MC Lars - If I Were A Jedi (That Would Be Hella Awesome) Lyrics

This beat is my recital, I think it’s very vital
to use (the force) for good (of course)
Lars Skywalker that’s my title! (here we go!)

If I were a Jedi, I could out rap Busta Rhymes
Going in like Qui-Gon Jinn for the win, I could flow in quadruple time
And at the Canadian border, every time I went on tour
I’d be like “this is not the undeclared MC Lars merch that you’re looking for"
I could levitate like Yoda, I'd eradicate ebola
I could pick up girls, literally, even master the viola
I could read all of War and Peace in ten minutes,
entirely in Russian just to say that I did it
I could even catch that golden snitch playing Quidditch
(Wait, wrong movie, innit?)
Podracing up the 101, surpassing Golden Gate traffic (whoo!)
R2 on the roof of my Prius (dude), I could FaceTime holographic
I’d play for the A’s and we'd win every game
Resurrect Mac Dre do it all for the Bay
They’d all say hey Lars is neato
And always let me cut the line at El Farrolito

Two years ago, a friend of mine,
asked me to say some Jedi rhymes
so I said this rhyme, I’m about to say,
I fought the Sith and it went this way

If I were a Jedi, bet I’d get all the ladies
I would mack it more than Dumbledore or Leto Atreides
If you try to strike me down I’ll just be more powerful

If I were a Jedi, that would be hella awesome


Do or do not there is no try!
Do or do not there is no try!
Do or do not, there is no try!
And if you don’t believe it you will fail every time

It’s a trap! [x2]
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
It’s a trap!

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MC Lars If I Were A Jedi (That Would Be Hella Awesome) Comments
  1. Changed my Name

    I’m a little late... Become the Force by Daniel M Jones brought me here. ✌️

  2. Sul Opreym

    Wow what a nerd.
    Nah me to love you man keep up the good work and for Christ sakes COME BACK TO DESMOINES

    MC Lars

    I will! Thanks dude!!

  3. Mike D

    Well....The last movie killed this song.

  4. Brandon Pace

    Great song and video!

  5. Nartu Fody

    this is sick

    MC Lars

    Thank you. :)

  6. The Last Broadcast

    That yoda puppet/demon child was hella creepy.

  7. Steve Johnson

    You da man MC Lars

    MC Lars

    Love you Steve!!

  8. Jayson Saavedra

    Brian was in it? Lets go! 2 of my favorite bands coming together for this

  9. TheAiuritaf

    so funny...good job! what is the violin part ? is it a stand alone song?

    MC Lars

    It's one of the themes form Star Wars!

  10. Morgan Jones

    your musics amazing man! i seen you live at cardiff the other day and you where awesome keep it up man!

  11. bringit261

    What band/song is the ska song at the end?

    Jason Burkett

    Sublime with Rome by MC Lars

  12. Christian

    I'll advertise at my school !

    MC Lars

    +Christian Lopez Thanks G!


    +MC Lars Write a song for class of 2016 xD

    MC Lars

    Would be amazing!  :)

    Declan Vanke

    +MC Lars really nice :)

  13. Reid Coppola

    Just Discovered this and love

  14. Nerd Bomber

    I love the two Harry potter references. Always killing it!

    MC Lars

    Thank you my friend!

  15. Drew M

    it amazes me that views are not in the hundred thousands

    MC Lars

    +Drew Morris Thanks man! Please share! We'll get there. :)

  16. Bella Noel

    lmao just saw you at first night 😂you're the shit. I was sitting next to the white ass girl in the back ❤👍

    MC Lars

    +bellavlogs16 Haha, thanks for coming out!! :) That was a fun show.

  17. GrayStudios

    Subtle. I guess I don't know if that counts as a spoiler. Carry on. :P

  18. OKC Boi

    2:20 fetty wap?

    MC Lars

    +Zillah Langley Yes!!

  19. Roobert

    Awesome violin interlude

  20. Megane Senpai

    MAN! That was awesome as fuck just in time for the force awakens :D I'll Jedi Mind Trick you and steal all your merch :D THIS WAS THE VIDEO I WAS LOOKING FOR!

    MC Lars

    +Andreas Indelicato Haha, thanks Andreas! You rock!!

  21. Vakume

    And I just saw the movie this morning. Amazing day

  22. Roger Mafs

    Fantastic song,, freaking awesome,

  23. Vandalist Prod

    Nice Bro ;)

  24. Mr_ Pwner333

    Awesome song dude!

  25. Chris Hogg


  26. C. Scott Davis

    Congrats on the hella awesome song! (the video too!)

    MC Lars

    +C. Scott Davis Thanks man!!