Mavis Staples - Can You Get To That Lyrics

I once had a life, or rather Life had me
I was one among many
Or at least I seemed to be
Well, I read an old quotation in a book just yesterday
Said "Gonna reap just what you sow,
The debts you make you have to pay."
Can you get to that?
Can you get (I wanna know)
I want to know if you can get to that (hey!) (get to that!)
Can you get (can you get to that) (I wanna know)
I want to know if you can get to that
I recollect with a-mixed emotions
All the good times we used to have
But you were making preparations
For the coming separation
And you blew everything we had
When you base your love on credit
And your loving days are done
Checks you signed with a-love and kisses
Later come back signed "insufficient funds"
Yeah, get to that! Can you get (I wanna know)
I want to know if you can get to that (hey!) (get to that!)
Can you get (I wanna know)
I want to know if you can get to that [x3]
When you base your life on credit
And your loving days are done
Checks you signed with love and kisses
Later come back signed "insufficient funds"
Now can you get to that y'all
Can you get (I wanna know)
I want to know if you can get to that
Can you get (I wanna know)
I want to know if you can get to that [x2]

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Mavis Staples Can You Get To That Comments
  1. Spike Hyzer

    Meh. Pretty bad. The Balancing Act's cover is still the best (and I think it was the first back in 1988). This band is soulless and lifeless and the musical performances are uninspired (and the backing vocals are terrible).
    It's far too straight up as well (which most covers of this song are, as expected with such a classic, but you have to at least sound somewhat original and like yourself).
    This is just bad imitation, not a good cover.

  2. chris edwards

    not bad but not that great, but yes funkadelic version is better

  3. Peter Mueller

    Bad quality audio...sounds like a bootleg version of the Funkadelic song. Sorry

  4. FunkFan54

    Great cover of the Funkadelic original!

  5. Just a man

    Does it sounds only to me like T-Rex?

    Spike Hyzer

    No. But you should hear the superior cover by Balancing Act.

  6. Ickys Trash Can .... anothers mans treasure

    Funkadelic ( George Clinton) is so kickass and so is Mrs. Staples......this is beyond cool...

  7. Jared Voss

    who the FUCK disliked this? 13 people are VERY wrong. this brings me so much love on those shittiest of days.

    Rick Laroux

    @Jared Voss
    He probably just shot 9 people in South Carolina.


    @Jared Voss <3

  8. Dickensian Kenwold

    Brilliant cover

  9. Edouard Bisson

    Funkadelic Maggot brain

  10. Lynne

    I can get to that!!!

  11. ACDS Plainview

    It doesn't get any better than Miss Mavis Staples...brilliant!!! 

  12. clinteastwoodrocks

    Solid Tune!~

  13. maazvdo

    Obrigado por postar

  14. w m

    Chords are wrong and George would be disappointed. What a shame.

    Dd Dd

    Wesley M Same chords, different tuning.


    Oh so you speak for him?

  15. Judith Kendall

    well i am commenting PERFECT 

  16. chinablows

    the milltown brothers from Britain covered this inthe early nineties.

  17. mikigamba

    anyone know who sings bass parts?

  18. Dan Shields

    thats my aunt Mavis! live this track


    Your auntie is s great woman, wonderful interpretation

    sloppy g

    Your Auntie gave my little daughter a big fat smooch on her cheek at one of her shows in Cincinnati years ago... greatest thing ever!!!!

  19. Kelly cortesi jones

    And mr.tweedy. thanks for this.

  20. Shelley Brown

    I can happily run forever listening to this song. Marathon Favourite.....Mavis your the best!

  21. Silvia Giarda

    .....yes! I can! :-D

  22. Ryan Cavazos

    "the guy from wilco" =Jeff Tweety, produced the song and did the guitar work

  23. heyitszac222

    hey, I can get to that!

  24. spats67

    Not bad at all. The original is incredible.


    what's the original?


    Sweethands4 funkadelic

  25. SkorzenyNinja

    Such a fantastic cover of an AMAZING Funkadelic song! Wonderful! I found this on KGNU Boulder/Denver thanks so much!

  26. rebelknap

    4 people can't get to that.

