MC Lars - Never Afraid Lyrics

[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid [x4]

On a big blue couch in the corner of the kitchen,
we went on many missions and amazing expeditions
fying through the pages on that Magic School Bus,
Shel Silverstein rode shortgun, but it was up to us
to peel apart the layers and search for the dragons
the cats wearing hats, Curious George and Peter Rabbit
the newest freshest books? Mom always brought them home
then in high school it was Steinbeck, Keats and Edgar Allan Poe

Don’t let the memories fade, we’ve got to make them last
I was still a baby when Grandma Katy passed
and passed on her hardcover novels,
with the Sutherlin nameplates, our family gospel
‘cause I’m not sure if the lord is above,
but I know that your mother is alive in the stories you love
that you read to us when we were little, until we were grown
and I’m gonna pass them on when I’ve got some kids of my own

(Kids of my own)

[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid
[LARS:] (of the monsters in the closet, it would be alright)
[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid
[LARS:] (reading Goosebumps up in Tahoe on those summer nights)

[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid
[WATSKY:] (of a moaning ghost, or of a pile bones)
[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid

WATSKY: (even when the floorboards groaned)

Did Stuart Little give up? (No!) He always persevered
you came on stage at Warped Tour, remember how they cheered?
And unlike Jackie Paper I’ll be back to Honalee
to play you my new demos, ‘cause you’re so honest with me
at home you won’t put up with that rapper ego crap,
‘cause to you I’m still Andrew, and I’ll always treasure that
I’d choose my own adventure, it’s taken me so far
ghostriding giant peaches, catching seagulls with these bars

Keep all your nickles and dimes, feed me your riddles and rhymes,
read me your Wrinkle in Time, build me a bridge out to Terabithia, meet me at nine
on the mysterious island, right at the scene of the crime
come with Captain Nemo, but I’m emo, don’t leave me behind
staring at the sun out on the cape until we’re legally blind
freeze any Mutiny on the Bounty, just cary me there,
out by Where the Red Fern Grows and just bury me there

(Bury me there)

[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid
[LARS:] (of the Twits or the Grinch or even Captain Hook)
[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid
[LARS:] (of Boggis, Bunce or Bean, no I was never shook)
[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid
[WATSKY:] (of the Grendel or of Ichabod Crane)
[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid

[WATSKY:] (even when the Tripods came)
[CHARLYNE:] Now suddenly,
for the first time,
I’m ready to be loved

And If I ever have kids, I’ll read them Stega Nona
Lyle Lyle Crocodile, Matilda and Ramona

I’ll never give ‘em the back of my hand,
give ‘em the Giver, the River, Hatchet and Raggedy Ann

And even as a rap fiend, mama
you always kept my hats clean, mama

Even though we have seen drama,
you always had the vaccine, mama

CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid
[LARS:] (of gettin’ lost in Narnia because we had a map)
[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid
[LARS:] (in those Oakland Hills sitting on my mama’s lap)

[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid
[WATSKY:] (in Jumanji, or of Anansi)
[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid

[WATSKY:] (there’s no Ork or Morlock that haunts me)

[CHARLYNE:] I was never afraid [x4]

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MC Lars Never Afraid Comments
  1. Lucy Duncan

    This has helped me so much over the years and it shows a lesson that I wasn't really taught growing up. This song kinda tells me that it's going to be okay no matter what happens and it helped open my want to read even more.This is awesome and thank you guys for making it,also I'm way to excited to see You and Schaffer on the baby yoda tour-

    MC Lars

    This means so much, Lucy, I appreciate that! It was awesome to work with Watsky on this and I am glad you appreciated the message. :)

  2. DrunkenPrayer

    This is one of my happy songs. Every time I listen to it it reminds me of my gran and mum reading me books as a kid and starting a life long love of reading.

    MC Lars

    Thank you!!

  3. rellikpd

    I'm a mad +WATSKY! fan, so found this by accident, and glad I did!

    MC Lars

    Much love!!

