Maverick Sabre - These Walls Lyrics

These walls, these bars,
These halls, this prison yard,
That's all he sees, that's all he sees,

These walls, these bars,
These halls, these prison guards,
That's all he sees, no where to believe

[Verse 1:]
In the system since a young man,
Caught him up at 15,
In and out for 2 years,
Then spat him back...
Back to normality,
Bringing up his younger sister,
Feeding her and clothing her so robbing was a must,
Everyday there was a job,
Either a box or shot, got stabbed, lost friends,
Lost the lot in the end,
He got nicked so now he's sitting in his cell
With 4 years looking at these...

These walls, these bars,
These halls, this prison yard,
That's all he sees, that's all he sees,

These walls, these bars,
These halls, these prison guards,
That's all he sees, no where to believe

[Verse 2:]
Scream and scars became a product of what he was seeing,
Cold and hard, the only way he could live was to be them,
Razor blades lightly pushed underneath his door at night,
Locked away in the hole, the dark, too many times,
Lyrics and words on tapes and books kept his mind awake
And free from this, they talked to him and taught him things
That no teacher ever did, now at 22 he's spat back out and
Left alone at the prison gates, now he's 29 and making a
Name for himself in a legal way, but he still sees

These walls, these bars,
These halls, this prison yard,
That's all he sees, that's all he sees,
These walls, these bars,
These halls, these prison guards,
That's all he sees, no where to believe

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Maverick Sabre These Walls Comments
  1. Kobey Tatham

    Bring this guy back now !!!!!!! Amazing

  2. Barry Scott

    This tune really speaks out to me, wish I could get out mans just trapped in the system love to my bruddahs out there slugging been listening to this for years,

  3. LyonHart GreyFlag

    Still bangin this in 2016

    Sascha Eichmann

    Lyon Hart still in mid '17

  4. Carlin Meatwaad

    his tune resonates in the soul of one of one who has lived the song...

    LyonHart GreyFlag

    Facts 💯 #StayFree #FTS #FTG

  5. Jenny Murphy O' Neill


  6. blake pollard

    I need is his best song

  7. Paul Mac

    Well said man haha he just got wrote off and deleted his comment

  8. ZuKaBLU

    ... you are

  9. jake richards

    try pressing replay.

  10. N Musharbash

    When did you ever see any artist playing his music while singing.... Today it is all computerized gay shit.. But Mr Saber you are one of the most talented artists these days... And there are not that many true artists these days!

  11. gemma ingles

    great! thank you so much there great:)xxx

  12. Bobsaget937

    capo 6 :
    Am (Hammer on)

  13. El Wog

    haha, he deleted the comment :D

  14. gemma ingles

    anyone know the chords to this please?xxx

  15. Sam Parkinson

    just a joke man, calm it

  16. Sam Parkinson

    if musics about communication, why can't i hear a single word he's saying

  17. gemma ingles

    anyone know the chords to this?

  18. Luke Clarke

    He should get this song on mtv not bbc!

  19. TabooStudios

    can't stop playing this song <3

  20. TwistedWheelbarrow

    @liamthelegend87 I don't think you quite understand what good music is...

  21. Nicola Carroll

    @liamthelegend87 Everybody sings in a different voice to the way they speak, that's why it's called 'singing' and not 'speaking'. It still sounds great and you're clearly just being provocative leaving a comment like that on this video.. If you've got a critisism for Maverick Sabre don't say it in such a rude way, otherwise you're gunna have fans who are on this page to ENJOY THE GOOD MUSIC having a go at you for ages :L

  22. Fledgling Gypsy Soul

    @bunnyhopnubs oh have a great time, I don't understand why you think I am jealous? Or why you are being so hostile?
    I started to love his songs and I think he is the greatest singer ever to walk the planet.

    Give Maverick a kiss from me.:D

    I am studying to be a lawyer so hopefully you consider that to be something good.

  23. lydia english

    is he irish?

  24. Luci Cotton

    0:00 best bit of song ;)

  25. Christian Irish

    celtic soul...

  26. Tye Tyee

    @liamthelegend87 Jealousy is a very ugly thing and it appears to me that you have turned a deep shade of Green.also if you aint got nothin good to say don't say fuck all!

  27. LGCShiftyman

    this tune is too much. maverick is pure talented.....haters can choke on penis.....

  28. Daniel Hartley

    Your head looks like a baked bean.

  29. JESSTA

    @jismick hence the he has a light south london accent, i could be believe he's irish but please make a valid analysis in future

  30. jismick

    @liamthelegend87 Hes irish hence the voice, met the guy after his concert at the koko in camden. You are soooo gassed up ive been going and seeing this guy play for 2 years, before youtube had even heard of him and he hasnt changed or modified his style to make it big you uncultured fuck.

  31. Cameron Sellers

    gotta wish the song went on for longer

  32. krissaric5678

    this guys amazing he's got pure talent seems like a good lad to

  33. MrBuglebuggy

    Too much angst on here, Just enjoy the music.

  34. StaynSit

    he proper doesn't even put on a voice. If you ever heard him speak you'll know this....

  35. Laurie Bamber

    @liamthelegend87 Eh what does it matter if its still talent? You're also implying that genres dont differ in terms of tone, pitch, theme ect.. Would you respect Justin Bieber for singing blues in his own voice? Its not the artists or how the artists produce the music, its the music.

