Mavado - Clear D Way Lyrics

If a night and day man sleep in a trench
Naw stop
Send mi dawg dem go shoot up yo endz
Naw stop, naw stop

Then from dem try run up
Mi use the bomber clear the way

Mi nuh in a nuh long talking
Mi smoke yo like craven a

Stay deh think a cartoon thing bout superman save the day
And white flag and bwal fi peace treat
Till no where nuh safe fi play

[Verse 1:]
When you no si no red light pon the car top
Don’t wait till the car stop
Cyaa touch the gaad meck a far chop
Fassy hole mi a warlock
F–kers you mean nothing to me
Yo bag a talk mean nothing to me
Mi a f–k yo gyal that’s something to si
One bag a enemies hunting fi mi

When yo si mi unuh cyaa sight
Pu–y better tek when when yo si the car light
Mi nuh find fear suh mi naw fight
Unuh teacher when yo si the bus unuh gaan bright
Yo nuh si a pu–y dem a gwaan like
Gully Side rise up the rifle dem all sight
Never lseep, man a prole all night
Dem a pray everything alright

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
The first man run out mi a corn him
Mi si clear fi the barming
Mi open yo head like a brand new house
Suh bring yo friends fi the warning
When problem a come not a warning
Supn wet yo up like horning
Likkle fowl man wi plant some corn in a yo yard
And mi naw talk forming
Every bad bi— a me a dem darling
Mi play dem pon a far wing
Yo a me lock the streets, dem work wid mi orders
Could a yard or foreign
If the gaad touch down by a morning
Hotter than lava mi scaling
Some a dem a just crab in a barrel
So mi naw return dem miss call

[Repeat Chorus]

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Mavado Clear D Way Comments
  1. Amollo Dapirlo

    Im revisiting this touch dong ah jamdom chune! 🔥🔥🔥 ..i swear im comenting this while on nyayo stadium roundabout

  2. Rickey Allen

    Gully mi say up 👆 👆

  3. Romaine Knight

    Aidonia lock de riddim str8

  4. Symple Don

    Vado tek dah riddim yah

  5. Denniz Braun

    Mavado is a King free Palästina

  6. Javis Kerr


  7. Emma Galaxy c:

    Up they up they...

  8. dujon henry

    Vado tek dis riddim no doubt about dat kartel 2nd big up worlboss an alkaline 3rd and aidonia then demarco

  9. Blackbeauty144

    fassyhole mi ah "WARLOCK" ??

  10. Keith Caesar


  11. Patrick Jones

    this song sickkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. Marlon R

    a tune that

    Charless Smallman

    we need kartel an mavodo war kartel brings out the best in gully god

  13. dujon henry

    Clear de way fuh de gully side boss straight up up vado fucking bad nuh rass gully meh seh play time dun guh FI Dem an dun Dem pussy whole.

  14. dwayne baljit

    clear de way fo Di gully gad

  15. Nordiyah Thomas

    aneeewayyyyeeee Gully me say and Gaza me rate so what am I?? Gulaza lol

  16. DJ TREVY


  17. TrinimanBanton

    feed me more

  18. TrinimanBanton

    fucking gangsta shit

  19. Anything Alkaline

    LOVE...Gully GOD...Now...*Alkaline* the Universe Lord.

    Anything Alkaline

    YEAH....ALKALINE TO THE UNIVERSE.If you Fly go a de Moon I bet you'll hear Alkaline Music a play up da.the Sun a Dance and a Smile at Alkaline right yah now.Jupiter&Mars start fuck and a mak another Planet because of Alkaline music.Alkaline the universe ruler.

  20. Myflowbeats

    Sounds good. I like this. Check out this Reggae beat with a hook called A little on my channel.

  21. NyceMedia

    Karter tel do riddim

    nuttin nagoso

    box lunch

  22. LionCollective

    real ting

  23. rio degazon

    killa riddim

  24. dj crackinz

    WhEN u DoW see A RED liGht pOn D caR tOP doW waIT tIlL d car STOP.

  25. roger joseph

    Blow out d competition

  26. KAOS- drxp17

    this riddim is the hardest

  27. Miguel Crawford

    Mavado ah di baddest! UP UP UP! GULLY TR888!!!

  28. shardey clarke

    Kartel and mavado Tek di riddim hands down

  29. Sharina Mines


  30. Shekelia Richards

    Gully to d fuckin world gully me fuckin say ! Me fuck u girl thats some thing to me


    gully mi deh

  32. Moneymaking Mitch

    Mavado yah thing uppp Gully boss. Not a them cyah see yah youth. keep doing yah thing!!!

  33. riverviewyouth21

    Diss maddd yuh dun no gully Gaza same way #guyana #gullyana

  34. DSociety Promotions

    I don't know what happened... But Mavado back pon it again!!! Blaze up same way

  35. Marlon Forrest

    Stickmann ft lyrical bomber....chickungunya song...check dat out people and leave a like, dislike and comment @

  36. Roshorn Dasouza

    Honestly Gully Gad tek di riddim #MAD_TUNE  but vybz kill it still

  37. Miguel Crawford

    GULLY TR8!!!


    None a dem caah hold di teacher or di gangsta.. a build dem fi build, build dem career... #talking  done!!!

  39. Prince Solomon

    clear di way mavado tek dis and everybody dun kno

  40. Ramo Alvarez

    Everybody on here have them artist,so they are going to say,yow a my dj tek the riddim. I am  the only neutral one inna diss,zeet,so i am the only one who can give a un bias response,simmi.Right now Donia 'lightening" tek the riddim, me done talk.

