McFall, Leah - White X Lyrics

Standing on the white X

Act like I'm my own sequel
'Cause what could be equal
To the love of my first song
They tell ya
Nobody could come after you
With what you do, they say
They see no end

Back here, side of stage
Couldn't stay away
Locking up my heart in the cage
Nerves climb me every stair
Choking me to death
But I'm breathing through the smoke in the air

I'm higher, staring at the fire
Escape, so much left to say
I might take a flame
Back in black again

So get lighting me up
Standing on the white X
Faces saying what's next
Standing on the white X

The voice that upsets my balance, hmm
It keeps telling me give up
What's handed back to me
I judge
Myself for feeling way too much
I wear a sign saying, "Don't touch me"
Wear my skin for you to see

Back here, side of stage
Couldn't stay away
Locking up my heart in the cage
Nerves climb me every stair
Choking me to death
But I'm breathing through the smoke in the air

I'm higher, staring at the fire
Escape, so much left to say
I might take a flame
Back in black again

So get lighting me up
Standing on the white X
Faces saying what's next
Standing on the white X

Standing on the white X
Standing on the white X

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McFall, Leah White X Comments
  1. Rhonda Deane

    I just found her online
    She is awesome

  2. mskernow

    love this

  3. Leeloo Dallas

    J'adore celle ci! On reconnaît tellement ta patte dans celle ci, les variations de voix, les vibrations 💕

  4. Trung Nguyễn Ngọc

    zayn should collab with this girl... so cool

  5. Reysifer

    I’m sorry Melanie stole your rightful spot in the industry

  6. yandreax

    me encantas...

  7. ICU143

    i can see you on so many soundtracks for shows and movies, like Euphoria

  8. YDay1

    Love the performance, song, vocals and dance - beautifully atmospheric.

  9. พูนทรัพย์ วงค์ศักดิ์

    love your voice

  10. IostsouI

    Damn I want an album worth of your music so badly. Such an amazing voice! Loving the slow, smooth, old school vibe that feels really fresh.
    Can't believe how you haven't been given a break yet. I don't do social media but I wish someone with a massive following would get you music to more people via posting about it.

  11. Courtz

    Honestly I saw you at Cool FM Jingle ball and i fell in love with your voice. How are u not famous?

  12. Mustafa Moharram

    Seeing such great music being not recognized and Ariana's 7 Rings topping charts meaning that this world is not surviving

  13. Louise Gendreau

    Leah you are amazing... love your words, your fantastic voice, your style!!! from Montreal
    and Sainte-Rose-du-Nord au Saguenay!!!

  14. Jason quant

    Your talent is amazing! Don't ever stop 😘

  15. NAVI

    This is SUBLIME. Thank you for the music, Leah!

  16. uncool_youth 2

    Is Leah unsigned still? Because if so can't she do that radio 1 introducing thing? Might get her a little more exposure?

  17. ChrissyCrow

    This is such a great song Leah! I love your music. My mum actually knows your dad lol he keeps her up to date with your music releases cause he knows I love them. Haha. ♡

  18. Morrone Morrone


  19. Glamma Gregory

    Adore your voice! Amazeballlz!

  20. Redchester United

    Your the most underated artist, its disgusting you should be up there!!.

  21. Marco O. G.

    I follow you a lot of years back, I'm from Mexico. Wish you turn into a famous singer!

  22. gordon prior

    will be seeing you at London soon, this is brill

  23. Jwhoknowswho

    Why doesnt this have more views?

  24. hôli rôly

    Leah voice can kill Ariana in 3 notes 😁

  25. Nekoda Arvin

    People observing me expecting great things.
    People say I am stangant, not progressing because they were in love of how unique I was first time they heard me now they got used to it. Also they're still drunk on my first appearance, they say your talent has no equal, you'll go places nobody alive can but I am skeptical.

    I tried to leave it all behind, lock my feelings and my music, I might live a better life but I couldn't get, It was hard to even breath, death was a better option. I want to escape so much, don't wanna struggle but I have so much to say, so much feelings to convey. So I am back again in the game with renewed vigor, back to struggling again, and no matter what I do people still saying when are gonna give us something new.

