MC Lars - Lenore (I Miss You) Lyrics

Teenage bride with that honey inside
Lenore on all fours, so I went for a ride
Then she died - so now I'm getting lifted
Lost in the scotch but please don't get it twisted
See my Mom died when I was just baby
and I haven't really trusted any ladies at all maybe
We really don't connect, what do you expect?
Nervous, don't deserve this so I keep 'em all in check
I'm an East Coast player, pimpin' every day
But these women always die on me, I wish that they could stay
Never give your heart away - that's the G code
She left me all alone, MC Edgar Allan Poe
We know I get emo when I meditate on death
And decay and depression well some might say I'm obsessed
Got a bolder on my shoulders feels like everything is wrong
But this poetry is therapy and so I soldier on

Lenore I miss you
That is not the issue
Wish that I could kiss you
And I'm really pissed you

Had to go away
I think about you every day
I'm clutching onto nothing babe
And no I'm not okay

Yes she was my cousin, it's a long story
But people point and stare, taking inventory
Of all the reasons why I'm such a creep
I know she was young (how young?) 13
But.... Um ... we really got along
I took her to the park, wrote her poems and songs
So how could it be wrong when it felt so right?
L-O-L, I-T-A in my arms every night
I'm a gangster yo thought I'd let you know
That I'm on that lean and I'm on that dro
And it's apropros feeling like Van Gogh
You could Say Anything, "that boy's got woe"
And who's that bro in my picture show?
John Cusak - who? Yo you really got to go
'Cause I might just go write some weird dark prose
I don't love you hos so I'm out the do'


This is not a love song, I've never been in love
I've been with many women but I haven't found the one
Who really had my back when I was out on the streets
Saving up the money to master this EP
See - we artists are a very special breed
with very special paths and very special needs
I'd rather die alone than ever have to be
stuck forever after living so unhappily


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MC Lars Lenore (I Miss You) Comments
  1. paultardspambot

    I don't miss you so i'm out tha door

  2. Anarchy Adam

    MC Lars is so under-rated, he's far better than any "Top hit artist" on the radio!

    MC Lars

    Much love.  Just saw your comment!

  3. joshy smiles

    How young?

  4. TheLastHylianTitan

    the perfect mix of catchy, well put together, sweet and sad.

    MC Lars

    Thanks man.  :)

  5. Carmen Jane Crafts

    Love this tune!

  6. Carmen Jane Crafts

    Love this tune!

  7. Mistress Yuuki

    Is there lyrics to this song?

  8. Mistress Yuuki

    I love this song... but I don't know why. Guess I'm crazy like that XD


    Did it take you a month to notice that?