McFall, Leah - Home Lyrics

Don't you feel unstoppable?
Don't you feel unbreakable?
When every chance feels so good
I found the message in a bottle

And though nothing ever mattered to you
And love is on top of the truth
And there's so much, so much to do
To bring us home
To bring us home!

I'll be climbing up that hill for you,
I'll give everything I can give for you
Close my eyes, click my heels
Close my eyes, click my heels
And I'm home! I'm home!
Honey, I'm coming home.

Are you untouchable?
Are you invincible?
If so, tell me more, tell me more
'Cause from here we can't see the bottom floor
Are we impossible? Are we an obstacle?
And there's so much, so much to do
To bring us home
To bring us home!

I'll be climbing up that hill for you,
I'll give everything I can give for you
Close my eyes, click my heels
Close my eyes, click my heels
And I'm home! I'm home!
Honey, I'm coming home.

I'll travel the world, but I feel like
I'm just standing still
Every time I say goodbye
A piece of me just gets killed
Out of town living, out of suitcases getting old
People claim to know me,
But they cannot pick me up when I'm low!
I'm coming home to my town
You make my frown turn upside down
No more lovey dovey talking on the phone
I'm coming home
I'm coming home

I'll be climbing up that hill for you,
I'll give everything I can give for you
Close my eyes, click my heels
Close my eyes, click my heels
And I'm home! I'm home!
Honey, I'm coming home.

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McFall, Leah Home Comments
  1. Vampyrr Rainbow

    She should do a song with melanie Martinez!

  2. Gabriel Oliveira

    someone 2020?

  3. Danny boy wood

    How is this chick not hugely popular!

  4. Lynette Dlamini

    This girl is underrated

  5. JamKick

    Please do a gospel album

  6. Jhonathan Felipe

    Cadê essa mulher fazendo sucesso ?
    O mundo precisa dessa voz!!

  7. Ann Brew

    She reminds me of Melanie Martinez

  8. Honey Peaches

    England's coming home!!...wait wrong song.

  9. Tim Pérez

    This will forever be a bop

  10. Arturo Cruces

    Love this song!

  11. norah


  12. miss black

    Yep.. I respect,BUT this is blasphemy and massacre of Leahs voice. I cannot believe you would have a voice like that in your hands and then make a song like this :((

  13. Sara Park

    I love this song, I love you leah. ❤
    -from korean fan

  14. Adrian Carlos

    I’m here still. Love this song.

  15. MJLmashups

    she reminds me so much of Ava max but better

  16. Vocals videos

    I can't believe the lyric version is deleted :c please re-up load it! Please please please :(

  17. Destiny Olisemeke

    Why does she look and sound like Katy Perry

    But better ((:

  18. Macho Torres


  19. Anime Otaku Girl

    2019 anyone?

  20. VillaRica Luz

    Injustiçada, espero que volte a produzir.

  21. Sia Lovers

    Someone 2019?! ❤️

  22. Nicole C

    Am I the only on that’s still listens to this tune

  23. Rudy Mcfall

    Leah u may not know me I’m Rudy Mcfall and ur related to me here something u might no somebody called josie mcfall

  24. Cams Elg

    I love your voice 😭💕

  25. Spanish Eurofan


  26. even more zoella

    2019 Anyone?

  27. Han

    R u here In 2019?

  28. bel sofiane

    No place like song cute

  29. eden ramirez

    Leah no entiendo, porque? Ya no has sacado mas canciones

  30. gabriela

    I wish this was on Spotify 😭

  31. Sami Agius

    Still believe in you

  32. Amanda Charles

    Still crazy over this songgg!!!😭😭😭💓💓💓💓💓💓

  33. adriannn

    Underrated BOP

  34. Paula Green

    2019 ❤

  35. Olly Jones

    this would be such a good eurovision song

  36. Jorge Diaz

    2019 chile ? ❤️😍😱

  37. Oscar Sobarzo


  38. jerry

    amazing song

  39. diamond-like precision

    will.iam brought awesomeness to an already great song!

  40. Jordan 3

    2019 ???🔥🔥

  41. Amy Louise Woodhead

    2019? ❤

  42. Satsujin Sakana

    Ah Leah.. You realised too late that you only get fifteen seconds of fame.