    When am alone my insecurities prevail over me telling me to surrender to give up on it all, to give up what have made me alive again (by someone?), This much pressure making me too sensitive to others and I don't like this feeling. I can't take much bullshit from people anymore, I f you wanna say something to me put yourself in my shoes first.
    Last line is probably a diss to herself because she say try to understand me but she isn't responding anymore.

    K Musume

    Nekoda Arvin

    Well yeah she’s an artist. People will always look forward to what she’ll put out next.
    Think of it like these celebrities are put on a microscope, ready to be observed on the tiniest details and scrutinized for it.

    There will always be comparisons to how well she did on her greatest days.

    Fame comes and goes and if the general public or casual fans don’t like it then they move on to the next best thing that interests them.

  26. gabby_er x

    Yoooo this is a fucking hit! Why are people sleeping on you? You deserve way more recognition

  27. K Musume

    This is the kind of music I aspire to make. The simplicity of the beats and synths along with just her voice, its easy listening. My kind of jam

  28. Wagner Stan

    this is art man

  29. Rhafael Lamas

    Your voice is speciall, i love You girl

  30. xiomara lujan

    Ven a Perú 💞

  31. David Blasco

    Please, someone to explain me why are not you in the one top everyear

  32. ewucha

    Leah.. you’re one of the true greats. You’re one of the gifts to the world as you offer such beauty and artistry. You’re exhilarating, you’re raw, deep and as some say super fresh-;) You’ve had me speechless ever since you sang that first song on The Voice but I have to say something someday..and thank you somehow! Although, no words will ever be able to convey.. Thank you!!!

    Leah McFall

    This is so so sweet. Thank you for being so supportive of me. xx

  33. Amiran Chkhaidze

    just do not stop... u the greatest..<3


    2019 it's gonna be your year!
    Let's share this outstanding song guys!
    Thanks for come back!

  35. slicegeorge

    mi amor tu siempre te superas con cada canción, te amo.

  36. joseph irineo

    Leah no me canso de escuchar, me teletransporta a sentir la maravilla de la musica, saludos from México.

  37. LaWendeltreppe

    She is getting better and better. Unbelievable. A+++++

  38. Stephanie *

    Please, please tour next year. I had tickets to see you in London but was unable to go and her to resell on Twickets. Hoping for live performances... You're so talented

    Leah McFall

    We are!! The White X tour has just been announced! Hope to see you there xx

    Stephanie *

    @Leah McFall thanks for replying :D I've just booked a couple of tickets. Can't wait!!

  39. Nikniknik_ Indianas

    Please keep going one day you’re gonna be famous but don’t stop

  40. Poycicle / ThePoyzenelf

    Please never give up on singing and making videos, you are amazing <3

  41. Willa Reed

    Beautiful song...

  42. Skrymik

    You need to be famous, Leah!!!! Pleeeeeeease make it big! You're amazing! I will buy this for sure!

  43. franzi juli

    I adore your voice and you’re a huge inspiration for meee♥️🥳😩😩😩💖💓🥰

  44. Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال

    She's so underrated, it's ridiculous!

  45. Dor Mir

    amaziiin !

  46. Shaun Middleton

    I love your voice ❤️

  47. Arts&Trusts

    Leah mcfall so under rated it baffles me. i see her on the level of a billie eilish with an rnb twist, but the appreciation difference is day and night

  48. Jackie Tarpey

    It's so refreshing in this day and age when a true artist is all about their voice and don't have to use their bodies to sell records. Love this.

  49. 12345 67y8u910


  50. Hector Angulo

    Wowwwwwwwww beautiful song!!!

  51. campfiretales

    So damn underrated it's infuriating!!!

  52. Jessica Tyers

    Love this your voice is amazing

  53. Katia Hernández


  54. Psiquico

    Is beatyfull

  55. Thin Diesel

    Why are you not in the charts, an utter travesty that a voice like this remains under the proverbial radar of the mainstream. A fan always.

    Leah McFall

    Thank you for this comment. And for you support! xx

  56. jewelbug99

    Nothing but love for you ♥️

  57. msbuttafly112

    Great to hear your beautiful voice again! Please keep making music!!!

  58. Jailyn Lee

    We stan ❤

  59. Elizabeth Alvarado

    You are a such talent girl. I wish you the best. From Peru

  60. R J

    This song is great - great job, Leah. I'm gonna buy it soon. Keep up great stuff like this.

