Mavis Staples - Anytime Lyrics

Give me a one way ticket
Somewhere I've never been
I'm rock, paper, scissors
And I'm bound to win

You can't shake me
And there ain't no use
In trying, no
Anywhere, anyway

I'm a fighter, I'm a lover
There is no other way
Could be one or the other
On any given day

You can't fool me
And I there ain't no need
In you trying, no
Anyway, anywhere
Anyway, anywhere

You got me
Halfway gone
Halfway there
You got me halfway down
Halfway up in the air
Oh it reminds me
Of a story
Tell ya later if you don't mind, oh
Anywhere, anyway
Anywhere, anyway
Anywhere, anyway
Anywhere, anyway

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Mavis Staples Anytime Comments
  1. Sluggz McGee

    The Duchess herself!!! 80 years old and can still sing circles around these babies today. I love you, Mavis Staples.

  2. Darren K

    Don’t really know how I got here but this song is fantastic!!

  3. Music People

    Wow! Same classic Mavis and Staples sound...waaayyyyy good!

  4. Jeremy BUST

    Reminds me of a TV on the radio song...the guitar

  5. Sean Ambrose

    i love that. need the album.

  6. Sanjay Jani

    That awesome Southern sound. The sound you can taste!

  7. LionMen Music

    listen at 1.25 speed....youre welcome

  8. jaidsalgado

    This is pretty chill

  9. David Adams

    Mmm! Mavis is giving us the good good!

  10. coldsixthousand1

    The Melon brought me here. Thanks.

  11. phfrixion

    We are blessed with this!

  12. Rose Huber


  13. TheJohnnyBE

    Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Thank you Mavis and Ben!

  14. milkcow

    My new favorite song omg I love this

  15. milkcow

    Who in their right mind would give this a thumbs down????


    obliviously no one.


    Johnkult there are 2 tone deaf ppl. Omg.


    There's three doofuses now. Imagine summoning up the negative energy to unlike this.

  16. Berk Storm

    This makes me shouti´n and singi´n ´n drumi´n on my table. Thank you. I think i will play it once more...

  17. hyperfenomeno

    This is so wholesome <3 I also hope Hozier covers this! it kinda suits him & his style.

  18. MissInkedCherry

    YES LORD! ♥️

  19. lio lef


  20. William Allman

    Very nice!

  21. verbatimmags

    Ahh sookie sookie now.

  22. Senpai

    Gotta love mama mavis