MC Lars - Sublime With Rome (Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime) Lyrics

Summer time and promoters get sleazy
Summer time, corporate bands get greedy
When they play arena shows with $7 bottle waters
A whole week’s paycheck to take your son or daughter
Dead Kennedys, bought a ticket to see Jello,
But he wasn’t there and I was like, “Hello?”
Kill kill kill the poor punk rock anthem
Then I went to see Sublime and I was like, “Damn son!”

Sublime with Rome is not the same thing as Sublime
Sublime with Rome was depressing and did not feel right
(It’s not the same! It’s not the same!)

The “with Rome” part was printed too small
(I saw the name, I’m not to blame)
I thought it might be cool, but I was wrong

I paid fifty bucks to go and see the Wu,
But ODB’s son kept missing all the cues
Plus Raekwon’s mic kept going in and out
When did ripping off the fans become what music was about?
A Nirvana reunion? They never would do it
because the band was Kurt and everyone knew it
When MCA died yo the Beastie Boys said, “That’s it we’re done
Now make some noise!” (You know!)

Sublime with Rome is not the same thing as Sublime
Should have stayed at home or at least been charged 1/3rd the price
(It’s not the same!)
It seemed like a good idea at the time you know
(It’s not the same!)
they’re down to only one original guy

My seat is miles from the stage sitting up in the back row
Rome was born in ’88 so now I’m feeling hella old
the Dalmatian’s spots seem painted on this band I’ve always meant to see
Live Nation Santeria on my adolescent memories

Just like the Misfits (it’s not the same)
Or Guns N’ Roses (it’s not the same)
or Black Flag (it’s not the same)
Posthumously half-reunited bands are so disappointing!

Sublime with Rome is not the same thing as Sublime
Sex Pistols, Alice in Chains, it pains me that they can’t retire
(It’s not the same! It’s not the same!)

It’s not the same thing as Sublime
(It’s not the same! It’s not the same!)
It’s not the same thing as Sublime

Well at least their tour t-shirts are reasonably priced.

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MC Lars Sublime With Rome (Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime) Comments
  1. RaidsEpicly

    Damn the Roger Lima chorus is actually really good here, can anyone recommend some of his songs that are similar (with the same fast pace?)

  2. Obvious Bambi

    This does sound a bit like Date Rape.

  3. Behind That Suit - Reviews

    Enjoyed this Lars!

  4. Devin Connors

    @ 0:54 They betrayed us

  5. JT Turret

    Watt White Take Off Your T-Shirt style video stands the test of time

  6. MC Lars

    Never miss a song! Subscribe for more ska-rap flavor!

  7. Sublime Time

    And no one said they were the same thing as Sublime.

  8. Troubled Youth Inc

    I hate to say it homie but dope fucking song!! Look I'm a huge SWR fan. Rome is one of my biggest inspirations. The deal with them is they are just Romes backing band. It was never meant to be sublime. Bud and Eric wanted to play all the sublime songs they never got too. Rome needed a backing band

    MC Lars

    Haha, thanks man. It's all about the branding, right??

  9. Daylate

    i used to run
    this song is great

  10. The Angry 88

    Seen Black Flag In 2014 only original member was Greg.

    Lachlan Neasham

    if you haven't already check out flag, pretty much black flags original members apart from henry but keith morris is still pretty good

  11. Spirit Familia

    thank's Mc Lars!!! much love 👍💎🌞 thank's for the truth!!! thank's for brad !!! 🔥🔊🔥🔊🔥

  12. DredPirate Danku

    i won't lie, i'd go see sublime with dave grohl

  13. FlewManChew

    sublime without bradley just is suckie. soo wish they would have left sublime out the title. rome couldn't carry brad's balls in a paper bag.

  14. david voncken

    true story!

  15. Randall Wetmore

    It's better than whatever the fuck this shit is.

  16. Connor Ingle

    Opening with a little Date Rape apparently.

  17. zoe saenz

    my mom thanks you for this song. she couldn't believe they would replace Bradley with some kid

  18. Eddie Villa

    Mc Lars! I have the biggest OG Sublime collection on youtube! Im so glad you made this!!!! I remember the days from the late 1990s up untill 2008 when I would type in sublime and that SWR crap never existed. I have been and OG collector since around 1997. The SWR garbage totally confused everyone and when I talk to people around the world about it they think sublime is the same thing as sublime with Rome. It makes all of us hard-core original fans since the 90s sick. Check out some of my rare live videos that I have been trading and collecting for about 16–17 years now.

