MC Lars - Zombie T-Rex Lyrics

The zombie t-rex is back,
undead swag with that old-school rap
‘Cause it’s Kurtis Blow with that Nerdist flow,
getting pterodactyl fly on the track
Four records deep, five EPs,
one mixtape, guess you can’t kill me?
Poison when I spit it, Komodo dragon (yeah),
nerdcore royalty, kimono draggin’
Sesquipedalian loquaciousness,
no rapper ever born dared to rhyme like this
MC Lars with the rhythmic alacrity,
oratory skills ‘causing mad catastrophe
‘Cause my whole crew’s sick, like Kubrick,
got your eyes wide shut for this apocalypse
Let’s face it, I’m an awesome rapper, post-punk laptop velociraptor
No, I won’t dumb it down for the mainstream fan,
‘cause the mainstream fan has lame taste man (yeah I said it)
And I’m flying over hurtles,
keep it underground like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
See, a funny thing happened on my way to the stage,
waylaid by a stegosaurs snacking on my leg
When I made my escape it was way too late,
got that T-virus strain all up in my veins
Bringing pain like the Necronomicon,
iguanodon loose up at Comic-Con
Tearing up your lawn like a mochlodon,
take away your girl like I was Donkey Kong
Jurassic park this van in your city every time I rock a show,
‘cause the fans all bounce when I light up the room with my pyroclastic flow, yo!

Ahhh!! I’m a zombie t-rex!
(No mercy, no surrender,
zombie t-rex I’m killing it forever) [x4]

‘Cause I make that smart music
That hard DIY from the heart music
That “Lars, he came to straight rock it,” music
That burning down your local Hot Topic music
that KRS-One on my album music
that of you course I’ve read up on Malcolm music
That PMA all day music
That guy who gave you K.Flay music
That RIP Pat Wood music
That only want to do a bit of good music
That got here on my own music
That hey it's “Weird Al” in my phone music
That lit-hop Edgar Allan Poe music
That show your English teacher how to flow music
That, TED Talk, read a book music
That look it's STZA Crack on the hook music like

Ahhh!! I’m a zombie t-rex!
(No mercy, no surrender, zombie t-rex
I’m killing it forever) (x4)

[Skip Turner:] “Our top story tonight, a herd of zombie dinosaurs is lose in San Francisco, causing my damage and destruction than the city has ever seen. We go now live to the Golden Gate Bridge, where a zombie tyrannosaurs rex is currently ripping apart the suspension cables and pushing cars into the bay.”

Ahhh!! I’m a zombie t-rex!
(Killing it forever)
Ahhh!! I’m a zombie t-rex!
(No mercy, no surrender,
zombie t-rex I’m killing it forever) [x2]

[Skip Turner (continued):] “Coming up after the break, San Francisco has already seen it’s local coffee markets impacted by these zombie dinosaurs. What these developments mean for your organic arabica. And then, enterprising young people are bringing gentrification to dinosaur caves and dens. We find the city’s best apocalyptic food trucks… and finally an Oxford study finds that white kids are still not hyphy. What can you do to help? We’ll cover it, after the break.”

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MC Lars Zombie T-Rex Comments
  1. Dawid Kościelski

    I heard the song in the background on the chess channel and the search began. The Shazam app dug the internet in 10 seconds. Good song, thank you!

    MC Lars

    That's awesome - what show?

    Dawid Kościelski

    @MC Lars Sorry, my english is by google translate. As for the app, your song was on "Pretzel", the channel author said. I hope that the authors of the application have not been violated in this way. Regards.

    MC Lars

    @Dawid Kościelski Nope! That is totally cool, Pretzel exists for that. Thanks dude!!

  2. MSxLITTLExPUFF Gaming

    I'm here because of pretzel rocks app. And leftover crack for sure. Love this song

  3. exhaustedcitrus

    Can't wait to see Lars for the baby Yoda tour!

    MC Lars

    exhaustedcitrus See you there!!

  4. William Sullivan

    Hey Lars, was just curious.. Is the news reporter guy at the end of this song, the same guy who's all over YT's album Introducing Neals? Sounda pretty similar.

  5. Bob Warren


  6. Spaceoutthrasher

    I distinctly remember Stza shouting outt he was a zombie t-Rex years ago and since I just found this again I’m so glad it really wasn’t a fukin dream or some shitt

    MC Lars

    Yes, it's real! We should have made a video!

  7. northland review

    This song is the shit the lyrics are great plus stza ahhh zombie t rex

    MC Lars

    justin garcia thanks homie

    northland review

    MC Lars hey you should be way more famous like the teenage mutant ninja turtles your ted talk was great as well

    MC Lars

    Thanks dude. :)

  8. bornfromashes 786

    Wish I could do this. Been listening sense I was 2 when my dad was playing ur songs in the car. Now I blare ur music in the car. Love ur music keep up the good work

    MC Lars

    That's awesome - thank you!!

    bornfromashes 786

    Its no problem. I also love gigantic robot kills. Have u ever done collaboration with mc Chris?

  9. illomen13

    Stza makes the best zombie T-Rex, credit cards and apple pie!

  10. Cody Carnahan

    nice, not bad, glad you are getting views and interactions.

    So hard to get people to come check out my music.

    us "white rappers" .. sigh :/

    MC Lars

    Thanks for spreading the word! Much love!! For info on how I got here, check out my FAQ:

  11. Ninja Tyler Black

    I wish this song had a music video

    Phil Collin

    Xtremebyrd2k6 it does....BOOM


    Phil Collin it does? Not the club singing one?

  12. Mike Capone

    This is the bomb diggity

  13. bjcovertaction

    The news report at the end made me giggle.

  14. duckduck go

    the klfay line is true haha

  15. Nick Ridley

    How in the hell doesn't this have 33 million views? This song is the hottest hit since the macarena

    MC Lars

    Thanks Nick. :)

  16. Vakume

    I love the chorus on this so much. I didn't expect it when I first heard it xD

  17. Slugger

    Mc Lars this was pretty cool and all of your other songs are too

    MC Lars

    Thanks Slugger!!

  18. Robert Putney

    This is weird cause I just saw LOC back in October

    MC Lars

    They are amazing!!

    Robert Putney

    Yeah, the show was cool, but sadly it seems like age is catching up on their live preformances