MC Magic - Bestfriends Lyrics

Yur my lady
Always been so true (always been so true)
This is why...
I sinq this sonq for you (I did it for you)
And yur my lady (yeah)
Always in my life (you've been always in my life)
And I wanna thank you for beinq down to ride

Forever yurs, Forever mine
Our love will always shine
No matter the situation ou were always by my side
Never the less you brought the best of me in the years that I lived
Only love that I got
My right hand, My best friend
Who must have sent such an Angel to this world that is cold
You belong in the Heavens not this ignorant world
Yur my girl, my all
Best thing a man could ever have
I'm glad that yur mine, and I'm proud to be yur man
Understand there is no other, yeah there is just a few
Stayin true like you, Never breaking a rule,
LORD forgive me for the things that I have done to you
If you weren't up in my life I wouldn't know what to do
Won't complain about no money
Did things when I was broke, All we needed was each other,
Love is strong to let go
If I die tonight
All I want to let you know,
Reminiscing on what we had, Hold me tight and don't let go

Girl, yur the one for me, never ever
Let me down, you will always be around
Girl, I have to thank you baby,
Always standing by my side, So don't you ever leave my life

Even thru these hard times we continue to face
It's like deep inside of me you can never be replaced
Like when we struggle we get tested in Faith
But you've been strong and stood by me every step of the way
I thank the Lord for the day he brought you into my life,
Changed my world, my destiny
And gave me new life,
So if you got somebody special that's always been true
Show love and take note in everything they do
I can never take for granted what shes done for me
Even when we disagree she still stands by me
Late night, Road Trips showing mad support
The type of girl that every homie should be keeping close
Cause your that type of girl that never let me down
Encourage me to see the light
When no one else would came around
Down when I had money and down when I was broke
So if I die tonight hold me tight and don't let go

Girl, yur the one for me, never ever,
Let me down, you will always be around
Girl, I have to thank you baby,
Always standing by my side, So don't you ever leave my life

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MC Magic Bestfriends Comments
  1. Omar Rodriguez


  2. La. Baby Foolish

    0I WILL HAVE TO SAY THIS ABOUT MOST OF THEM . THEY'VE DON'T HAVE A REASON TO BE PLAYING YOU MOST OF THE <3 . Unless they have started a new policy that they will take in almost anybody else who they find.

  3. King Savage

    All of MC Magic and NB ridaz songs are fire ❤️🎧

  4. Turo Martinez

    Shes dead. But I will never forget (2007-2012)

  5. Gracie Lopez

    This brings back Memories from back 2006... still jammin' 2019

  6. Tania garza Tania

    I dedicated this song to my girl back in 2004 this was our jam now we have to boys 9 and 11 year old and a beatiful baby girl 6mnths are realtionship is not perfect i dont what is going to hapen but listening to thing makes me go back to all the promises we had made 😔

  7. SuperKeith 007

    Haven't heard this song since 2002/2003 when I was 14-15!

  8. MoonLight Cortez

    I fell for my best friend. Idk how to tell him 😣

    HORiZONLandscapeService’s Of AZ

    Stop putting yourself thru the pain of unexpressed feelings you hold inside .just be honest and tell him ..who know he might just feel the same about you ; u never know unless u try! GOOD LUCK .., smiley boy p.s most men are too proud to admit they are in love so they don’t want to seem weak or be vulnerable so odds are if you are the only female friend he spends most of his time with them he is no doubt in love w u too and that’s 32 yrs of experience speaking .. life’s a journey and we as humans are not meant to live it alone so what are u waiting for?? Once again good luck

  9. Cece mulah

    My baby BEES BLOWED i dedicated this song to him he Never heard it n it almost made him tear up.

  10. ALy R Lopez *Beauty*

    🙆🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 ths g0es i stiLL Luv iT😍😘

  11. Pablo Nunez

    This Song Is A Life Fullfilling Rythem There's Not A Girl That Stands Tall They All Fold Time Is Short So Is Love

  12. Brianna Andrade

    My Husband Dedicated This Song Too Me In 2010 And We Are Still Going Strong 2018 💙❤

  13. Jose Martinez

    1'1'13 forever 💔

  14. Alondra Vidal

    11/19/16 . once upon a time...

