Mavado - Nobody Till Somebody Kills You Lyrics

Dem naw gwaan wid no action
Dem a just part of a fraction
Listen mi

[Verse 1:]
Dem love to chat an mi start clap hand
When mi seh clap mi naw talk thunder clap an
Man hot with nap stock pon dem back an
Di K wid di light pon di top an
Blindness a mi ferniest
Hot like a lava am o burn this
High like a kite where di birds is
Iron like lion was what ma words is
We di best music
We di firmest
All who fighting better know this
My hands in time bands in time with di music
MI never grow old so mi never loose it
Mi style dem fit like mi clothe fit
An mi flow dem sick like mi grow sick
DI grocery dem try an cyan soci
Am di musical king with di most hits

Your nobody till somebody hills you
A seh your nobody till somebody kills you
Till somebody kills you

[Verse 2:]
I see death roun di corner
High speed catch mi if yuh can no
Some say life is a karma
Money change things yet di girl that yo wanna
Fruit of di loom wipe di drama
Slippers made from iguana
Black president like obama
Gots to win no summer camp ain't stronger
One step mi step on when mi step on
When mi step everything copaset an
Build di music architect an
Tell di fools watch di words from dem breath
It's ma heart work a go hard
So yuh know a got ma go card
Yea life is a bitch am o have her a mi yard
AM o go fuck are so hard

[Chorus x2]

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Mavado Nobody Till Somebody Kills You Comments
  1. Crown Hill

    sounds like khaled had to much influence in the studio

    Hotshot Moe

    Crown Hill srvgrvawhgcdcgaecsvGcd b

  2. Sha Tii

    Tell dem we so sick