McFall, Leah - No Ordinary Love Lyrics

I'll cross the world to be with you
I'll sail the sea, dive in the blue
I'll ride the wind across the sky
I'll travel low I'll travel high
I won't complain, I'll take the train
I'll ride the aeroplane

To see my, see my baby, baby [x4]

This is no ordinary love love love
This is the kind of love that dreamers dream of

This ain't no ordinary love
You bring me joy you pick me up
You got me walking on a cloud
You turn me on you turn me out
You are my love and your my friend
You are my everything

You my, you my, baby, baby [x4]

This is no ordinary love love love
This is the kind of love that dreamers dream of

Let me love ya, love ya, love ya, love ya
Let love you, love you, let me love you, love you
Love ya, love ya, love ya, love ya
Let love you, love you, let me love you, love you

This is no ordinary love love love
This is the kind of love that dreamers dream of

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McFall, Leah No Ordinary Love Comments
  1. mskernow


  2. slicegeorge

    Aun te escucho, eres la mejor.

  3. Florencia Belen Godoy Contreras

    This song should be in Spotify, i really love it!✨

  4. lisa medina

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Great song!

  5. Kripple in a Caravan Xxx

    Looking for her again. So incredible voice and talent. I hope she made loads of money! Xxxx

  6. Arv Lard

    I love Leah, really like the track. First sampled in Rocky I think

  7. Francisco Lopez

    Why this is not on Spotify???

  8. I Glad

    This was way better than 'Home' but i can't buy it as a download!!

  9. I Glad

    The sample from 'Zone' running all the way through it!!

  10. Dex Priest

    such a stunning voice better them what's in the chart...

  11. Lottie Crooks


  12. Robert Smith

    Lovin this xx

  13. ThAtLaDyNoTtOm3sSwIt

    Omg this songgggggggg STILL OBSSESSED

  14. Lena Fiame

    I love this song 😍

  15. Yazzo Maria

    Where is your album , you are outstanding, amazing , brilliant

  16. Yazzo Maria

    Cannot get enough of the way she sings this tune

  17. Lee Ferguson

    I believe this girl has the best voice, she sensational

    Lee Ferguson

    She's a world class superstar!!! Keep doing what your doing. Best talent in a long time, unbelievable. Your simply the best Leah McCall.

  18. Spykakos

    the music is from gabin's la maison di battista edition

  19. slicegeorge

    por siempre me encantara esta canción y me hará sentir ese "algo" que aun no se expresar.

  20. markyliciously

    Looooove this.

  21. Ramon de Medeiros Costa

    What the chords of this Song.

  22. shop appy

    This was ahead of it's time

    Ellen Stephenson


    Tamar chambers

    Still is

  23. Chinaka Orellana

    quiero descargar esta canciooon u.u

  24. Yazzo Maria

    Heard this 2 years ago , absolutely awesomeness , magnificent , infectious , loveeeeee this , would by her music anyway xxxxx. Make an album pleaseeeeee Leah 💜💜❤️💚😂

  25. howunoriginal2

    Love this!! <3 <3 <3

  26. margit tepner

    She just wants to do her thing, rather doing what the industry tells her to do

  27. drkmgic

    does she have an album out?

  28. Lobo Lycan

    "yumba yumba baby bay" n.n

  29. Sviatoslav Kuzma

    She has one of the most strongest and universal voices I've ever heard.

  30. Matias Juarez

    This is too good, can't stop listening, can't get it out my mind since it went out.

  31. mariana ramirez

    Great song ...

  32. Sean Fugate

    Groovy.  I like it.

  33. Eve

    Just uploaded my first ever YouTube video! It is a Leah Mcfall inspired makeup tutorial. It's very unprofessional, and the editing is appalling - but if you would like to subscribe to me it would make my day! Thank you, Eve x

  34. Mariel619

    im in love, of the strongest, clear and pure voices ever recorded in any genre.
    your R&B gives me chills.

  35. Lil Elz

    People can say what they like about her voice but surely you cant slate Kool & The Gang's Summer Madness sample?? 😂

  36. James Otosio

    Sounds quite like Certainly (flipped it) - Erykah Badu

    Lil Elz

    Same Kool & The Gang sample, soo smooth

  37. James Otosio

    So much better than Home! Leah could be one of the best if she sticks to this type of art. This song is truly amazing. Always been a fan of leah.

  38. Chloè Martin

    Why can i still not buy this on itunes?

