McCombs, Cass - Bum Bum Bum Lyrics

The white dog of the farm still breeds
She's off her leash
To tear flesh and teach
Bum bum bum

You think you've heard it all before
Well, here's once more
We're all at war
Bum bum bum

Blood in the streets, our eternal river
I know the killer
He counts my silver
Bum bum bum

They ambushed them behind the reeds
These are our seeds
White dog still breeds
Bum bum bum

They say, "Buy when there's blood in the streets
Even if the blood is your own"
So they employed men far away
To turn against their home
Centuries in the distant mist
But it's not a dream

No, it ain't no dream, it's all too real
How long until
This river of blood congeals?
Bum bum bum

And eulogies poured from the stage
But nothing changed
The dog was caged
Bum bum bum

And white bread artists won't even look at you
When they know it's true
What you gonna do?
Bum bum bum

Thought I heard some woman screaming
And I sat up in my bed
And I went over to the window
And I saw him in the cold street, lying dead
Oh, please tell me, you academics
How do you wake up from a non-dream?

No, it ain't no dream, it's all too real
How long until
This river of blood congeals?
Bum bum bum

Sent a letter to my congressman
The Ku Klux Klan
From my pierced hands
Bum bum bum

They sent me back an Apple phone
A fine-hair comb
And a bell tolled
Bum bum bum

The phone rang once and the line went dead
All blood runs red
White pups still bred
Bum bum bum

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McCombs, Cass Bum Bum Bum Comments
  1. 张土豆


  2. Claire Nguyen

    This song got me so quick right at the beginning with the guitar

  3. Pat Antonio

    anglo feels =[

  4. Victor Campos Pamias

    gran canción


    amazing track !

  6. Jarosław Purchawka


  7. Sam Vovnik

    great song. Doesn't he look like Bryan Ferry?

  8. Can


  9. Samuel Burrows

    Anyone else think this is the perfect hybrid of Meat Puppets, Elliot Smith, and Beck? Meat Puppets the first 37 seconds, Elliott Smith with the verse from 00:37, and Beck in the part from 1:37 to 2 minutes. Cass is his own man, for sure, but I couldn't help but think of these three artists!

  10. Alf Tupper

    Vocal is very 'Ariel Ballet'

  11. Annie Lol

    I love it!

  12. DAD fandango

    is it odd i think of something kayo dot would make when i hear this

  13. Luís Pedro Crespo

    He reminds me of José Gonzalez... His voice and this sweet chill melody...

  14. Axis Rejoice

    путин иди нах, мы здесь иди нах

  15. Axis Rejoice

    ком хи

  16. ViPayne

    <3 Cass McCombs <3 Too bad he doesn't believe in marriage...

  17. yellowteeth

    elliott smithy eh ?

  18. Paul Kelleher

    I love the music of Cass McCombs so much. Its got everything, brilliant music, great storytelling and lyrics, stunning licks.

  19. Jonathan Holleb

    This is some third eye wide open shit right here...

  20. Hollywoodonlock

    I found this song from a girls tinder profile. Turns out she has pretty darn good taste. Might have to wife her. ;-)

  21. Акаккий Тарантулов

    Звучит не плохо. Релакс....

  22. Senor_Onion

    I was looking for a song that I can't remember the lyrics to

    Matheus Scharf

    Just like me... 😂

  23. Rene Gonzalez

    such a great song to listen to on your day off, good to restart your mind

  24. Sigrún Johanesdóttir

    I can't describe how much this song calms my anxiety...


    @LazyGigolo is that Boris Vian in your profile pic?


    @JulienZ Right you are. The gratest genius of the past 100 years.


    @LazyGigolo alongside with Vernon Sullivan ;)

  25. Pedro Silva

    The intro sounds just like Yasunori Mitsuda. Search for fields of time or chrono cross overworld theme. Still good, but I wonder if the composer knew of it.

  26. Fierce Deity Abdi

    why is there so many japanese ones this isn't even japan heck it's no way related to japan what the hell

    Fierce Deity Abdi

    oops wrong video hahahahhahahaha

  27. Andrew Miller

    Awesome music. Very relaxing rhythm.

  28. cyborgdata


  29. JP Lloyd

    Has to be the most chill track ever, love it.

  30. Sharon S.

    i love this song so freakin much

  31. Anja Alice Wintermann


  32. gizel brown

    got this off of Soundcloud RSS Disco at dublab radio LA..
    other great songs there as well for all my elevated music listeners

  33. antoniomike

    Love him

  34. DrunkenSailor404

    nice guitar song, love the riff

  35. hugo

    Of course artists like this, real ones, we can only give credit by spotify. Well here am I, asking for some attention to this great musician.

  36. Vasilis Efstratiou


  37. Inbal Gonen

    exactly what i needed now!

  38. D Cast

    I ❤ a girl with a Bum Bum Bum.

  39. Will Matson

    Cass is such a fantastic musician AND lyricist, his albums are full of nuance and depth and reward repeated close listens. His artistic talents are on full display in this track.