  4. whyy thestupidithurts

    #watsky bring your book to north idaho ...fight the book bandit and come enjoy the beautiful town

    whyy thestupidithurts

    I know you of all people understand importance of books ... the library doesn't have a copy of yours, lets fix this ...

    whyy thestupidithurts

    don't let Colbert have all the fun trolling the bandit

    whyy thestupidithurts

    Mc Lars too ...come on bring books and troll a bad troll giving us bad pr

    whyy thestupidithurts

    consider it my liberal angst to request books we don't have 😀😇😈

  5. Mike D

    Long time fan, every thing you put out only strengthens that. Great work.

    MC Lars

    Thank you so much Mike - I appreciate it!!

  6. ShadowPresident 420

    I sure as hell WISH someone had taught me I didn't have to be afraid when I was a kid. It's one of those life lessons typically NOBODY will tell you. It makes you harder to manage if you're not constantly terrified of what might happen to you, if you do things the 'wrong' way in the eyes of the authorities. Fear is traditionally the most effective way of motivating action, which is why most of us are drowning in an ocean of fear 24/7, all the while believing it's "worse than ever", and that everything and everyone in the world is just the fucking worst.
    You just have to figure that shit out with time and experience. The world and other people aren't THAT scary... or maybe they ARE and you just get used to it. Anyway, people are alright. They're not the monsters that people saying "DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS" will tell you as a kid. Ah well, better late than never I suppose.

    I wonder if there's a way of getting the idea across to people where they'd be receptive. There must be. FDR had it right. FEAR itself is the real monster that we need to fear. Nothing can MAKE you afraid though, you get to decide. FDR is the rare politician who actually gave a shit about people, and helped us to understand how we're getting played by those who use fear against us.

    MC Lars

    This is a very thoughtful and awesome comment. Thank you!! I appreciate you watching and commenting.

  7. VinnyThePoohBear

    It took me how freaking long to know yhere was a video to this? Damn... 2 of my favorites on one track that just gets to me

    MC Lars

    Thanks for checking it out. This one was a lot of fun!

  8. Jake VanReese

    Red fern reference.....

    ....tears up!

  9. Raymond Lugo

    I'm going to have to listen to this again so I can make a list of the books referenced here.

  10. alchemista2

    of narnia... because I had a map - LOL, my friend doesn't understand why that's hilarous to me, but I guess they don't get your humor

  11. Kenneth Hudgins

    "Even when the tripods came." - gets me every time.

    MC Lars

    Thanks for checking it out!!

  12. Aiden Bouc

    Hell yeah heeleys

  13. cannonflake

    This is a cool song!!!

  14. manda panda

    This song is everything about my childhood that I dearly love and miss and wish I could pass onto my boys. It's so beautiful in so many ways!

    MC Lars

    Thank you Amanda!

  15. Pucx Games

    When I grew up my mum always listened to me Lars and went to concerts. Now I grew up and did the same with watsky. Neither of us knew about this song.

    MC Lars

    Much love! Dropping two new songs a mont here:

  16. SundayHipHop

    Cant wait to see you at the Gathering this year whoop whoop

    MC Lars

    See you there homie!


    I had mad fun homie I hope you did too

  17. Jamie Mayhew

    Mc Lars & Geroge Watsky - Just waiting for a track with Spose and YT. That would be some next level music.

  18. ThisisAidan

    I love this. Books and stories have saved my life so many times. This is amazing.

    MC Lars

    Much love!!

  19. Steve Garber

    Who else found out about this dude cause of that Waiting Room bassline?

  20. MC Lars

    Never miss a song! Subscribe for more lit-hop flavor!


    Like your music. I also like that tupac reference at the end. Not everyone would catch that.

    MC Lars

    Thanks homie - awesome you recognized the Pac shout out.


    MC Lars any words for an aspiring rapper?

    MC Lars

    TAN MAN Make lots of YouTube videos!


    MC Lars I've got a few up already and like 71 subs rn. Thanks for the advice lol

  21. S.R.

    Love da music

    MC Lars

    Thanks homie!

  22. MaDNiaC

    What a beautiful song with even more beautiful, bright children.

    MC Lars

    Thank you!!

