수 그리스도를 보낸 온 세상을 사랑

  48. Gomer ofNazareth

    남편은 아내를 사랑하고 대한 쓰라린하지 않으며, 아내는 남편에게 제출합니다.

  49. michelle espanola god madly crazy about you...joe your the best of all time!

  50. tarakashka64

    i met his last night

  51. grace candelario

    como te amo joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

  52. Melmaid7360

    I wanna see him on Dancing With the Stars again!

  53. Karla Reyes

    sexy maaaannnn :)

    KC Cramer

    In my book he's the sexiest man alive

  54. Flávia Prates

    Ele continua lindo, como sempre!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Amanda Nicely


  56. coloradogal100

    love the song. my two nephews love this song. they love to dance to it. joey mac is great.

  57. Veronica Cruz

    He was in Psych last night!! Did anyone else see him?? He was hilarious, especially when Shawn and Gus were touching him, LOL!

  58. Qnstph2008

    He is so yummy!

  59. jessica walker

    @Mandy20167 Two kids?? You mean three?? I has two boys and just had a girl... :l

  60. Briana Lopez

    I wish i grew up when he was in new kids on the blocckk instead i was born in 1995, i'm jellyy of people that did. but he's so gorgeous him jordan knight, dannny wood, and donnie wahlberg, jonnie's gay i think ;o

    KC Cramer

    Don't feel bad I was born in 2000

  61. mirsta15

    yeah.... I don't think the other guy took off Joey's shirt by accident ;P

  62. MissAudieLynn

    Seeing this video at the Scott Trade Center in St. Louis with the bass pounding in your ears was an amazing experience! I watched the music video mouth gaping! lol. I loves it :3

  63. rusgirl21

    Went to NKOTBSB concert twice: in Pittsburgh and Cleveland and I can do this again and again. The best show ever!!

  64. jessica walker

    @summerrain040106 My concert was July 22nd, was my birthday gift from my aunt and was also the best day of my life so far. lol the irony. hahaha :D

  65. kayla vega

    @terrieandkevin i went to it was a birthday gift from my sister had the most amazing time! july 27,2011 is by far the best ever day in my life

  66. yourmoms House

    MMMmmmm..Lookin like James Bond!! The music fits perfect!! ;)~

  67. Emily Elizabeth

    him in that damn leatherrr jacket .. sexyy man (:

  68. skwirel22

    @FlutisticMe lol i was there!!

  69. Jerica Presbitero


  70. Kayla Bieber much??GEEZ!

  71. Michelle Ramirez

    love this man soo DAMM SEXY! :P

  72. yourmoms House love him!! ;)~

  73. jessica walker

    This song is addicting!! Ughhh!! xD July 22nd!

  74. Áurea Garcia

    Joey is so hot, I love him

    Delphine Collot

    Áurea Garcia you're not Alone ...

  75. Sunnyann91

    hes so hott :)

  76. detectivestella101

    this man is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. jessica walker

    @TheAlmostAngel LOL!! ;D

  78. jessica walker

    @TheAlmostAngel LMAO!!!! WHOO HOOOOO!!!! ;-D

  79. jessica walker

    @TheAlmostAngel LOLOL!!!!! xD EEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!! ;-) LOLOLOL -jumps up and down screaming- I cant wait!!!!! ;D

  80. jessica walker

    @TheAlmostAngel Hahahaaa thats actually my favorite part of the video. xD I love Joey!!! ;-D Seeing nkotbsb on July 22nd. Im excited!!! ;D My first time seeing both bands. I am PUMPED!!!! :D

  81. Michelle Cysewski

    ok, so we knew Joey was sexy, but DAMN!

  82. Tony Olsson

    that song was just a lie! it was actually The Eye of the tiger!!!! :P

  83. MissT1101

    joey so sexy and i love his voice the voice of an angel and he has some very pretty blue eyes

  84. MissT1101

    i love joey he is so hot <3

  85. MissT1101

    i love joey he is so hot <3

  86. jessica walker

    Pause at 0:32!!!!! Hott as HELLLLLLLLLLL!!! :O Yummy!!!!! ♥

  87. TheEngland8

    This vid's pretty hot! ;) Love the song, love Joe Mac!

  88. Chloe Vardy

    Ok im Donnie Girl but omd's When did joe get so fine!!!

  89. samester

    this video reminds me of the movie fight club

  90. ayengeliis

    This is about him Getting with the New kids again... It's fits so perfect... Here we GOOOO again! When is the man ganna grow up , because he will be called a New Kid
    They will be screamin his name again... Did anyone catch this?

  91. Karen Pallotta

    He is so much hotter now than he was back in 1988! WOW! that body is awesome:):):)

  92. Michele O

    OMG! that was hot!

  93. Luna Barba

    Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  94. virgolibraariesmoon

    Love this song!

  95. covergirlbaby nkotb

    yep me too Joe looks sexiset in this video. Ilike this video..

  96. covergirlbaby nkotb

    this song is great and love joey is great just a fan here to say love the song and frist time see the video is good and like it..

  97. ayengeliis

    Here we go again ... singing all my fav hot leather!

  98. Karolita Hernandez

    me gustaba mucho cuando era niña , ahora esta mas bueno

  99. xariesgirl78x

    This video TOTALLY rocks...and so does the album.

  100. Luna Barba

    Joe il mio preferito :)
    Ti adorooooooooooooooo :)