Mavado - No Time Fi Trace Lyrics

Tell dem, man nuh have no time fi trace hi nuh
Pop it off a copper shot in a dem face hi nuh
When mi seh, man nuh have no time fi, man nuh have no time fi
Man nuh, hey, yow

[Verse 1:]
While dem was lipping, mi have mi gun in a mi house keep ticking
36 in a the magazine suh put the clip in
Because mi know the pussy hole dem just tripping
Dem a go dead if man start the killing
Well if it's killing, Riverton willing
And man wi murder bwoy fi less that a shilling
And sit back in a mi house and chilling
And just chilling, suh tell dem


[Verse 2:]
Dem come a yap up
Mi pass dem place and si a now dem haffi lock up
And police dem call and dem go call fi back up
But dem shouldn't meck the gun war crack up
Now mi thing dem a knock up
Bwoy weh tall like cane get chop up
Wars on, guns out, strap up
If yo think seh you bad try act up
Skull crack up


[Verse 1]

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Mavado No Time Fi Trace Comments
  1. dujon henry

    Gully pull up no time fi trace 🔥🔥

  2. Curtis Stewart

    Brap brap. Nice tune

  3. Adres Sho

    Gullygod 👑👑👑

  4. dujon henry

    Maddd kick de pussy Dem vado because Nuh time FI trace gully god

  5. Raul Balkissoon

    Old tune but bad

    D Mac

    Yeah lol, I remember this on the Road March riddim. Cant remember what year tho.