    MC Lars

    +Eddie Villa Thanks dude! I will!!

    Jeremiah Bullfrog

    +Eddie Villa Your videos are awesome dude! Keep em coming! I know there's more!

    Sublime Time

    I personally love Sublime and Sublime With Rome.

    I feel like SWR shouldn't be called Sublime, but it is, and that was Eric's choice. Rome went with it because Eric and Bud are two of his idols.

    It's definitely not the same, but I still love it.

  19. John Smarr

    hell ya
    love your ska songs
    extra love SL colab

  20. Adrian Harrison

    best diss track 2k15

  21. titaniumpecker

    Thank you. I've had so many arguments with brain-dead "Sublime With Rome" fans that the name should be changed. There is no "Sublime" without Brad, just as you pointed out in your song that there could not be a "Nirvana" without Kurt. If anyone wants to hear "Sublime" songs played live, then go see a "Sublime" cover band called "Badfish".

  22. Mentaldepth

    keep pimping lars

  23. Shane Lewis

    Awesome! Wish ppl would quit using the excuse "because I couldn't see them, they are right in using a standin". Sorry it doesn't work that way. I'll never see Jimi, Bob or Jim Morrison but that doesn't give me the right to proclaim seeing a hologram or standin is the same. Hell even seeing an alive Bob Dylan 15 years ago WAS NOT THE SAME! lol Fortunately I saw the real deal in 95 & refuse imposters! Bad Brains with Israel = not the same!

  24. HeyMcFly

    I totally agree, and the fact it's now in a song should be a slap of reality on these guys. Don't reboot movies, don't reboot bands.

  25. Ninja Tyler Black

    i just got 8 free tickets to see sublime with rome right after this video came out

  26. Jeremiah Bullfrog

    Amen. Bradley was one of those rare, charismatic, irreplaceable "tortured genius/artist/eccentrics" that probably would have been regarded by mainstream society as the next Kurt had he lived long enough. Sublime was the last truly great, authentic, sincere rock band to achieve legendary status in the mainstream before rap/Disney/the boy bands took over for good.

    Sublime managed to achieve timeless relevance and greatness mere moments before the alternative rock/grunge explosion of the early 90s fizzled out forever. As far as I'm concerned, the window of opportunity to achieve rock n roll greatness had shut firmly behind them, and the genre as a whole's been in irreversible decline ever since. They were literally the end of an era. An era people are painfully nostalgic for. Hence Rome.

    Let's get real - Sublime with Rome only exists so Eric can take money away from that tribute band "Badfish." It was always a cynical cash grab designed to exploit name-brand-recognition. Of course it's forced. Of course it's not the same. Brad's brilliant skat-like improvisation and effortless spontaneity are nowhere to be found in Rome, he's not wild, he's not punk, in fact he's sterile and safe. There were always lots of different sounds/genres at play in Sublime's sound, but punk was always the main focus - they were like the punk rock world's answer to jam bands, and everything else was secondary.

    That's why so many of these "laid back" copycat Jack Johnson/Slightly Stoopid-esque reggae rap bands sound bland and inferior by comparison. It'd be like having GG Allin opening up for Enya, it's a noticeable, dramatic drop off in energy and excitement. It's also more complicated than just playing power chords and screaming, you'll never recreate Sublime with an obligatory, token "punk sounding track" on a mellow reggae/rap record because there's a natural soul/mentality/energy/sincerity/disposition that has to effortlessly bleed into the music all on its own. It can't be mimicked, forced or imitated, you either have that fire within you, or you don't. Brad had it, in spades. Rome does not. Sublime's imitators don't have it either. Rome's just a lucky SOB to be cashing in.

  27. Relar Fela

    When in Rome, do as Sublime does.

  28. Satellite Kid

    You seem to be a clever boy - how did you finally find out, that "Sublime" and "Sublime with Rome" are not the same? I heard that some really clever people can tell it by reading the name....

    MC Lars

    +Satellite Kid Haha, I guess the name of the band is pretty self-explanatory, right? :)

  29. theerawat khajorn


  30. Scott Deakes

    I like some of the Sublime with Rome songs, but it's getting worse. it's not Sublime. it's not even 66% Sublime. Josh Freese? Come on. Thanks MC Lars. loved your TED talk as well.