    Alwayne Haughton

    Gully a the boss nuh pussy cyaa guh round that

    Nyah Mitchell


    Alwayne Haughton

    All who nuh like that suck unu madda yah sa.

    Propa Way

    @Nyah Mitchell you have to be a dunce to say views determine who lead out a riddim, serious talk :-/ any riddim kartel on he lead out? lmao, uh funny i give uh dat

  41. Imdadul Hoque

    Mad tune

  42. Jay

    wah...looks like vado defend world boss against d fake kartel


    Yow Gully Gad any pussy try run up d Gully ah go bomb dem up str888!

  44. lava j

    yeah mi general, yow people check out the song ( the truth) yow mi meds dah song deh fi more than 2 hour. real chat the boss mek inna it.

  45. Kersha Newman


  46. Kersha Newman

    me a fuck your gal that something to see mad line mavado ,the best artist ever.

  47. jason mcphail

    Gully tek the riddim str8 up. No QUESTION .REMINDS ME OF OLD VADO WHEN HIM DID HUNGRY


    Vybz Tek di riddim

    jason mcphail

    @Smokeskullz nah, heard much better from vybz dan dis no bias ting


    @Smokeskullz Vybz a di worst pon the riddim so mi nuh know what you a talk bout. No clarity and sound like him a chat from up inna him nose.

    Prince Solomon

    nigga if u see a riddim with mavado name on it jus give him it, him always tek di riddims

  48. Labista RealkeepItReal

    Gully str888

  49. Lawrence Grey

    sounds like an old school mavado...sick yuh fuck

  50. Ricardo McKenzie

    Alka dog move. Best if yu just sing some song on bill youth..

  51. Ricardo McKenzie

    Gaza str88t!!! Respect to gully same way 7 different devil...

  52. Nelisie Klee

    I think this songs is to Bounty Killer and the alliance crew

  53. Duwayne Wright

    #gully tek the riddim. Way up!

  54. jr kartel

    Hope Galkaline and him fans take warning...hahaha # kid. ...Gaza and gully deh pon your case...this a nuh peace treaty...when the bomber drop rimjob and him fans better clear the way...when the smoke clear everything in a mi path....fade away....hahaha....if a nuh worldboss or movado mi nuh see nobody

  55. Xavi XSell

    0:29 - 0:33 " This kid think a cartoon thing but superman save the day". A which kid that?

  56. Del thtds

    maadd fada

  57. roan blacks

    dont play wid the gully side we nuh pet boy stay far

  58. Dylan AUGUSTE


  59. damion daley

    People saying that Kartel and Alkaline a does each other but it seems like A Mavado and Alkaline a war

    damion daley

    Just my two cents lol....I could be wrong

    jr kartel

    @gomezz357 ..alkaline is an intelligent youth...he chose his path....but fuck him same way...cuz a Gaza mi seh

    Prince Solomon

    dnt think nobody a war, u guys are over thinking too hard, why mavado and alkaline a war, theres no beef plus two a dem perfoming together  december and both of dem advertising about  the other  for the upcoming performance

    jr kartel

    Read between the lines in the music...who says they can't be at the same venue performing we see it all the dhuhon Solomon. ...can you tell me who's the kid in the business....artiste throw words all the time ...when movado was firing at bounty I knew it was on...dancehall pickney learn to read between the lines...some of us were born in dancehall we understand the is my culture...reggae music is who I am...movado is established and has nothing to fear....galkaline is dissing a few artiste and already Gaza djs on 758...a burn up that scambag. think this is just online loose build the artiste ..kartel fans are like lions in the don't have to fear the lion but fear what it can do....I'm sorry your artiste made a terrible mistake...and the Gaza fans are retaliating....we might be nobody but some of us are very you stay deh and chat your fuck...I'm Gaza bias enuh . ...mi nuh rate nobody who don't rate the worldboss... fyaaaaaah


    @gomezz357 yuh really think Alkaline uneducated? LOL

  60. juanson RUFF XAMPLE


  61. 1wossie


  62. Tauseef Green

    Yow up up

  63. MrGaza17

    Kartel then Vado then Alka. Shocking vado have more lyrics inna him song dan alka and alka is a lyricist but kartel did affi done him style. GAZA

    syuhairah solehah

    MrGaza17 igop

  64. Swag Life Media

    Kartel Mavado Back Again Bout Time Dem Step Up An Dominate Again.... GAZA!!!! gully LOL 

    Akele Frederick

    @SwagLife MediaProduction dat wah we talkin bout

  65. kerrion Riley

    That tune hard

  66. zane green

    U again u deh every weh

  67. alkaline youngest

    me uncle this. thumbs up. hes going to be performing in new york with daddy

    Capo White

    @swaggarific451 yeah man... me with it, the boy deserves a cold Guinness or a Heineken to him head side

    Him need a book leaf yes... a serious page

    alkaline youngest

    pussy you kl and pinkyweightloss make youtube a talk bo third party contetent true unuh want me get strike. unuh too comfortable and have man a wash unuh underpants

    alkaline youngest

    a no my underpants man a wash dog

    Ramo Alvarez

    "we a do we owna ting" Me doubt if mavado know or cata bout you.mavado look like him don't even cata bout 3 star, much more you,A.W.T.B.C.T

    suck yuh mada nuh ute how much time mi ago tell yuh