  39. Liz b

    Where can I get this song

  40. Eve

    My absolute favourite. Been a giant since day 1, and nothing will change.

  41. Mark Nixon

    love this x

  42. treeoftears

    Wow, this girl's voice is like an evolutionary step forward. Beautiful, cool, haunting and so fucking progressive. 

  43. Brendan Bate

    did you choose the sample or will? 

  44. Brendan Bate

    wow.. girl this is special 

  45. Rebecca B

    she is amazing, can't wait for the album...

  46. Harold

    She said something in Twitter about not doing an album anymore


    No she didn't.

  47. James Arnold

    Amazing voice Leah.

  48. Dereck Velasquez

    Thats 70's hit kool and the gang "summer madness " in the background sample , thats a bad ass song look it up newbies , you got to be a good producer to know real music and too sample it is impressive , instead of the bullshit music that is out now , freakin bunch of mind control robots who don't know real music , and i think she is a good singer and will make it huge.

    Liz b

    Amen to that no real talent nowadays gotta rely on producers that know different genres, decades and styles of music in order to get something decent these days

  49. lalalandhigh

    This is bullshit. She's way too talented to be doing this kind of pop junk.

    Lil Elz

    Serious, how you can call Kool & The Gang's - Summer Madness sample (which is so smooth) "pop junk" is beyond me.


    @Ella McLeod the instrumental's okay, the lyrics and voice editing's what makes it shitty.

  50. Janna Rose Ybañez

    Where can i get this song?

  51. Joey Robstill

    😆 I really like this song.

  52. Everton Gomes

    Tomui dalin, Togos de isma lade!!!!

  53. Wackson Jittemore

    Holy shit. I really, really wish this song was being pushed rather than Home. 

  54. Fawn Toy

    PLEASE DONT RIP ON HER STYLE... <3, has a very unique and special talent!, he's different than other artist these days!, his style to me is a little modern day with a blast of older loved r&b and a dash of freak in AWESOMENESS!!!!!<3<3<3, if you don't like him as an artist then you most likely will not appreciate her style, need to hate<3, she's just not for your personal taste, that's all. ;), but a lot of us do love and appreciate him & her both ;)... Like me ;) PLEASE CONTINUE WILL.I.AM & LEAH ... MUCH LOVE FROM PITTS PA <3

  55. Morgann Sb

    Leah! I love you so much :3

  56. Mark Godwin

    The music is a cover of Kool & the Gang's, Summer Madness from the seventies. Anybody can copy music, but only true talent can create their own original songs, something which is so lacking. Nothing new here, hit the recyble bin. 

  57. Simone Mamo


  58. Fernando Pacheco

    Please don't disappear!! We need your voice!

  59. TheSprog2010

    Loving the Summer Madness sampling

  60. Gaetan Corbrejaud

    I love her ... and Summer Madness ... just AMAZING but ... why this effect on her voice ?

  61. KIKI J


  62. Brijjiy Rebecca

    Her style was so much better on x factor


    She wasnt on x factor she was on the voice


    And who r U to judge her style

  63. ernest mobley

    She is going to be a mega star! (She needs her own planet)....lmao

  64. Rachelz13

    I love this song AND home. She will never please EVERYONE's music tastes; that's just impossible lol.

  65. wilb.iAm.Music

    I came back to this song/video after listening to her official new single 'Home', and I've got to say that this is by far superior. Yes it wouldn't be a single track, more so an album cut, but I truly believe this is more suited to her than 'Home'. She looks more comfortable in this video as well, I think that she maybe doesn't feel 100% comfortable singing something like Home, hence the uncomfortablness in the video. I'm so pissed off in the label for choosing what they have as her 1st official release as I dont think it will be the hit they want and what she deserves. She, to me, is a soul singer, so should be releasing stuff in the same vein as Amy Winehouse, some Adele, even her own material that she has released on youtube.... I have commented too much on this now so will hush, but I just hope the album is what we want to hear and what Leah wants to release. 

  66. JoshuaDeanIan

    pretty amazing ;3

  67. Alex Ross Daniels

    What's funny to me is that people rip on this song, saying she needs to go bigger when her debut single from her album is absolute garbage and loads of people love it. To be honest, I'd listen to an album in this style but there's no chance I'll pick up her album if it's all like Home. 

    kirsty spencer

    Not all of it is like home, she has some that are like her old stuff


    wghere the fk is her album anyways? ? ?? ?