  23. Dot Radio

    This is a mastapeece

    MC Lars

    Thanks homie.  :)

  24. kgonepostl

    This is so lovely.

  25. E de guzm

    Is the chick in the glasses that same blonde woman (NOT PENNY) From The Big Bang Theory?

  26. bornfromashes 786

    Love this song! It's great. Wish I could listen to this all ur songs all day. Ecspecialy at school. 4th grade is hard.

    bornfromashes 786

    Tell watsky i said hi. U should do more collaborations in future please. Love ur music

    MC Lars

    Thank you Asher! You are going to do great!

    bornfromashes 786

    MC Lars thanks that means a lot

    MC Lars

    The only Eric Wright I know is this person:

  27. Elijah King

    When I was little I constantly wanted to die because no one would talk to me for weeks at a time so I read books and watched TV even though I was scared I never showed it because I was ready to die anyway

    MC Lars

    Oh wow - that's intense.  I hope you are doing okay my friend!!  And I hope the reading helped.

    Elijah King

    MC Lars I'm doing a lot better now that I'm not in that situation anymore but I feel like I missed out on a lot of my childhood ps thank you for caring <3

  28. Jakub Wawrzyniak

    Guitar tab please!!!

  29. Gucci King Syrus

    seen I seen this on a TV show called the Q Zone

  30. joseph

    tbh, its an actually pretty deep song. this artist has some deep music. he deserves more.

  31. dockoston

    This is one of your best songs

  32. Elisabeth Howell

    This is beautiful.

  33. Tefen Ca

    WATSKY! & Spose! Looks like MC Lars is the new star on the rise! Right on man, I wish you the best! You deserve much more than 8k subs that is for sure!

    MC Lars

    +Tefen M Thank you homie! I really appreciate it!

    Tefen Ca

    No problem homie! Keep up the great work!

  34. Advent Jinx

    loving this song dude, play it at car shows in my area. people love it and it gets my car attention lol we both win!

    MC Lars

    Aww! Thanks my friend!!

  35. enibra

    So happy that I discovered this song on Warped Tour Sampler. Greetings from Germany! Love that track!

  36. Samantha Shelley

    When Watsky said, "when I have some kids of my own" I was thinking with me?? XD

  37. DUBA

    This song right here is MY JAM. Probably my favorite song on the whole album, no lie. XD

    MC Lars

    +DUBA Much love man! Was such an honor to rock this with Watsky. Thanks for the love.

  38. Rachel Mae

    My kid started rapping at 3 because of this song. Looovveeee. Thank you!

    MC Lars

    +Rachel Maè Thanks awesome! Thanks Rachel! Your kid sounds cool as heck.

  39. Mad Russian

    Sometimes I feel that the humanity is doomed to vanish in oblivion for ignoring something like this and instead hopping on a Justin Beiber train.

    P.S.: This video should be more popular!

  40. Chuck House

    This is my jam right here. I love Lars and Watsky, but this is all about childhood and I loved that more than anything. Thanks for reminding me boys. Now I'm headed off to where the wild things are.

  41. Steve Johnson

    Mc Lars and Watsky, come on now. Bay Area's best. Lars got Watsky to come back to youtube!.

  42. Elisa Trampal

    How did I get here? I'm thankful though, 'cause I love it

  43. Ryan Wallick

    This is my favorite MC Lars song. I could listen to it 100 times in a row and it would never get old. That's how great of a song it is!

  44. Brandon Snyder

    I remember going to see Lars play with mc chris and Spose in Raleigh, NC. Lars gave an amazing performance; he even rhymed freestyle using nerdy objects that the audience held up. It was very impressive. Hell of a nice guy, too.

  45. MGRaiden64

    I got to see mc lars for the first time at warped tour 2015 and loved his music. got a cd signed by him and will continue to support him!

  46. Hubert Sanchez

    This guy is better then the rappers on the radio

  47. Alexandra Lucas

    I've been looking for this forever... I heard them play it at Warped Tour and that was the first time I ever heard either of them... it was amazing!

