McFadden, Brian - Wrap My Arms Lyrics

Sitting here tryna figure it out just what I should sing to you,
So many things going through my head but all I can see is you,
Never been quite good at this, you know I tried so hard you fall asleep watching Will and Grace and you wake up in my arms.

Don't go, don't go, don't gooooo

I wrap my arms around you,
I wrap my arms around you,
And I will run till I've found you,
I wrap my arms around you.

I try to make a life for us maybe with this guitar,
The first time I ever sung to you, you never laughed so hard,
You know you look so beautiful standing in your dress,
I try and show of all my moves but you know that I don't dance.

Don't go, don't go, don't goooo.

I wrap my arms around you,
I wrap my arms around you,
And now I'll run till I've found you,
I wrap my arms around you

Whoaa whoa whoa whoa [x2]

Sit back and watch our lives you know we've had the best time I'm so happy just lying here.

I wrap my arms around you,
I wrap my arms around you,
I wrap my arms around you

I told you I would be there, I told you I wasn't leaving,
I would never let you go
And and I'll never let you get away,
I wrap my arms

I told you I would be there, I told you I wasn't leaving,
I would never let you go and I'll never let you get away,
I wrap my arms

I wrap my arms...
I wrap my arms around you,
I wrap my arms around you.

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McFadden, Brian Wrap My Arms Comments
  1. Cherry Bang-i


  2. Ma.Romelyn Masilang

    I love you Brian :) .. I'm so excited to meet you on your up coming concert here in the Philippines .. Take care always

  3. paul Flynn mr clean ni

    I don’t think she was anything till she married you (vogue)

  4. Jannelle Rivarez

    i love this song

  5. Sesotya Nirmala Dewi

    Briiian....join to westlife please......we miss u so much..

  6. Jella Flores

    brilliant voice, song, talent and artist


    when Brian was beauty and make good music

    Deby Iris

    I think you are right, he is handsome today but 7 years back he was totally beautiful😢😢

  8. Chris Hannon

    Nice tune and got one of Brian's previous albums 'The Irish Connection' which I love

  9. Mega Diana

    N they fpt divorce ... so when they looked again this video. I wonder what they feel

  10. Dexter E

    Westlife ain't the same without him

  11. Daybah Kiala

    Brian you're the best

  12. Spiderman Hero

    Please come back to Westlife reunion 2019!

  13. Batman Hero

    Why did he leave Westlife?

  14. megajessicacarter

    Love you Brian...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. KuyaShane17

    Still loving it!!!! ❤️💙💚

  16. Gareth Keeley

    Nauseating rubbish

  17. Reza Denasira

    Wow, this man is so good. He should join Westlife.

    Cherry Mendoza

    he was a member of westlife

  18. delyth griffiths

    Beautiful voice !!💚💛💚💃☺

  19. Qorxmaz Sahil

    i am listening to you from Azerbaijan

  20. Jansius Sinaga

    we miss you deutzy

  21. KuyaShane17

    You sang it very well

  22. John Newman

    Best i heard

  23. Briely McFads

    Brian!!!!!! Missed you so much...Westlife comeback plssssssssss with Brian plssssssssss #WestlifeTogetherWithBrian

  24. mark lester alabon

    hai brayan im rogien romero frm philliphine i won see u personal ii love god bleesmore bday to come to u be carefull ilove u very much

  25. Briely McFads

    Wish to meet you someday Brian, I love you so freaking much Brian my ultimate crush you have an amazing voice., they lied when they said that westlife don't need you ., I love you Bri!!!♡♡♡♡ always sending you hug and kisses from Manila, Philippines

  26. Umer Khan

    such an underrated song writer

  27. Evelyn Deriada

    great singer and writer....goodluck Brian mcfadden. ..God bless u always.....011717

    Elizabeth McGraw

    Evelyn Deriada he didn’t write it. The original song was from an band called Sierra Montana

  28. amelie cagas

    you're so amazing Brian McFadden from Philippines. watching this Christmas day 2016

  29. Kateřina Přikrylova

    So strong song :-)

  30. Teagan Tregear

    Only 7 thousand subs wow - underrated

    Catherine Armstrong

    Teagan Tregear

  31. Дмитрий Юрьевич

    Well, I believe that every ex-menber of Westlife is talanted but Bryan and Shane they are special ones

    ASJE Aviation HQ

    All former Westlife members have solo albums of their own. (:

    Christie Smith

    It's a shame that Brian and Shane haven't spoken in nine years, Shane is probably still mad that Brian left the band

    micandro nella

    Mark is the best one for me and Shane

    Jella Flores

    only brian and mark is my favourite and for me is deserving of my love

    Flawless gogo

    BRYAN is really special

  32. Clints Gaming


  33. Riyadi Suria

    Wawww fantastic ..

  34. Adriana Colosimo

    I love Brian McFadden

  35. Chris Greig

    great bloke

  36. Joao Carlos Gumerato

    great singer....
    he could come to Brazil

  37. Albert Thamane

    Brilliant song, WOW!!!!

  38. 2014 23

    Absolutely adore this song think iv listened 15 times today alone!!

  39. Ravi Lakra

    It's kinda feel sad watching this video now..

  40. Forever Young

    Great job Brian

  41. Taylah Carvolth

    I love Brian McFadden

  42. Lars Lars

    Wooww :-)

  43. Yan Beta

    this beautiful man.