  15. Marcos Mendias

    damn homie esta rola will never get old 4 me takes me back to phoenix prep academy 1st time heard this song 28 years old now damn still bumping it

  16. Latrice Loughlin

    luv u...




    7-17-15 OGEE









  23. Dominic Hopkins

    1.6.16 😍😍



  25. Leanne Paula


  26. Ashley Ramirez


  27. TroubleSim EightTwoFour


  28. Georgina Ortega


  29. Lili Tang

    Memories 😫😫😫❤️❤️❤️

  30. Josh Contreras

    04.20.12 - Now♡ 4 Years Brought Me Here.. And I Remember Listening To This Hoping I'd Find Love Like This.

    Love You Jasmin Sotelo Marquez!

  31. yashawnie Cx

    O9.22.13 💖😭🔐

  32. Geo

    Belen G.R.
    You will always be in my heart! Always and forever!!!!

  33. Jr Gonzalez

    9.22.07& forever more<3 I love you truly my best friend...

  34. Lyla C

    love this song 💋

  35. Vanessa LOPEZ

    Robert ruiz 💔 DAMN LOVE WILL NEVER DIE

  36. Zyaharia Garcia

    👌👌😍😘love this song👌👌😘😍

  37. Ricardo Uribe


  38. Kunect Musik

    <3 111911 F0REVER&ALWAYS <3 0&E<3

    michelle rodriguez


    Kunect Musik

    +Bess Rdgz i L0VE YOU 2 BABy

  39. Graciela Cortez

    ♡ Beanz 10 ' 17 ' 2O12 Grey-C ♥

  40. Erick Santana

    Hermosa cancione la amo

  41. Evita Roberts

    Is this on soundcloud ?

  42. Christian Boswell

    I dedicated this song to my ex fiancee she's an okay person, then I also dedicated this song to my best female friend. (And then I also dedicated this song to a bunch of woman that works at hooters (sarcasm)

    Damaris Renteria

    Christian Boswell lmfao!!😭😭😭😂

  43. Lila Rivera

    I dedicated this song to my first love n still when I hear I think of him I used to cry to it but now I just smile for all the good memories we had...

    Lowz B

    Lila Rivera I feel you on this post

  44. Allisson Cresspo

    I still love yuu Raul B 💔😢
    11||13||14 That datee ii will never forqqett 'Te Amo'

  45. Jennifer Ortiz

    Just here thinking live is heard be strong tell God take over

    Nae n tiny Do or die

    REST in paradise, Mi Ángel. I miss u SO SO MUCH! ;💔😢 Fly high n I'LL c u Son. 12-22-81- 5-11-18
    So Lost without u by my side. R. I. P VICTORIA VIALPANDO A. K. A "TINY";! ESPAÑOLA N. M. 505*** 💔💔💔💔💔😢😢😢😢😢😢👼🙏🙏

  46. Jennifer Ortiz

    That's a good song

  47. Blossom Flower

    123013 Oscar & Tiaa all-day !! i dedicate thiz songg to my one nd only love of my life.. fuck any other niqqa.. ;) <3

  48. Ivan Rodriguez

    Shee Will Always Be My Bestfriend And That's A Promisee Im Willing To Keep For Thee Rest Of My Lifee .. ❤
    09-20-2012 ❤

  49. Ivan Rodriguez

    This For My Babee , ❤ ;c

    Only If Shee Feelt Hoow Much Yo La Amoo Con Todo Mi Vida , ❤ :(

  50. Yung Ace

    Damn Neta Keepin It Real 100%

  51. Stokes Baby

    RiP my love 8.9.10 our date . My Stunna man. I miss you 2-6-91/7-2-2012 :( the extrano Mi amor

  52. Laura Castillo

    i love him with all my heat. HIS that guy ive been waiting for. HIS my everything. i thank the lord for this.babe i love! TE AMO!!!