    My personal interpretation of this song is that it's essentially an admonition of the darker aspects of globalism: unrestrained capitalism and its adherent disruptions to developing societies; the continued legacy of colonialism, etc.

    The "white dog" perhaps stands as a metaphor for modern Western countries (and perhaps more specifically the US) in relation to foreign entities -- while it's no longer an untamed wolf like it was in previous eras, it still has the capacity for violence and exploitation -- she's 'off her leash, to tear flesh and teach'. And they're continuing to breed pups, 'they are our seeds', a metaphor for Western power's influence being sent out across the oceans -- we're all at endless war.

    Cass asks, 'how much longer until this river of blood congeals'? Despite the hard lessons of the 20th century (two World Wars, countless millions of people systematically murdered and killed in horrible ways, thousands of ceaseless conflicts, the production of weapons capable of ending all life on earth, etc. ad nausea)... -- still sacrifices continue to the machinations of unbridled capitalism.

    Cass emphasizes the fact that these aren't *just* metaphors; this endless cycle of devastation is *literally* happening and shows no signs of abating. Academics can provide no satisfactory answers to the problem -- and besides, how can one actually wake up from the nightmare of reality?

    Cass adds in a dollop of dark humor, pointing out the ironic attempt at placating his worries: they sent him an Apple phone, a fine haired comb, and the bell tolls. Essentially, shut up and be happy with your toys (but be sure to buy toy version 2.0 once the first one runs its course of planned obsolescence).

    Bum bum bummer. Yet so eloquently stated.

    Jonathan Holleb

    The idea of being desensitized can also apply to the lines of "white dog still breeds" because the wars don't end, the violence doesn't cease, and it mostly just spreads around...Hatred can only breed hatred, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks, as the expression goes...You can, however, be awake & know what is going on in the US & the world & not simply ignore things or become of the "ignorance is bliss" midnset which I completely despise.

    Brandon Gibson

    This just gave me goosebumps. Thank you for that detailed explication, it’s incredible & very accurate, I’d wager. What a good fucking song...

    Helen Mandro

    Will, thank you a lot for your honest thoughts and sharing it. It worse.
    Will be grateful to hear from you : [email protected]

    Jonathan Holleb

    @Brandon Gibson It's nice to know that there are still so many deep thinkers on the internet that talk about song lyrics...

    Greg Charles

    I appreciate this song.

  40. Spin Dogg

    Somewhat haunting....Bum Bum Bum

  41. Lars butnotleast

    this would fit perfectly in the garden state soundtrack.. wonderful song

  42. Chase Milhorn

    Heard this song three times at a coffee shop over a month and couldn't find it. Finally tracked it down at a climbing gym. Ride on dude!

  43. Slow-Achievements

    I found this artist by googling my own last name...


    smoke weed bruv?

    Random Dude

    COCONUTHEAD more like inhale cannabis at elevated temperatures brethren?

  45. gemaf

    Great song glad I heard it

  46. jose miguel azcona elizalde

    Nos vemos hoy en "Las Armas". Zaragoza


    The guitar reminds me of "Color Humano - Hace casi 2000 años".

  48. sunriseRISE

    its got a ''Walls n bridges' john lennon feel -at 1.50 n gtr n 3.11

  49. Abdul Salim

    im in love

  50. maor malik

    wwwwwoooow simply an orgazmic song

  51. Marco91

    nice song

  52. gorrestfump

    ok so this is my new favourite song

  53. EasyWannaBeE

    Hope well for those listening

  54. Jennifer W

    Such a beautiful melody for such a violent lyric

  55. Catherine

    my morning jacket

    The Name's Hicks

    Fricken love mmj so much and cass mccombs is pretty great

  56. william devonshire

    bum looks like burn

  57. David Goff

    Heard this tune on the Loft Sirius XM ch. 30. I'm liking this channel.

  58. cing dapur

    this is beyond coldplay, thx pitchfork

  59. Java Cerrado

    Sounds like alabama by neil young.

    The Name's Hicks


  60. xxonk

    this a fantastic song !!!!!!

  61. Korben Dallas

    Played this the other night in Houston. Sooo good.



  62. PDS

    For some reason I feel Manassas when I hear this .

    Cass and Stills imagine that .

  63. Рашо Александар

    Love my Cass in the mornin #noHomo


    Not even a little homo?

    Рашо Александар

    I like lesbian porn, does that count?


    Sure, why not?

  64. Elliott Barletta

    this is fucking great

  65. RedT

    reminds me of elliot smith for some reason


    I think the main reason it reminds you of that is the double-tracked vocals, and both whispery male singers

    G Mick

    I thought the same thing when i heard this song for the first time. i came to youtube specifically for comments to see if anyone else had noticed the similarity. its something about the fragility in his voice that evokes Elliott big time.

    Annie Lol

    his voice

    Neale Scott

    RedT is better

    Daniel Reyes

    It’s his soothing voice.

  66. V ////

    Bum bum bum

  67. Luis Junca

    What an Album. Mr. Mccombs surprises again...bum bum bum