  61. Marcelo reis

    Perfect 💙💙

  62. SirListener92

    Hey Girl!
    Where were you? I love your talent from The Voice. Its amazing to hear that voice again. Greets from Poland;)

  63. Mates2271

    It definitely is not like the other main stream pop songs of nowadays. I like it! Great job, Leah, so happy for a new song from you, Marry Xmas

  64. oceansunrisekm

    Absolutly love thissss!! I have missed your music! Youre voice is amazing! Could listen to you all day! 😍 Been following you and your music since the voice. Your performance at Cannock Chase was sooo good! Defiantely want to see you again! 😍😘

  65. Abraham Barraza

    IN LOVE♥

  66. Diego Sandoval

    I been following you since your performances on thevoice uk😍

  67. Camila Carmona

    Amo seu trabalho Leah! Mandando energias boas daqui do Brasil <3

    CALAZAR **

    Somos 2

  68. diego pacheco

    Guess who back from the death

  69. นางฟ้า ผู้เย่อหยิ่ง

    i love you i will stay to listen your voice forever from thailand ❤️

  70. Butterfly

    That chorus needs to be sampled into a rocking breakbeat club anthem

  71. Ate Beklog


  72. Paola Cruz

    You are amazing! Kisses from Mexico!

  73. Rylber Oliveira Dos Santos


  74. N J

    You're going down the wrong path. Your gorgeous soulful voice is meant for R&B music; not electronic music!

    Still love you though! 😉

    N J

    @What If I guess. But she won't get signed to any labels anytime soon if she sticks to this weird techno stuff.

    Minja Mladenović

    Pawky Parakeet read the lyrics again


    I guess as an artist she's just making music that she WANTS to make rather than NEEDS to make to be relevant. Artists like leah, nao, kwabs, and others aren't household names, but they make music from their hearts. I strongly believe that Leahs time will come and she will get the mainstream success, but she will always stay true to her heart and make music she chooses. I would love to see her work with Sia.

    N J

    @wilb.iAm.Music Yeah. I think if she stays true to herself, she'll hopefully find mainstream success eventually. It's just frustrating to see her struggle for funds to produce albums when she's SO vocally talented.


    N J you make no sense. An artist is supposed to make music that they enjoy, not music that will specifically get them played on the radio. And besides, she could still make it mainstream. Amy Winehouse didn’t have a traditional urban genre yet she made it mainstream. But being famous is fun and everything but compromising who you are as a musician is never worth it

  75. Robin Engström

    only liking for the whistle tone xxo

    What If

    I k r . I like the whole thing but that h i g h n o t e t h o

  76. Caoimhe

    Love from Belfast ❤️ great song Leah!!

  77. John McFall

    Never disappoints. The weirdness captivating. The creativity mesmerising and her soul is just beautiful. ❤️

  78. nathan catterson

    Love love love

  79. katiuska albornoz

    excellent music ... the best

  80. Catt Weir

    oh shit, there she is

  81. LeVoxMe

    I've been observing you for like 5 years and I still don't have any idea why aren't you famous.

    gordon prior

    have you paid for her songs, if not that's why

    Lisa Sheehy

    I have paid for all her songs. She could do more R&B but that's not the music she enjoys doing. She is not a sellout.

    Dor Mir

    same. she deserves so much more... her voice is better than so many singers like selena gomez c'mon just bc she's beautiful. so unfair.



    Melody Macarthy

    lack of marketing

  82. Patrick R.


  83. Nightfur

    I'm obsessed with everything you release - such an amazing artist and individual ♥

  84. Wiktoria Maziarczyk

    Already fall in love. Soooo great song!

  85. gordon prior

    did not say in my other comment this is so good ,brilliant and new, so bloody buy it

  86. eaquelematheus

    Thank You for blessing us again with your voice!

  87. Morrone Morrone


  88. itsDF_

    You’re such a talented and unique artist Leah. Keep working hard and please make more songs. I love you so much. <3

  89. Tee Cee

    Love it

  90. Cindy Garcia

    ♥amazing song

  91. Dave Rosello

    I LOVE YOU LEAH MCFALL! FRM Philippines :)

  92. Dorothy Berry-Lound Art

    Absolutely fabulous, love it.

  93. _2392ahah


  94. Lionel Hdez

    you're so freaking underrated