  27. Myra Gerrard

    The singer is the great Donny Gerrard

  28. Musical Shoes

    Love It!!! Rocked It!!!!!

  29. mxlauve

    I'm pretty sure its the guy from Wilco. Right?

  30. Dardo gonzalez dalto

    Happy B' day Mavis!!!
    Mavis Staples, cantante de gospel y soul nacida el 10 de julio1939 en Chicago. La mayor parte de su carrera la ha pasado como miembro del grupo The Staple Singers.

  31. Dusty Groove

    Happy Birthday to Ms. Staples today!

  32. Jonathan Zabel

    I saw Mavis Staples perform One True Vine on The Daily Show and they blew me
    away ! Thank - you so much for the download !

  33. lookingoutpfunkII

    mavis sings funkadelic....heaven sent.

  34. arabking

    the live version on the Daily Show was awesome. I wish I could buy a copy of that performance!

  35. Codered712

    sounds like Marc Bolan from T. Rex and I love that even tho it isn't him

  36. Richard Rizzo


  37. Mark Olson

    Awesome as only Mavis can be!! When are you coming back to Paisley Park?

  38. Franklin Lucius Higginbotham

    Donny Gerrard, Kelly Hogan, and Tiffany "Makeda" Francisco all perform background vocals on this track.

  39. rooseveltrockers

    we love you!!!

  40. Sandi Miller

    Check out Marshall Crenshaw "Cynical Girl" on You Tube - the first 5 seconds of that song and this one are the same then it goes into "Lola."

  41. Stacy Grant

    Jeff Tweedy

  42. blondejohn


  43. Edy Lou Benjamin

    TY! turned out to be the browser I was using :)

  44. smacky777

    Daily show with Jon Stewart brought me here!

  45. Edy Lou Benjamin

    Bravo - but why does it stop (for me) at 1:44 min? (tried 3 diff times) :(

  46. AmayaRamiel

    Is it just me, or do the cords for this song sound just the same as the ones for 'Lola' by the Kinks?

  47. JOOLS VCano

    Fantastic sound.... I wanna know!

  48. YourMomz07

    ...Lola....L O L A...Lola..... lalalalaLola....

  49. Rudy Rodriguez Jr.

    great song!

  50. Tarik Mahmoudi

    AMAZING <3

  51. laughmusicwriter

    Owwww! Sounds great...and that is DONNY GERRARD. Check Donny out on YouTube.
    Great performance by all. Mavis is just too too fine!

  52. 525worldwide

    Baritone singer is Donny Gerrard, he used to be in Skylark and is now on tour with Mavis

  53. Sean Donnelly

    that baritone singer HAS to be Calvin Johnson. There's no other, right? Beat Happening? The Halo Benders? "Hot Chocolate Boy"? go listen to that one. great tune.

  54. ZRN959

    Nick Lowe?

  55. Sean Madigan

    I believe it is Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. He is producing the album and playing most of the instruments as well.

  56. The Train

    Great cover. stays true to the original. yet has its own distictions

  57. maltpunk

    Was just about to write the exact same thing :)

  58. jamel williams

    Mavis is awsome & my Dad thinks Mavis is Best of All-Time

  59. Veronica Wilson

    Oh John you must have been under a rock! Search her out she a Queen....I love the Staple Singers for a long time...Listen to I'll Take You there, Do It Again, Respect Yourself and many others...I also like If You're Ready...

  60. verbatimmags

    Hey John, are you familiar with the Staple Singers (I'll take you there) and other classics hits. She's the lead singer of that family group. She's done a lot. Do a search here. She's really awesome.

  61. rowlandville

    I love this woman and I have since I was eight years old. My first love who I didn't meet till I was in my 40s.

  62. John MacArthur

    Where have I been? Never heard of her - till now. What a great track

  63. Nick Rondinelli

    who is the baritone?

  64. Michael Nitz

    Great song. My favourite on Maggot Brain.

  65. bopgirl

    I want to know! Who is singing with Mavis? Sounds tremendous.

  66. Nathan Crofton-Bond

    Fantastic. One of my favourite Funkadelic songs. :)