Maxwell - NoOne Lyrics

If i had to do it over
If i had to do it again
Oh, i wouldn´t know too
And this would´ve never began (no it wouldn´t baby)

Oh, if i made you claustrophofic
Imagine if i gave you an inch
Oh, you´ll never know this
But there´s noone quite like, noone quite like you

I try to forget ya
But you´re all i wanna do
Oh, i can do better
But there´s noone quite like, noone quite like you

If i made you love me again
if i made you love me again
If i made you want it again
If i made you want it again
If i gave it you probably wouldn´t want it baby
It´s alright
´Cause there´s noone quite like you

I try to forget ya, said i try
But you´re all i wanna do
Oh, i can do better (i can do better)
But there´s noone quite like, noone quite like you

I try to forget ya (try to forget ya)
But you´re all i wanna do
Oh, i can do better (i can do better)
But there´s noone quite like, noone quite like you

I try to forget ya (try to forget ya)
But you´re all i wanna do (i´m what you want)
Oh i can do better (i can do better)
But there´s noone quite like, noone quite like you

..Oh, like you...Try to forget ya...Do what i wanna do...
...Uh, i can do better...

I try to forget ya
But you´re all i wanna do
Oh, i can do better
But there´s noone quite, noone quite like you

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Maxwell NoOne Comments
  1. mohlakoana moeketsi

    Released 19 years ago, still listening to this

  2. Marilyn Crutchfield

    I love the way he sings😍

  3. Palesa Ngwenya

    This song makes me miss my hometown, Diepkloof.I was young,but I would enjoy listening to soulful,jazzy songs.

  4. Michael Beza on point

  5. Aaron Miz Olette

    Still listening in 2019! And in 2020.

  6. Ms D

    okay off to purchase...

  7. CoCo VERNON

    Still loving it 2019....MAXWELL is a musical genius. Love him❤

  8. Debra Young

    Love this song so much

  9. Damian Meneses

    Temazo... Se presta para un buen, pero buen polvo.

  10. Ronneshia Shief

    Love this song

  11. Salomão Neto

    Grande beat tem alguém aí 2019🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴

  12. amir legend


  13. Michael Beza

    Bass driving with no hands


    Yasssss! Popping!!!

  14. Michael Beza

    Blew my headphones...bass..

  15. Michael Beza

    You don't know it...but u can do better..

  16. Michael Beza

    Bass line tearing the seams out..

  17. Karin D. R.

    Still listening in 2019!

  18. Tribe of Judah

    Nice club music 💯

  19. Jinifer Z. Harris

    Still Love this song 2019

  20. Fyre Smith

    Get your backs up off the Wall dance come on Party over here!!!!!!!!!

  21. Myscathycandoit 1

    2019 yes. 💜

  22. Trina Logan

    This joint always pops up in my head!

  23. Doney Garner

    Bought this cd when it first came out in 01’ and still listening in 2019...

  24. Sweet Tee

    Who's listening in 2019? 💃



  25. Love Happiness

    Love this song ! Makes me dance like somebody auntie I'm 25 lol

  26. Yammie Tammie

    2019 y'all wit me?????


    2020 still one of my favs. I adore MAXWELL, MR. BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR BABEE ❤💋

  27. Taylor Theangel

    No other coffee than Maxwell ♥️

  28. T G

    NO Maxwell!!😎😍

  29. Tenika Woods

    Omg that beat rocks , me and my honey would tear the floor up stepping to this

  30. Zaki Bouabdelli

    This is a man of situation, l'homme de situations

  31. Watching E

    Still listening in 2018

    Gracias Hall

    Lol..2019 and beyond..Maxwell is Amazingly Talented and has hits that will never truly fade...

    Elizabeth Williams

    @KDGreatKool Boss NO QUITE

    KDGreatKool Boss

    @Elizabeth Williams Wat?

  32. Jeannette Gamble

    Love this song

  33. Kwame Johnson

    A sad song that I love to dance to.

  34. Julie

    This song represents the most intense interracial relationship I ever experienced. #dannynjulieforever

  35. happy4drinks

    This is my jam I played this cd over and over you’re all I .... te vous

  36. Dai Dreamer

    R&B dance vibe 🎶👌🔥💓 🎶

  37. Casey Paige

    Just bought the album and this song is constantly on repeat!!

  38. Steffi D

    Listening in 2017 gurl 😍

  39. Shamaneika Johnson

    That song makes me horny .

  40. Ms. PROPOFOL


  41. Ms. PROPOFOL

    listening now

  42. Bj Robinson

    I found joy with this joint!

  43. TheAray6

    Prince? Very prince sounding song

  44. BossUpp Banks23

    2017 🔥

  45. martinyolanda1

    I can play this song over and over all day long! I love you Maxwell!

