Mavado - Money A Di Right Thing Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Dem jealous
Dem ring yo name because dem jealous
No waan yo shine because dem jealous
Dem try fi set you up because dem jealous
A fi dem same gyal tell US
Yo si the lifestyle wi in a
Go in poor and come out a winner
Meck it to the top as a Dancehall singer
Nuff nuh waan chat cause dem feelings dem in a
Wish dem could a diss but man born as a stinger
Gully throw stone pon the glass house dem in a
Better if dem chill like the doc and go simmer
Dem seh am back but as was at the Villa

A men't money a the right thing
Mi nuh in a the fight and the fuss
And the one bag a hyping
When yo si mi touch down mi nuh waan hear who never like him
Man wi meck a fast call paw mi phone 10 times a him lightening
Wa mi seh, money a the right thing

[Verse 2:]
Dem think ghetto youth nuh have ambition
Every room in a mi house air condition
Meck wi rise to the top pon one mission
Dem waan wi broke down like transmission
Why you think man a grind and a hustle so long
Mi nuh need hands out like father oh long
Mi nuh in a yo link, nuh need no program
Dem think mi pop down, tell dem, dem so wrong
Dem a seh mi fall off but am so on
Am a roll on
Mi love the energy like a solar
Big fat machine call it the olar
This freeze up the place just like the snow bar
Buss of dem lock the giant claw-bar
Never see the star so near, am so far

[Chorus x2]

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