  48. reefchiefer

    bury me where the red fern grows

  49. Hootowlnumber 1

    My mom used to read to me every single night. Madeline was my absolute favorite. I still have my first copy, it's coming apart at the seams. When I was 5 I knew the entire book by heart. My mom and I would recite it together during scary stuff like tornadoes and doctor's appointments. I still remember most of the book. I am so grateful to my mom for passing on the love of words to me at such a young age. This song made me think of her, brought back the good memories. Thanks, Lars. :)

  50. andy mckay

    looking for new Watsky, finding Lars, ...great song,

  51. Lincoln Eddy

    Man, this is so good.

  52. Kat Kady

    Great stuff Lars. We just had Sarah and Bob in our workshop at PAQ Studio/Gallery.
    Keep up the good work.

  53. Vanna Renae

    Oh, MC lars is the only rapper I do like, I saw him at warped tour, best day ever.

    MC Lars

    +Vanna Haddock Thank you!!

  54. Gardner Thompson

    Hey lars, met you at warped this year and really liked your stuff, glad to see the new stuff too, really like it, keep doing what you're doing, :)

    MC Lars

    +Gardner Thompson Thank you!!

  55. Viktar Vasileuski

    Great track!
    Listening it on the repeat second day
    Respect from Belarus!

    MC Lars

    +Victor Vasilevsky Thanks for checking it out, man! Much love!!

  56. Chipmunk Bad medicine

    this guy complemented my the offspring shirt at warped tour in Nashville

  57. Roobert

    I loved that 2Pac reference

    MC Lars

    +Roobert AoK So glad you caught it! :) Much love man.

  58. Kayden Kuewa


  59. Kayden Kuewa

    is this the guy that sang the cpr song

    MC Lars

    +Kayden Kuewa Yup, that's me, haha.

    Kayden Kuewa

    +MC Lars bro i used to listen to that all the time when i was young. When i found this song i recognized the name.

  60. Renegade1837

    You came to my school a few weeks ago, maybe a month. I didn't attend the thing you held but from what other kids said it seemed really great. I wish I had attended because now that I'm listening to your songs I'm honestly really liking this stuff

    MC Lars

    +Renegade1837 Thanks my friend!! :)

  61. Mr_ Pwner333

    anyone know a site where I can order that mickey mouse light or things like it?

  62. Arianna Sepulveda

    I'm 11 and I love books my favourite book is Peterpan and zurmonzi I praskly live in a library and my sister loves to make me read them to her her fav is Winnie the pooh so this is my fav song

    MC Lars

    +Arianna Sepulveda Thank you my friend!!

  63. notthatbrad

    I grew up with parents that did not read, but those book were my escape.

    You captured that. I can only hope I do half as well for those after me.

    MC Lars

    +notthatbrad Thank you!! Books are such a savior.

  64. Aistis Škarnulis

    you fit so perfectly with watsky :)

    MC Lars

    +astuXXX Thanks for peeping it!!

  65. A-muse

    Thank for a positive message and for keeping the lyrics clean!!

    MC Lars

    +A-muse Thanks for peeping it!!

  66. RSB100

    Can we get a watsky and mc lars collaborative album? I think that would be awesome.

    MC Lars

    +RSB100 I'm down!!


    +MC Lars that would be freaking awesome!

  67. Christine Prince-Jackson

    Awesome job!!!!love it.Thanks for having Faith and Michael Jackson <3 (The girl dancing and singing and the lil boy flipping)

    MC Lars

    +Christine Jackson They were awesome! Big thanks to them for being in it!!

  68. Sophie Cormier

    You just made me cry my own tears. This was so beautiful!

  69. Nerd Bomber

    uncle meg from HJA has the best cameo

  70. Fred .Flintstone

    3:18 is a reference to the song Dear Mama by 2Pac.

  71. Amelia Brubaker


  72. Taylor Musick

    the video ends at 4:20 coincidence? absolutely!

  73. Andibelle

    Holy shit was that a White Mountains reference? *squee* That was one of my favorite books in 6th grade!