  44. Nelson Enrique Molina

    Greetings from VENEZUELA :D

  45. zombie766

    god i love this song so much and i can so relate to this song

  46. furuio

    Brian you are the best !!!!

  47. Farhaana

    Just love this song. <3

  48. Mamiew Lucky

    So beautiful voice.

  49. Bruno Ferreira

    Brian is such an amazing singer, I love this song.
    Anyway, about Sierra Montana's song (i never heard their version). He did a cover, it is a reason for being mad? Westlife did 2 album's just with cover's, and aren't they good? Brian doesn't deserve comments like that, if you don't like just don't listen, not that hard.

  50. kare cuevas

    go briannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mcfaddennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...iloveyou.....

  51. Christoffer svanér

    anyone knows the chords for this song?

  52. Rahul Thapa Ryan

    beautiful song by brian ,love this song...:)

  53. tracymcd

    he is putting out music in uk he has an album coming out in march

  54. Daniel joseph

    too bad sierra montana wrote the original and were soooo much better...

  55. Tegar Hidayatullah

    This the real music.... From Brian McFadden!!!! Actually he better than another western singer

  56. Celina Mae Ruiz

    This deserves a billion views!! iLoveYou BRiAN !

  57. Celina Mae Ruiz

    Really ? I'm glad.

  58. Kyle Mellis

    Brilliant singer sad to see u not putting out music in the uk

  59. Tom Connolly

    get some aids

  60. Robin Yen

    Very Nice Song...Waiting 4 your fourth solo album! Hehe...

  61. Alexandra Meier

    beautiful song :')

  62. James Dacanay

    The girl is beautiful o.O great voice ^^

  63. Neeltje Vogel

    he reminds me of heath ledger... don't know why, it's just it.... The song is toooo beautiful!!

  64. Grace

    I absolutely love this song and I still support Brian McFadden because he's a talented singer and such an amazing person! :)

  65. Laudicea Moraes

    I love this song !

  66. Patricia Ferreira

    Great song Brian :-D

  67. Tiffani Duke

    Bullshit how i cant watch the video. Says its not able to in my country. Lameeeee

  68. Lauren Skinner

    me TOO! it's sooooo beautiful isn't it :)

  69. Lauren Skinner

    I looooooooooove this song but can't say the same for the artist - ha - he was so rude to the audience at a Delta concert a few years ago... Meow

  70. bobbygimenez

    Go to Mp3 skull . com

  71. Pablo Naranjo

    Con todas las veces que he escuchado esta cancion debiera tener mas de 1 millon de views :)

  72. theFragrant7

    Love the song!

  73. Coolica1

    This video was done on a very tight budget. Good thing the song is awesome.

  74. Harriet Star

    This song is my favourite of all Brian's songs from any of his albums or singles. I listen to it every day and it always seems to make me cry. beautiful.

  75. westlifeinhearts

    she looks like lana del ray

  76. Lanceric Tse

    admit it, if this song is about delta, it will get twice as much of views

  77. poste de madera

    you are great brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. jordan johnson

    This is so sweet!! wish someone did this song for mee :'( it's cuteeeeee, Brian is such a great singer and good techniques <3

  79. Cam Ettery

    Listened to the first 20 seconds of this song in a car radio, then I had to get out of the car... My mate and I tracked down the radio station that played the song, and we emailed them asking them what song was playing... took them 5 days to reply but oh god, so glad they did!!

  80. PeteMorgan92

    This song is so great ! Great job, Brian !

  81. chrisalev77

    This music video obviously had no budget.

  82. harryLyn Styles

    the best video ever,,love you so much BRIAN MCFADDEN your the best<3<3<3

  83. ashgyllenhaal

    Awwww, he's so beautiful xx

  84. James Smith

    Tyler Labine lookalike.

  85. Celina Mae Ruiz

    Fuck ya'll !! y are you all shit haters keep on sayin' that he ain't deserve more views and all he did was to cover it ??who definitely think you are ?? at least he sang it good..and how about you??have you done anything like this?well actually no! You're only makin' yourselves look more Disgusting ! so Stop sayin' this and Fuck yourselves off !!

  86. mitchow

    he'd deserve more views if he wrote the song...
    his version doesnt even compare to the original.

  87. mitchow

    yep uploaded in 2009 - "Sierra Montana - Wrap my arms" same song
    check out there other song "louis"
    its supermans point of view

  88. mitchow

    an aussie band called "sierra montana" wrote this song...
    i heard it today on tv and im like thats not sam singing??
    sam has a heaps better voice.. check out the original version of this song.. im sure its on youtube somewhere with an upload date of more then 2 years ago =p

  89. Cara Fraser

    i heard this song on a home and away promo and i instantly love it x

  90. 4444tee4444

    oh my vogue williams, you are gorgeous!

  91. Anaminuz thii

    I want his hair *-* mine looks like shit

  92. gillycarroll19

    home and away brought me here it a great song though!!:)

  93. rosnari

    Home And Awat took me here !

  94. Celina Mae Ruiz

    and so ?

  95. Mohamed Magdi

    only my manhood prevents me from insulting a woman !

  96. Crystal Kim-Chi

    this song is one of the only two songs that made me miss being in a relationship..

  97. Kelley Plunkett

    if he loved his two kids half as much as his bitches he'd be some kind of a man