  53. MSzDiiEGO619

    6.17.2OO7 & still strong :) QUVO!?? :) <3

  54. MSzDiiEGO619

    6.17.2OO7 & still strong :) QUVO!??' <3

  55. Aryanaa Bieberr

    hahaha i love this song so much message mee bbygurl and jane u should hear a sog lost in love by MC Magic that song and thissongthoe <3message me jane :(

  56. Linda Delgado

    My song!!!!!!!!♥ 2013 and still listening. So beautiful. A song about true love. Holding strong forever.

  57. Julie Leyva

    its tue this is more than a love song

  58. LaDy G

    all i see is 2012 relationships. yall just started this song to strong for what 8 months i use to love this song back in '10 but it means so much more now that its 3 years later.. august 19. 2010 i love him. i hate him. im his. when u grow with a person songs like these are much moree than love songs

  59. ARY MTZ

    esta de poca guau!

  60. Martha Gutierrez

    :( wtf happend to this yo

  61. X jason charnock

    ♥ -:)

  62. Blossom Flower

    my baby sung this to me I started crying and couldn't stop!!

  63. chris v

    Got this song on replay

  64. Bethanny Lopez

    Who's still listening to this in 20muthafuckin'13 ? <3

  65. maryjane cano

    Still replaying this . ~

  66. The three hockey bros

    Who still reppin this song in 2O13 ? ♥:3

  67. boolove420

    This song for my ex...

  68. boolove420

    Love dis song for life,,, wen i die dis the song i want dem to play....

  69. Luis osorio

    in 2013

  70. Pamela Reyna

    thats so cute ^_^

  71. nancy ramirez

    My boyfriend asked me out in 4th qradee & now were in 11th & still stronqq c:

  72. Tasha Denham

    Trying to find the song on my phone any suggestions on am app that will find this song

  73. abel castillo

    2013* <3 hihihihhih

  74. Mallory Gee

    7/26/12 <3

  75. Caroline Myob

    Thiz song reminds me of my ex :( istiLl love him -\3

  76. Tori Vargas

    O3.14.12 -3 Always & Forever c:

  77. Bianca Hernandez


  78. oceanna juarez

    no judqinq i waz enqaqed 2 a qurl u can fall inluv with any1<3

  79. Yovanna Silva

    love this song its sad :(

  80. Daniel Gonzalez

    this song goes out to my love ;)

  81. Flakis Martinez

    Reminds me of me & soon to be hubby ^__<
    I'll always stand by your side no matter what , One year babyy & going strong , all the troubles we been thru , i'm glad they all happend w/ you <3

  82. Sharon Guzmam


  83. juno olivarez

    @wickeddmama16 i love you

  84. juno olivarez

    i love you more my princess @ gabriela por vida mi reina

  85. Annalicia Thomas

    annalicia thomas your my bestfriend i love youu urs truly b3C3nt1j

  86. GonzalezN1628

    Gotta love it!
    6.27.06 Still hanging in there strong! :)

  87. Ganqsta Luv

    Thiz Sonq Reminds Me Of Us He Is Mi BestFriend Mi Novio&& Mi Everythinq I Dnt Noee Wat I Would Do If I Lose Him
    Alwayz&&Forever -3 12.25.2K10 -3

  88. Chris Menta

    this the realiset somg love u mc magic

  89. jloca221

    He dedicated this song to me..but words are your gurl she means the world to u...dont just say it ;(

  90. Angelica Barragan

    my boyfriend dedicated this song and i cried i pray i never ever loose him!!!<3

  91. Marie Garcia

    yy that?

  92. Mary Jane

    Beandon♥ my bestfriend to my vato to my baby daddy♥

  93. whitedovegrl66

    love this song!

  94. whitedovegrl66

    Yeah love this Smiles!

  95. karen salinas

    srry ull probaly get her back hope it works out *-*

  96. jose sanchez

    I LOVE STEPHANIE !!!!!!!

  97. crazie virgos

    thaa only one tht always stayeed tru to meh & still remainz next to meh!! 5.O5.2OO8

  98. Adrean Castillo

    R.I.p memo