    Cesar Joel

    Satsujin Sakana or rather she realized too late that the Voice UK sucks and Will.I.Am is a terrible coach

  43. El Australiano

    Miss you Leah

  44. matrix2021

    Channel 4’s comedy series ‘Home’ brought me here after the trailer music was driving me crazy

  45. Ivan Gjorgjevkj


  46. Linnaea Persaud

    Watching in 2019


    Fantastic track.Sounds fantastic on a good system

  48. Win cent

    This really sound like Edward sharpe track

  49. Sarah DZ

    2019 ??💗

  50. Abigail Charlotte

    I just remember that this was a thing!

  51. Yahir Cruz


  52. dan

    This is so generic, sorry

    Mr Hard Apple

    Not her new ones

  53. Mohcen Ha

    i miss this guuurl 😭😩

  54. Harold Mon

    2018 ❤

  55. wallis victor

    No lie I live for this song

  56. Thomas Rios

    Another one, every song she sings she just dominates.

  57. Brian Stanlin

    I need this song in Spotify girl!

    A A

    Esta en Spotify 😏

  58. lonely star

    I get a pulp fiction vibe love it xx

  59. Daniel Gil

    Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

  60. Joanna W

    Listening in 2018, I love her new songs way more even. I still wonder why dropped her, I thought he could spot a real artist and I was hoping he'd support them too. I get this business is rough, but she's truly amazing (wolf den!) and how rich do you need to be anyway...

    John McFall

    Joanna W
    Will didn’t drop her. She was never signed to him. He didn’t get along with her record label. They fell out and Leah got caught in the middle. Such a waste of the marvellous time and all the songs she and he created together.
    Go to her new songs tho. They are awesome!!!!!


    Why this song is not on iTunes ?

  62. Yas Jasiel Toscano

    2018 💕
    Ya deberías lanzar más música.

    A A

    Yas Jasiel Toscano Tiene otro canal donde sube mas musica....hace 3 semanas subio una nueva cancion!

  63. RealCheeseOnly

    This doesn't have the interesting quirks and vocal delicacies of her previous performances that I really admired. And, like someone else noted, this sounds pretty much like a Katy Perry track. I like Katy Perry, but not what I came here to hear. Even her look reminds me of Katy's bubblegum pop days. Disappointing.

  64. liya blessing

    2018 anybody here like plz

  65. Oscar Rodriguez

    Still love it

  66. XxRags

    I know her dad my Nanny is friends with him and my mum went to her wedding

  67. Axel Rodriguez Armas

    sofia carson ft karen carson home cover by leah mcfall

  68. Sharon Cipriano

    Somebody know is she has an album? Simplemente es una gran cantante <3

  69. B3to 222

    I mean, she is not a beautiful woman but God........ her stylist is not helping her at all...


    B3to 222 She is beautiful wtf? And that's how she's supposed to dress for the video lmao

  70. Sarah DZ

    2018 ?❤

  71. Zaim Aziz

    Where is she now ?

  72. Julia Evelyn

    2018 💕

  73. Azan Martinez

    I love it

  74. Jose Hidalgo

    Love her voice, the song is great, but, what happened to her style?

  75. Allan Poncho

    Love love love you ❤❤

  76. yasminax bonita

    The money should be spend on the mv not to And the first 2 chorus should be longer in the end just 1 time the chorus

  77. Tom William

    Is anyone else still rooting for this girl to blow us away with some massive new material? She’s one of the most memorable and unique contestants out of any series of The Voice!

    I’m rooting always, Leah x

  78. Armii Do

    porque diablos no esta esta canción tan hermosa en spotify! los odio!

  79. Thomas Conway

    This is so underrated this is a bop

  80. oh boe

    why isnt she famous

  81. Angel Gabriel Masias.

    Mas singles?:(

    A A

    Angel Gabriel Masias. Tiene otro canal donde sube musica...hace 1 mes subio otra cancion

  82. Elaine Delevingne

    So sad that Leah is so underrated! :(

  83. Bubbles

    such a nice voice. Instant sub.

  84. adri dance

    Adorei 😁😁😁

  85. Mc Cab

    Una copia de todas las catante 😒

  86. julius superable

    April 2018

  87. Louis Henrique

    So cool

  88. João Victor

    I'm poppy

  89. Flavio Henrique

    Girlllllll new songs. Please

  90. Marlon Tomaz

    2018 e aqui estou eu. <3