Mavis Staples - We Get By Lyrics

We get by on love and faith
We get by with a smile on our face
We get by with help from our kin
We get by through thick and through thin

We get by, we get by
No matter what happens, I'll be there for you
We get by

Was just the other day, I heard from my old friend
She was going through changes once again
Matters of the head, matters of the heart
Maybe too early to tell, but it's never to late to start

We get by, we get by
No matter how long, I'll be waiting here for you
We get by
We get by, we get by
No matter how long, I'll be waiting
We get by

Day by day, line by line
If you don't have yours
You sure got mine
We get by
We get by day by day
We get by
And I always

We get by, we get by
No matter how it happens, I'll be there for you
We get by
We get by, we get by
No matter how long, I'll be waiting here for you
We get by

No matter how long, I'll come running
We get by
I'll be waiting
No matter what happens, I'll be there for you
What happens, I'll be there for you
Oh, oh yeah

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Mavis Staples We Get By Comments
  1. Devin Miller

    33 people need a change of attitude!

  2. Sonic More Music

    See #Mavisstaples live at #Mariposa2020 this summer!

  3. Bentstraightjackit

    Immensely !

  4. Cal M

    When i was a little kid i used to love to listen to this kind of rock blues, then it went by the wayside for rap.

  5. Prosper Zegue

    I and Obama love this😍🤓

  6. snehal kumar

    Obama sent me here

  7. luopingnan15

    Anyone remember Let Me Out with the Gorillaz?? She was alluding to this song too!

  8. bryce lister

    Heard "Change" on Outlaw Country a Sirius XM channel and had to go out and get the full album.This song is a good message, advice; I just plain like it! Other fine tunes as well.

  9. Brenda Brenda

    Love her.

  10. demir span

    AMEN !!!

  11. Eclectic Interests

    Taking my power back.

  12. Eclectic Interests

    My daughter just sent me here. ❤ 💪 head.

  13. Liam 1232

    USA, pre Donald Trump

  14. Erick Church

    Yup and change starts at the top. Orange has to be taken down.

  15. Rheiámeiá

    Thank you 113FM !

  16. Oliver J

    “What good is freedom if we haven’t learned to be free” yea black people cant learn anything

  17. thumbsaloft

    This is the best album by Mavis in years! This one should really be celebrated!

  18. fromtheheart150

    Rock it Mavis!

  19. GetMineGetYours

    Love from italy

  20. Sean Till

    Love it! Love Mavis!

  21. Marie Bigaud

    I love you Mavis❤️

  22. Joelle Perrin

    wouahh !!!!!

  23. Gerald Buchacher


  24. Manos Fatisis

    More about it here:

  25. This guy is Malio

    Not bad 😉

  26. Estela RobertsGalvez

    Love it

  27. mickleesongs

    Love me some Mavis!! Much respect.

  28. Leroy Mcinnis

    Mavis & Bette LaVette enjoying a well deserved renaissance. Good music & talent never go out of style.

  29. Giorgio Bassi

    moooolto carino e amorevole

  30. Brigitte Martin

    excellent album

  31. Seppo Lamminen

    Great Blues!

  32. Rose Huber


  33. seren bowen welsh radio

    Theme song for 2020...

    foresaken to none

    Yupper...4 more years of winning...

    Mary Schade

    Damn Skippy~

  34. Roberta Hill

    An anthem for our time. Thank you Mavis!!!

  35. Joanne Lyons


  36. Olivier LeBlanc

    The key isn't in the formula.... It's in the delivery! We hear you loud and clear, Mavis!

  37. Lionheart Roar

    good for a minute,,then it gets boring

  38. J.T Mcd

    Class Tune 😎😎😎 Would Love To See Tom Jones Doing This Cover With Mavis. 😆😆😆

  39. Jeremy Poe

    Rob thomas brought me here

  40. Martin O'BRIEN


  41. iain maclean

    This has pretty much been on repeat since yesterday - great stuff!

  42. Niall O'Connor

    heard mavis on BBC radio 2 today great song very funny women

    Rob Johnson

    likewise, what brought me here.

    Niall O'Connor

    @Rob Johnson yes she was brilliant

  43. gordon carter

    Love it class

  44. jesus f wept

    W0W, holy crap! Actual REAL rhythm and blues, whodathunkit these days. Glorious.

  45. Alan Bean

    Gotta change around here
    Can't go on this way
    Say it loud
    Say it clear
    Things gotta change round here
    Fingers on the trigger
    Bullets flying
    Mothers crying
    Get it straight
    Be sure that you hear
    Things gonna change around here
    What good is freedom
    If we haven't learned
    To be free
    Day after day
    Year after year
    We gotta change round here
    X is the letter
    Blue is the colour
    One is the number
    Now is the time

  46. 12crows1

    Damn! This mighty Titan of music makes me feel some kinda way, I can't even begin to describe in words or express in music!!!

  47. Deryk Marks

    Pancake people be like: n-word

  48. Gabriel Casá

    We need change around everywhere. Loved this song godammit

  49. Megan Kemmis

    Mavis, still singing the truth!

  50. Kalai Kanagavel

    Love this. We need a change here in India. Elections are just around the corner.

  51. jamesdean1060

    Quelle musique ! Quel son ! Quelle voix ! Magnifique

  52. All2Blame

    Keep'em coming...

  53. Kris Trznadel

    Great tune 😀

  54. vera hes

    Great Blues is what keeps us going nowadays.

  55. 2minstral

    Awesome tune! Added to the Best Music of 2019 and Blues 2000 to 2019 playlists on the World United Music website and music channel.

  56. Thilo Hornschild

    LA Holmstrom is one sexy guitar beast, beautiful track

  57. jesse hutchings

    Build your own playground

    Ken Kunz

    Feel better jagoff?

    Paul Little

    @Ken Kunz No, but here's hoping he gets cancer real soon.

    Thomas Lamphere

    @Paul Little Stole my comment.

  58. bluesvoice04

    A wonderful song! I love it! and preordered by itunes. I can't wait to hear the whole CD!

  59. bluesvoice04

    A wonderful song!

  60. Toula Demetriades

    Love Ms Staples xx

  61. Bentstraightjackit

    This is great.we certainly have to change

  62. Descending Angel

    Great blues ! We need that nowadays.