Mavericks, The - Another Lonely Life Lyrics

In the years that knew her I thought I told her so many times
Just how much I have loved her I couldn't even say goodbye
She sleeps in her own darkened bedroom tryin' to wake her up on Sunday night
An empty stare and a handshake then she closed her eyes to die
I wish I had talked to her I wish I had walked with her
Oh Lord how I'm missing her all I have to do is cry


Now I found myself trying to relive all the days gone by
I've done wrong now I'm paying for another lonely life
I wish I had talked to her...


I wish I had talked to her...

Why couldn't I ever show her all the things that she longed to see
It's too late now it's all over there's nothin' left for me to be

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Mavericks, The Another Lonely Life Comments
  1. Chenoa Matten

    I find it very irritating that it isn't on spptify

  2. Lonnie Beavers

    He found the words . I wish I could have !!

  3. Nio Antonio

    like this album , nice song , Jan 26-'2018

  4. Wilma Beveridge

    fantastic the mavericks and a vodka

  5. Daniel Motta

    their first album that have this song is sooooo rare! five years ago i bought it on ebay from a guy in england but the package never came, probably problems with the post office in my country, but then i never saw another one to buy... )=

    Mary Ross

    Daniel Motta It is available on Ebay in several countries, including the UK. About £12 plus.

  6. Molly Comrie

    The guy is a genius!!!! Please come to Peterborough Ontario Canada!

  7. Jamesshaky

    also remind me of garth brooks tomorrow never comes Raul malo is great song writer

    Myra Dean

    This was written many years before Garth's song....guess you know Garth's wife was married to Robert who's the farthest one back with the long hair, blue shirt and tie.

  8. Jamesshaky

    what a track wish they do these when live old stuff can't beat it

    Linda Williams

    I love you guy's. Plz come to Biloxi Ms. The beautiful Gulf Coast

  9. pawnee1963

    Same bro.

  10. casey grisham

    this song reminds me of my mother,,,, i love you mom,,

  11. Francine Guernon

    I love all the music of the Mavericks

  12. glenn wenning

    I love the mavericks