Mavado - Nuh Badman Ting Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Watch yo gyal a no badman thing
Carry news a no badman thing
Beggy, beggy, a no badman thing
No sah, a no badman thing

Inna dance and a words dem a fling
Mussi check seh a stone man a fling
But a supn wid di chrome man a bring

A mussi true every day when mi get up
Mi meck money
Nuff bwoy sell out and dem get funny
And a do all sort a things, all a tek buddy
Fi dem kinda friends never meck fa mi

Dem bwoy deh cyaa spar wid me
Caw mi hear dem a fish inna sea
Si dem a New Kingston Half Way Tree
Si dem a night and yo know weh a pree
But if a night could a ever turn day
Whole heap a dem would a haffi run away
Caw dem think seh di dawgs dem a play

[Verse 2:]
Well that's not nice from yo do that yo born dead
Once yo sell out fi di corn bread
Rifle left dem dis-formed
WI no keep nothing round wi weh discorned
From a new friend meck mi tell yo mi no trust yo too much
If a fake friend rifle buss a stomach
So mi deh yah pon di gully nothing cyaa run up
Seh dem a don but some bwoy bung up
Castro wi naw use wi things dem fi beg friend
Condolences to mi dead friend
Dem have di room as a spread dem
When dem gyal inna mi bed then


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]


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