  36. liamthelegend87

    @TheMcjnr09 Well I give a shit isn't that why I wrote the comment? Pay attention...And this shit head is the carbon copy... just like winehouse, Adelle... the list goes on really! It's the emperor's new clothes! These morons with their silly put on voices which we are supposed to like because we are told to?? I bet you like Rebecca Ferguson as well? If the answer is yes then you my friend are the idiot. Now stop wasting my time and go away!

  37. SamBaconn

    does anyone know if this is his song or a cover?

  38. Nikhil Patel

    @RaYzoRtv1 Haha rizzle kicks, thats some funny shit. Not even comparable, this is pure talent

  39. evilmasterwu1

    Who knew Wayne Rooney had all this musical talent?

  40. shop appy

    im glad that its not just "perfect" artist getting big, artist are now being accepted and defined by their flaws it, very proud to be irish

  41. shop appy

    @123coxy123 rizzle kicks?

  42. ron w

    sean nos marley stylee nu noise

  43. s0u5hp4rk

    @penusenvy just one question if you don't like his music why are you trolling on his pages?

  44. Fledgling Gypsy Soul


    I did say it was faux!

  45. Janie Bee

    Amazin bro

  46. Jack McBride

    @penusenvy And on another note, What kind of Jamaican accents have you been hearing? D:

  47. Jack McBride

    @penusenvy He's got a mixed accent, Between Irish and cockney.

  48. Rachel Adeline Holmes

    this is incredible

  49. Safsum

    @beckyol07 heyheyhey, theres nothing wrong with the spice girls..



  51. Bo Hulsebos

    can anyone see the dislike bar???

  52. Alex

    singing out the side of his mouth. hate that. sounds like he's putting his voice on, he has a good tone though

  53. Martin Smith

    way underatedd

  54. shereen lloyd

    Raw talent, We need more Artists like Maverick, Less Flaunting there bodys and more bloody Talent.

  55. DaddyNoobMan

    @justsay0wned he said this a year ago. Div!

  56. Dominya666

    love hearing the irish twang in your accent come out in this tune. Muchom respect man =)

  57. Dan Rowland

    @BonzaiBg I respect your enquiry, but mine and 'UKpatriot90's disagreement wasn't involving supremacy between the two countries, just that his correction was false, and our disagreement became agreement, in the negative exposure to the USA. So i believe your regards are unnecessary, and my pride has no association with this debate, therefore i hope you don't mind me fighting my own corner.

  58. Seekay K

    @huggy3ear Hes big now .

  59. BonzaiBg

    @DanRowland4 Wikipedia, "Black And Tans."

  60. BonzaiBg

    @DanRowland4 "I hate their history, I hate the Union Jack. I'll never fight for any man or any flag." The truth hurts - but shit, it makes some wicked music, huh. Swallow your pride and breathe out some sense.

  61. BonzaiBg

    @DanRowland4 In East London he was a small, innocent, naive child. When he moved to Wexford, Ireland, he grew up; and his voice, soul and lyrics were formed. That's where his inspiration started. He got fed up with CLASSification... he wanted to break the mould and express his OWN self regardless of nationalities.

  62. GeneralRebelCulture

    Lol about it sounds like fuckin reggae. Did you even shut the fuck up n actually listen to him sing. He's mad talented uno like wtf. People like you are the reason the charts is filled wif clowns!!

  63. Dan Rowland

    @UKpatriot90 XD

  64. Dan Rowland

    @DJAzaMorph He's english

  65. Dan Rowland

    @UKpatriot90 Yes fair enough, lets just say we both dont want him escaping to america to be controversially destroyed?:)

  66. Dan Rowland

    @UKpatriot90If you were a fan of Mav, you'd know he supports Arsenal, as there an english club, supports England if they were to play Ireland, and describes his childhood in Hackney a lot more enjoyable than the time in Ireland in his single 'Sometimes'.

  67. Dan Rowland

    @UKpatriot90 He was born in Hackney, London.

  68. Bobsaget937

    2dislikes?????!!! BUT WHY????
    that's a crime against music....

  69. Pisineenfles

    @captinhookRjones hahaha no way dude!!

  70. Jim Saggers


  71. Dan Rowland

    @kingrodaplaya Well said pal

  72. NiNi_Süd

    these wallls that confront us everyday !!! we don't live in prison the prison is in us !!!

  73. boozerproductionzz

    @martinjmiracle fuck america..the worst thing that could happen is for this talent to become americanised!

  74. jack Lyons

    @ApexUpload y wud u care wat its called

  75. JamMasterJosh

    hes a bit raggae. reminds me a little bit of UB40

  76. pdhr0che

    @beckyol07 Calm Down, but if I were you I would reread his comments, as he said this is like plan B but this is much better.... Back to school me thinks?

  77. William Keith

    @ApexUpload It sounds like pop to me but idk

  78. ideasoner

    gave me goosebumps!

  79. ideasoner

    @captinhookRjones very true, even when plan b was good

  80. PRIDO


  81. Laurie Bamber

    @beckyol07 Calm down dear..

  82. crazeegirl4life

    omd, this guy performed at cee-lo's concert on tues and he smacked it, but at the time i'd never heard of him. Funny fing is, i'v heard this song ages ago and luved it, but had no idea who it was till now, so i'v heard of him b4 without realising! Hehe : ).. Gr8 voice!

  83. Glosta

    cant believe this only has 14k views, this needs to be heard, big up maverick new big thing for 2011. bless

  84. J to the R O C hard as fuck

    great song, going to try and learn it on guitar now :)

  85. huggy3ear

    gonna be big

  86. declan moore

    inspirational such a great song

  87. Matthew Darragh

    <3 mint