Mavado - Movie Star Lyrics

Chimney Records
One more hit song fi spin the record
Fi real, every ghetto youth yea

Ghetto youth wi a movie star
Movie star
So wi aim to the moon an wi miss just fi reach the star
Ghetto youth wi a movie star
Movie star
Yes a money man a look
Read it like a book
Drive it like a car

[Verse 1:]
Bet because yo cyaa lose hi
Take it to dem like a movie
Naw talk no blue movie
Try no confuse mi
Man a Tom Crusey
3 5 so yo know seh a fly time
Everybody know seh a my time
Millions mi pay fi the diamond
Inna mi bezzle an mi still cyaa buy time
Tell dem mi out fi the treader
Box a money change the weather
Old money fi a cake uo pon old money
Stick together like a brother
The Benz drive out and the truck drive out
Bike park up and the gyal dem shout
Unu tell dem seh mi just a fuck around
Yeh dem know seh mi naw stuck around


[Verse 2:]
Out fi the paper so me cyaa rest
Ghetto life high like Mount Everest
Mama get old mi no waan mama stress
Keys fi the mansion mama so bless
Mister oppressor love to oppress
Fight mo true a gully side mi address
Wrong mi even when mi right yo suggest
A no so the gully fi live in unhappiness
But a white gloves buy
White suit buy
Yes wi need it the eagles fly
Fly fi the gully side
Fly so high
Am o fly meck mi enemies cry



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