Max B - Dead Solver Lyrics

[Max B:]
I'm to much to figure bullets give em the beef I fuck em and kick em out lick em out [out] bigga u is a nasty basterd lil nigga showing off try to past me tha ratchet got the hummer toy pimp slapping the shit out of a bitch you niggas is lover boy I'm the other boy all out the deaf bigga got a temeprature got the dick hard slipped it to her get ya penchion up old nigga you can diss anybody but [but] no bigga he gonna diss ya back he gonna talk about ya momma talk about running in her mouth with the lama fuck her with no condom get the bitch pregnate bet she keep it daddy got the treatment baby it's no secret nigga yous a disk jockey never had ya wrist rocky at all bigga he to cocky ooooowwwwww

Take a look at my life they wanna know how I'm so nice with the flow I'll take ya life with tha fo homie you was right I fucked hoe follow follow me take a journey with tha boy oh boy I see bigga he brought another toy I think ya daddy needs new shoes

[Mac Mustard:]
Put ya shit on the gate like a nigga on tha packer fif grip is spitin at any nigga that act up get ya chest to ya back up lift ya back up pts callin for back up my niggas back up yea we be tearing trap up to get the trap up punchlines hit like a mack truck that nigga mad tuff waiting here for me for joe you gonna hold ya breath ripin at these flows til death til it ain't flow is left some niggas don't notice yet hold the mic like a tec spiting to the gorder met bounce like a loaded jet til niggas gonna hold the set all them thugs in ya basement screamin like a bitch wen those slugs penertrateing there's a reason niggas hating and her more to add to the list it's a dash to the bricks don't be last to this shit make em shit on his niggas straight spaz on his bitch if you weren't you niggas bumping trash on the streets

Take a look at my life they wanna know how I'm so nice with the flow I'll take ya life with tha fo homie you was right I fucked hoe follow follow me take a journey with tha boy oh boy I see bigga he brought another toy I think ya daddy needs new shoes

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    HE’LL BE OUT 2021

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    I miss music like this, and I’m from Louisiana. I produce beats and I wish I could find anyone just as hot as Max to work with!

  11. Andre Scott

    Follow me Follow me take a journey with the BOY

  12. Royal Black

    Brint and Marty Bass shit for life Bury 2019 Free Bass

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    It's 2019 and I'm still wavy bitch ..91 till Infinity N30rth Bronx shit

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    This shit does not sound dated at all.

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    Timeless hits never die

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    Close to the End of 2019...Free Max I'll be listening Early 2020 boooooiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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    Follow me follow me take a journey with the boy


    About time this classic got some respect 1.2 million views 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Free bigga 2019 tho

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    October 2019! toooooo many memories

  24. Cody Bell

    Max B bodied his second verse ⚰️🔥

    AllM5 Xx

    On budda he did that

  25. Reese G

    Bossdon biggavell be back real soon pussies!!!!!

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    Any more songs with him spitting like this n money make me feel better

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    2019 and forever #bars #wavycrocket #biggavell #MaxB #Mustard

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    August 2019

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    My Nigga, Wtfffffff. Love7.

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    I meditate to the choir in the background.


    2019 and this shit still knocks!!


    The sliver surfer 🏄 free that man!!

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    who else 20 yrs old fuckin wit bigga

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    “Bitch smoke cigs all that shit is irrelevant”🤣🤣🔥🎯

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    Free 🌊 and GS9

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    Shamar max b greece bandana boy swg bergen 70 lyons ave tunchi boy bergen 3rd floor only Shamar kabir beamon government name street name max g owww essex county silver 🏄 boy March 26 1985 April 24 1990 my brother g day owww see u soon bra love that nigga

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    savvy rhinosaurus

    I'm Italian. La Onda means The Wave in Italiano.

  46. joshua santiago

    Nov 2025 get ready wave gone splash

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    She touched in Miami. miss my nigga max

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    I remember being in middle school on limewire and kaza downloading every max song he damn near made

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    Current Max Release Date: November 9, 2025

    Quantay Knox


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  82. Word To my mother's du-rag


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    The streets only silver 🏄

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