  68. Otaner Tres

    Shit this was suppose to be on Britney Jean :( It would have slayed with Brit's vocals 

  69. blonde brunette

    watched you performe last night ,u was better than Jessie j ! :D xox

  70. megan lovesjessiej

    You can only be negative when you are more talented than her. I saw her last night was r pic!!! :)

  71. Ashley J

    This is just a warmup track. Calm down guys, her first single, Home is stunning

  72. Chris Case

    For those that thought Home was dull, this is what we are talking about. Go Leah go girl. I adore your voice and knew what he was talking about backing you on the voice. You literally melt my soul :D

  73. Jason Lam

    I love this. Thought this was Leah only with a twist, that is a more dreamy soulful feel.

  74. Sylvie Walker

    I have been waiting for this girl to make a record since she was a runner up in The Voice. Should have won!! Let's hope her management team know how to get her seen and heard.

  75. Maryori Alcala

    She's great vocalist :D God bless you Leah

  76. sptnaseret

    this is so much better than home! seriously, you must come back to this

  77. peter mcbride

    I can't stop listening to this, it's so hypnotic

  78. Fabian Alfaro


  79. jason franchize

    Nah, this song just doesn't show her range...her voice is unique, where is that?

  80. Ryan McCaleb

    LOVE THIS!!!

  81. LordKellthe1st

    Absolutely fantastic, hope you visit the Netherlands when you go and conquer the world ;)

  82. Jenna Rainey

    I just wanted to say you have an amazing voice and you melted my heart when you sung on the voice it was fanaminal

  83. Joe Mcguire

    sampled 'a girl like you' by aaliyah and fresh prince track??

  84. Steph Terell

    I am absolutely in love with this girl's voice and talent! omg! so amazing!

  85. Veronica Gonzales

    i love leah's new song! i love love love no ordinary love! thanks leah and will! great song! of course a fabulous artist!

    Veronica Gonzales

    this threw me back to the 60's & 70's.

  86. Cpt Greenbeard

    First time I heard this I wasnt sure, but I love it now. Please tell us when your album is due to be released, cant wait to hear it!

  87. Yan Reis

    Gorgeous u will be so famous i'm sure, teh best voice i'v ever heard to! GORGEOUS! in love with the video, with your voice, with your beauty, well, with YOU! 

  88. Kim Morgan

    i love it!!! #loveleah

  89. tree hugger

    I miss your covers Leah :(

  90. Joyful Yan

    So LEAH !! What happen with Will or ur producer right now ? Havent heard from you since this new clip Ordinary Love! Go on !!! We're waiting for more ! I know stuff like music can take time but comonnn !! You too gorgeous to wait some more ahaha ! Just kiding, hope a new fresh first album will come out ASAP !!

  91. Tasha

    Where is you album!? I need more of your voice!!!

  92. BCPR

    I looooove her voice. Does anyone know what her range is, exactly? It sounds pretty wide, but I don't have the tools on hand to find her highest and lowest notes.

    Also: she reminds me a bit of Kimbra (the female vocalist on Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know", although Kimbra's solo work is far more expressive and powerful than what is on that song). Leah and Kimbra should totally sing together on a song.

  93. Holly Murphy

    massive fan of hers but the effects on her voice ruin it for me... i love her voice and i think it takes away from her talent, also dont think the song showcases her strengths, but still, massive fan and cant wait to hear more

  94. Elsie Mu-sic

    Love the super high adlibs in this and then that Synth comes in really high competing with ya and then you just bitch slap it lol. Love the Mariah influences in this too. Sweet tune x

  95. Mary Person

    love the song and video absolutely amazing keep up the good work

  96. Laya Dy

    It's a nice song but with your voice… You can do so much better. You are so talented you could produce an album with nothing but number one hits. This song is just too safe and doesn't show all the talent you have.

  97. Amethyst Love

    😍😍😍 this song is awesome can't wAit for her album ❤️❤️❤️

  98. Enrique villachica

    I loved!!!! ♥♥ :3

  99. Dianne Platts

    Sorry but this doesn't do Leah justice. It's boring tbh. So looking forward to her album which I'm hoping will be her style on The Voice unique.

    Le Cas

    That's your opinion but many people love it including me so

    Dianne Platts

    Im so glad you love it Le, I love all her other stuff & we all can't like the same thing also people have to be able to comment honestly. Enjoy :)