Mavado - Nah Use Dem Lyrics

Dem paw yo name wid a bag a garbage a litter
Dem seh a dem cut Jesus slippers
Dem a foe

Gi dem yo things and dem still turn round shoot yuh
Fi dem kind a friendship no suit yuh
Yuh mi a chat yo likkle two face broot yuh

All a who waan mama son lock down
A first class man a flight mi deh strap down
Mi naw use dem, mi naw use dem
Prayers no answer so mi naw pop down

All a who waan mama son lock down
A first class man a flight mi deh strap down
Mi naw use dem, mi naw use dem
Dem waan si mi pop down

[Verse 1:]
Mi sit down allot a time and si dem
Your things a diamond fi dem
Mi si yo tek yo kyle and gi dem
Still a wait dem waan yo build a island fi dem
Dem a crow, dem no waan yo prosper
From yo turn yo ghetto tuna in a lobster
No love dem waan si disaster
Waan four wheel tek yo body to the pastor

Dem cry me a river
And a swear how much dem love mi
Mi tell dem f–k off
Unuh go weh, fi unuh four letter ugly

Allot a people hate wi out there
Push up the sign we don’t care
Four fingers down, middle finger up
Just go push it weh ti hurt and care

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Fi nine years mi a mussi pienaar
Over drive like porch pon a mear
Still remember dumpling and butter
Mi board house and the bulla and pear
A bwoy vex and no waan si mi swear
Lock yo eye if you no waan si mi clear
Done know dem a button fi presser
Open yo mouth marrow fly to the air
Yeah, when the gully rifle a flair
Send the eagle cry to the bear
Cause man a survivor
Mi bruk yo plate if you out fi mi share

[Repeat Chorus]

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    Bro Do You Know?What Ganja Means In Our Language?We Know It As
    গাঁজা In Our Language Bangla & Fun Fact It Is A Kind Of Drug.

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    Wow I like very much this song Love from Pakistan

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    @إبراهيم حسن lol thanks it sounds so hard to understand (im from germany)

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