  74. Declan Vanke

    +mc lars apsilutly amazing song keep up the great work man

    MC Lars

    +Declan Vanke Thank you!!

  75. Rizz3n

    Can't wait to hear all the new stuff!

  76. SHT musik

    Lars you look great! New diet?

    MC Lars

    +SHT Musik Thank you!! Been jogging a lot! :)

  77. apruitt1067

    sub cuz watsky

  78. zoe saenz

    so good. blasting this in my car for a week no one can stop me

    MC Lars

    +zoe saenz Thanks my friend!!

  79. Maxx Hibbs

    +MC Lars I remember discussing this vid with you at warped!!

  80. Mehar Singh

    Watsky and Lars collab holy shit, this totally made my week

    MC Lars

    +Mehar Singh Thanks!!

    Declan Vanke

    +MC Lars very very good song good work ☺

    Declan Vanke

    +MC Lars perfect display of rhyme ☺☺☺

    MC Lars

    +Declan Vanke Thank you! :)

  81. Spark nozzle

    great work, gentlemen!

  82. David Spence

    Absolutely amazing thanks Watsky and MC Lars and anyone else involved!

    MC Lars

    +Jenocyde BB Thanks for peeping our video!

  83. reannaaa

    watsky's features have been real 100 lately im so here for it nice

    MC Lars

    +reannaaa He kill sit every time!!

  84. WATSKY!

    oooooooo snap!

    Elijah King

    I love your rap and poetry man

    MC Lars

    +Joseph Chase Thanks man! Me too!

    Adrian Gustafson

    WATSKY! minnesota needs more of you


    You're a big part of the reason I got into music.

    Jamie Mayhew

    I liked the little kid version of you, dude. He gots the moves

  85. Vakume

    So glad I got this from kickstarter. Great track, and great LP in all

  86. kosha dillz

    good one larsy pooh

    MC Lars

    +kosha dillz Thanks Kosh! Love you!!

  87. Shardok1

    Haha, nice to see Hand Job in there ^^

    Raze Rem

    +Shardok1 wrong video dude


    @Julian Garcia How so?

    Nerd Bomber

    +Julian Garcia ing meg and ash Wednesday are in the video homie

  88. jwb4291

    Haven't even watched it or listened to it yet but seeing a collaboration of MC Lars and Watsky in my sub box?

    count me right in.

    MC Lars

    +jwb4291 Thanks for peeping it!!


    @MC Lars and, as expected, it was top notch stuff. Hoping for more collaborations down the line!

    MC Lars

    +jwb4291 Thanks!! :)

  89. Lindsay Gonshak

    "even when the tripods came" I don't know man I read that book + listened to the radio show in like 7th grade and it was pretty terrifying

  90. Jonathan Agar

    And THIS is why I love Lars and Watsky.

    MC Lars

    +Jonathan Agar Thanks man! :)

  91. ReverandBoJangles

    Absolutely amazing, so thrilled with the new album.

  92. BaptismOnFire

    My two favorite rappers together! This is so perfect!

  93. Taylor Musick

    its an awesome song thank you both!

    Taylor Musick

    I watched it like 10 times lmao

  94. THEBrandonBrownson

    Lars AND Watsky on the SAME TRACK?!? Life is sweet sometimes!

    Daniel Lovick

    right?! I pissed my pants a little

  95. hunter severson

    oh MC Lars you're so odd; it's great

  96. RonDicken1971

    Awesome song, and video! I still have my first book, "I An A Bunny" by Ole Risom.

  97. SeamoBloo

    I always wanted Lars and Watsky to do a song!! And now my dreams have come true!

  98. Nerd Bomber

    cant wait for the show in Ded Moines show. I love the fact I have yet to hear a book reference I've yet to read..... LONG LIVE LIT HOP

    MC Lars

    +Nerd Bomber See you soon man! Can't wait!!

  99. Timmy! Foxx

    dear blaibee Jesus this is amazing I was just happy to see new music from MC Lars, but super fucking stoked that Watsky was on this too. love both of you guys

    MC Lars

    +Oinché Garcia Thanks Oinché! Much love back. Thanks for checking it out.