McClarney, Chris - Still Saving Me Lyrics

You won't back down
Your name is faithful
You never fail
You are able to complete
All You began in me

I cannot hide
You know me better than I know myself
You cannot lie, You know my shame
Still, you call me beautiful

Only You can open my eyes
Through every failure, through every lie
It's your kindness, Lord
That leads me to the truth

You're still saving me
When I lose my way in the night
All my fears are lost in Your light

It's Your kindness Lord
That brings me back to You
You're still saving me

In You, in You, I delight in You
I lift my eyes to You
In my help it comes from You

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McClarney, Chris Still Saving Me Comments
  1. Carlin Aindreas

    I wish I could get the Chord chart to this so g

  2. Isabelle Kim

    I love his voice...and this song. Love the guitar instrumental.