  46. Emory Addison

    'u all i wanna do...🎤🎼🎵🎶😘

  47. Creator Criss

    Bladie brought me here

  48. Irvin Davis

    This song is something else, and in the Philadelphia/Camden area we do a sharp line dance to it,yes the base line is all that!


    Irvin Davis post a link

  49. Pink Krush Velvet


  50. Ashley Adana

    Who else is listening to this in 2016?

    Ericka Ford

    Ashley Okezie 2018!

    melvin billups

    My favorite workout song

    13 Krystal

    Ashley Okezie 2018

    Charles Ward

    Ashley Okezie Tht joint is so so meeeeeeeeaaan.

  51. Sheek Organics

    Classic track. So fly

  52. Michael Pate

    the bass in this song is awesome...and Maxwell's voice.......nailing it....he's one of my favorite male singers....

  53. mohemed nadhir henni

    great it a bomb tnx for share

  54. harvey huggins

    Love this song!  I'm a diehard Maxwell fan.  I remember hearing this song years ago, but didn't know which CD it was on.  Now I know!  Thanks for posting.

    V Wiggins


  55. Bethany Daniels

    you betta sing boy !!!!! I just love this song

  56. pink glitter4

    love him so much he's a great talent

  57. wil price of the Greats!

  58. Stacey Bryce Adams

    great song

  59. Lieven Pauwels

    can i kiss myself on this tune ?

    Charles Wright cool, so crazy! :-)

  60. Brian Grossett

    The beat is so mello

  61. A'Riel The Great

    Omg! I never knew he sung this song! Definitely a jersey banger! The club version is off the hook!

  62. Femme404

    I wink at myself when I'm singing this song LOL. ;)


    me too!

    Myscathycandoit 1

    Me too.

  63. Tonya Efford

    Love maxwell....o e of my favorite songs

  64. yourstruely100

    I can do better!!!my song

  65. Kelley Prince

    Maxwell is a musical gift to my soul...I soar on each wave of his sultry tones...soul dancing free 

  66. Audrey Barracks-Mckenzie

    Oh Maxwell that voice drives me crazy every time... There is definitely no other singer like you your voice is mufti-dimensional.Your music is my addition baby, gets me high high high.  This boy can SING!!!!

  67. Melissa Basnight

    I Love This Man!! His music always make me feel good no matter my mood....whatever song I'm listening to makes me smile. ya Max!!!

    Veronica T Williams


    richard bryant

    i feel the same when i listen to max

  68. hawk0187ify

    I clean up to this album Maxwell is the number one male singer of my time.

  69. Nikki Post

    My favorite song I listen to this everyday. Old jam of mine..

    Ericka Ford

    Nikki Post still!!

  70. wil price

    So True...

  71. Lori Sullivan

    Yes my jam love this man

  72. Palesa Kutu

    This other DJ played this track in this other club...I couldn't believe my eyes, everyone was moving hey. NICE ONE!!!

  73. Will Landry

    Haha Love this track and you uploaded it on my bday!!!!

  74. Anthony Stephenson

    A rediscovery.

  75. Andria Donaldson

    Why do men think women are stupid they tell you what you want to hear. Ladies please wise up if he is not attentive he is lying kick him to the curve, Tell yourself you deserve the best

    Gabriel Banks

    Women be full of it to

  76. Pedro faba

    This is one of does songs that you never forget,legend

  77. Kat Marsha

    soul rnb

  78. MsDreamscaper

    Love love love this song! Maxwell and the musicians are killin' it. And the way he sings ballads! There's no one like Maxwell. Can never stop at one time when I play this song!

  79. Quis Buffett

    This whole album was nice... light some candles and press play... Maxwell will do this rest. Me and my wife enjoyed this cd many of nights.

  80. Maryam Atta

    You know when you discover a track again and never quite understood why it got forgotten amongst other things, once re-discovered you've got the track on repeat? This is one of those. "oooooh, I could do better"

  81. Terry Council

    I could dance, dance, dance to this tune. Love it!

  82. JaPrincess26

    Now is in my top ten lists of albums to listen to. So addictive, no track gets skipped.

  83. Jada Parks

    Love the beat !!!!!!

  84. Curtis Jones

    Yeah it's kicking

  85. 88donja

    Nice and smooth!

  86. HoneyBunnyBug

    Never lyin'!!!

  87. Garrison Ray

    Sets the mood.

  88. Gene Cartwright

    Hell yeah kayecruz my mom used to play this song all the time when I was younger

  89. vicki084

    Maxwell, Maxwell...what are you doin to us, FANTASTIC!!!!!

  90. Caiti Cee

    when i was 8 years old , this was my shit ! my mom would play it for me when i got in the car everyday . god bless this youtube thing ^_^ ... im 17 now lol

  91. Onica Tshavhungwe

    Too nice....

  92. Anthony Reed

    #MY FAV SONG!!

  93. Wayne D. Bonner

    this is one of the best songs, he ever came out with, this song got me through some late nights at work, turn this on and jam all night