McCombs, Cass - Laughter Is The Best Medicine Lyrics

Sugar and spice and everything weird
A tug on Jupiter's beard
Equal parts bay, henbane and kelp
A tooth from a spotted wolf's whelp
Garlic, cayenne, turmeric and lime
A wood spoon to stir into slime
Who's laugh?

Medicine, funky medicine
Nasty medicine
Medicine, kinky medicine
A taste of your own medicine
Sister Moon whisper the words over the fire
Homegrown medicine

Sensual purple of a deeper shade
Visions flash on a new blade
Montezuma's flesh; licorice tomb
The smile of a young girl in bloom
Add whatever you want for taste
And share! Don't let it go to waste!
Who's laugh?

Medicine, voodoo medicine
Chinese medicine
Medicine, tantric medicine
A taste of your own medicine
Honey, a little too much, exactly right
Who's laugh?

Medicine, goofy medicine
Country medicine
Medicine, freaky medicine
A taste of your own medicine

Medicine, cellular medicine
Planetary medicine
Medicine, outlaw medicine
Laughter is the best medicine

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McCombs, Cass Laughter Is The Best Medicine Comments
  1. Christbearer

    This is pretty amazing ( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)

  2. EvilCracky

    Such a good artist =) Really amazing songs Brings you back to better times hahaha

  3. Paul Kelleher

    Always come back to this. Just love this song.

  4. I.M. Peach

    After a stressful night of Anti-Trumpazoid trolling its real nice & relaxing to listen to Cass McCombs instead of Fox Entertainment Faux News.


    go away with talking politics No One Cares , we want to chill and listen to dope muzak =)

    HAVE A NICE DAY !! Smile and be happy

  5. Paul Kelleher

    Fuck, I love this song so much. Never fails to lift me and get me singing!

  6. Raven Martin

    For a disco song, play this at 1.5x

  7. IVAN3000


  8. Arthur D'haeyer

    The chord progression of the chorus reminds me of Sufjan Stevens's "Jacksonville" in his wonderful album Illinoise. Love

  9. Adam Lans

    I hear a mixture of these artists: Simon and Garfunkel, Kurt Vile, Toro y moi

  10. Banshee Beat

    love it. reminds me so much of ariel pink's haunted graffiti. especially 3:25

  11. Tanja Bresan

    Lyrics are great witty sexy funky.. Melody goes so well.. Love the album already!

    Paul Kelleher

    Great collection of songs.