    MC Lars

    +Scott Deakes Haha, thanks Scott! I appreciate it. Thanks for checking out the song and for the kind words. :)

  31. Christopher Reeves

    I fuckin love this video. It's not just the video though, this song is great. You've turned what would ordinarily just be a conversation with your friends or a Facebook post into some good music.

    MC Lars

    +Christopher Reeves Much love Christopher, thanks! That's what I try to do.

  32. Richard Baker

    the most personally relevant song I've ever heard from you.. AGREED

    MC Lars

    +Richard Baker Thanks Richard! Much love my friend. :)

  33. Tropical Caterpillar

    I don't care if it's Sublime with Rome, as long as I saw Eric Wilson play Sublime songs on bass live, I will die happy. Would've obviously been better to see them with Brad, Bud, and Lou Dog but there's not shit I can do haha.

  34. Mindover Matter

    Rome disliked this.

  35. Agonyhardcore

    Seriously dude, I will try to not insult you personally. Your video kinda gave me a lot of anger. Just by looking at Justin Bieber and Kanye West in the video, along with the Kennedys. Of course It's not the same, that's why they called it Sublime WITH Rome. I'm glad they did it, I never got the chance to see Sublime before that, thank god they took that Rome guy because he is very talented and really can sing the song well. No Band is one person, if they decided to continue, it's their fucking choice. Of course it won't happens with MC LARS, because you are just one alone MC. You see, the Kennedys were the same line up since the very beginning, or almost. You sincerly think they will give up on the band, the struggle to succeed, the good and the BAD shows they've put on, the sacrifices ? They gave their life for the band, you really think they want to get back to Zero ? No band is one fucking person, you should not forget that.

    MC Lars

    +Agonyhardcore You bring up very good points! Thanks man. It is easier being solo, I can't break up with himself, for sure. Thanks for checking out the song!

    Jay RBFOS

    +Agonyhardcore You're fuckin' right dude!

    MC Lars

    You guys rock!


    I agree and disagree.

    For me the best example when it comes to it not being the same is Blink 182 and their current replacement of Tom DeLonge with Matt Skiba. To me Blink 182 was and always will be Mark and Tom. They had voices that were slightly opposite to give the songs the tone they wanted. Mark would normally sing the more serious songs, Adams Song for example, while Tom would normally sing the more goofy or upbeat songs with them mixing depending on the song. I have and listened to "California" and it just does not feel the same. To be fair they have not felt the same since Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, their last good album in my opinion.

    However on the flip side, Journey now has a singer who is just as good as the original.

    Still there are certain bands that are made by one person no matter what. Aerosmith would not be the same with a different singer nor would Queen for example. Those singers have unique voices and help to define the band beyond just the insturments.

    I think that's more what MC lars is getting at. Honestly if a band is down to one original member it might be time to make a new band or be a tribute band instead of using the original name to profit.

  36. DoWantOrangeJuice

    Yooo I had the same terrible Sublime with Rome experience. About forty minutes in we were like " this awful?" "Yeah it's really bad, do you wanna leave?" We left. The Dirty Heads were great, so we didn't feel totally ripped off, but let down fosho.

  37. James Clark

    Did Suburban Legends do the instrumental to this because it's really good!

    Randell Peters

    +liz moran 😂

    Jay Lewis

    Less Than Jake

  38. Erik Smestad

    favorite song of the year!

  39. TheWisestWizards

    They should have called it Sublime without Bradley.

    MC Lars

    +TheWisestWizards Haha, yes!


    this is so good!

  41. The Dan-O Channel


  42. hunter severson

    yes but sublime after Bradley and before Rome is still sublime

  43. Antonio Maldonado


  44. Nerd Bomber

    I will be enjoying you live in less then ten hours.... like Borat "I so excite!"

  45. J E

    love it!

  46. Cierra

    This is so good. You kick ass MC Lars. <3 Great video, definitely made my day.

    MC Lars

    +Cierra Cadaver Haha, thanks Sierra! Much love! :)

  47. Rizz3n

    That's a sweet video, haha. Really liking what I've heard so far.

    MC Lars

    +Rizz3n Thanks my friend!!

  48. ChloeB42

    Should've known that was Watt White's work.

  49. Declan Vanke

    mc lars great song love your work

  50. Lunarific

    Sublime with Kanye, nice one Lars